Adepticon 2014!

We three hosts of Combo Smite went to Adepticon this past weekend… and we recorded a quick 30 minute podcast after we got back (tired, sore, over-fed and happy!).
(Note the look of extreme concentration on Nick’s face as he extremely concentrates! And the snazzy Combo Smite baseball jerseys we were rockin’!)

You can listen to it here, or on iTunes, as is your leisure…

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We also played a bunch of games… A brief synopsis of several, plus some pictures, are below!

When we originally showed up (8am), there was nobody at the Iron Arena tables, but already quite a crowd in the “Tournament” section of the gaming hall… I think they were playing the Team Tournament at the time.

Here you can see Nick and I looking at some of the beautiful tables while the “real” players are in the background, gettin’ their tournament on!
DSC03004 DSC03005

As I mentioned, there were a bunch of beautiful scenario tables in the Iron Arena… this one was of particular note, because, while beautiful, it did not have any rules explaining how things were supposed to work… and the central bunker basically made it unplayable! Thankfully, that portion was removable (it was also “open-able”, as there was plenty of room inside for troops!).DSC03006

This table was pretty cool looking… but due to all the tiers, probably impossible to use for an actual game. Everything would be either:
1. Falling down constantly,
2. Too far forward or not forward enough (to make it balance on the edges), or
3. Both!DSC03007

Shortly after showing up, we finally met the pair behind “30mm”, another WarMachine and Hordes battle report podcast… Onyx and Ragna are super-awesome in real life, and Onyx even snagged me a Stryker3 (YEEEE!) before we showed up… and before they sold out! Sure, I won’t get a chance to put him on the table for months, at best, but even the THOUGHT of having him lead a charge of Storm Lances puts a smile on my face.

We quickly set up games between the 30mm boys and Combo Smite… here we see Aaron’s Khador about to do battle with Onyx’s Skorne across a stunning oilfield… Aaron would end up losing this game by Scenario, but he did manage to kill an AWFUL lot of Onyx’s stuff…DSC03008 DSC03009

While Aaron was tangoing with Onyx, Ragna and I set up our own game… his Menoth against my Cygnar. I wanted to get my Stormwall on the field (I mean… look at that thing… who wouldn’t!?), but at the same time I wasn’t here to play the Haleys (read: totally unfun for my opponent), but I didn’t want to risk somebody uber-fragile either… hence Darius! I decided to try his new Tier-list… it landed me a 4th Stormcaller for free, plus giving my Centurion and Stormwall +2 SPD at the beginning of the game… plus the ability for the Stormwall to lob out all 3 Stormpods on Turn 1 if it wanted.

Ragna, for his part, put pSeverius on the table, but he got off to a rough start when he failed to notice that my Stormblades were deployed on the left flank, not on the right… as a result, his Holy Zealots were far, far out of position to start.

Oh, and those three wracks? Flags.

We rolled initiative, I won, and we were off!

DSC03010 DSC03011

Turn 1, Darius cranes the Centurion forward, everybody runs and spreads out, and the Stormwall tosses out 2 of its pods.DSC03012

Ragna’s response is fast… the Zealots run, the Errants open fire on my Rangers, but without the Seneschal they’re up against DEF18, and his warjacks (Blessing of Vengeance and a Vanquisher) rush forwards.DSC03013 DSC03014

My Centurion moves up to try and kill Blessing, but is out by a half inch (gah!) and so I waste 3 Focus. Thankfully, the Stormwall performs better, hammering the Vanquisher and throwing down covering fire. The Stormblades move up with the 2 Stormgunners pinging a few Errants to death, while the Rangers mop up a few others. DSC03015

The battle is well and truly joined, with the Zealots popping their mini-Feat, the remaining Errants making my Rangers break, a few unlucky scatters from the Vanquisher missing my Stormblades, and then a boosted Ashes to Ashes also failing to connect. Morrow protects!

Ragna is asking me to put him out of his misery, and I’m happy to oblige… the Stormwall strides towards an exposed Severius, and 2 big gun shots later Ragna’s warcaster has been sent back to Sul to be resurrected. My first victory!DSC03017 DSC03018 DSC03019

Meanwhile, Aaron has now lost his game against Onyx, and Nick has been playing a random Khador player and won with Issyria (I know! I’m as stunned as the next guy!). I catch the eye of a wandering Menite, who requests a game… named Mike (“MidWestJedi” on the Forums), he’s playing this BEAUTIFUL Menoth army. We decide to play a slightly faster 35 point game, and both choose a single caster to field.

And when our choices are revealed…
That’s Mike’s (stunning) eFeora in black, and my humble eFeora in white. A true mirror match! Mike’s list is rockin’ a Judicator (a brave choice at 35 points!), while mine has a Redeemer and Vanquisher… he has his Daughters of the Flame, I have my Errants. And then the usual suspects… Book, Vassals, Choir, etc…

DSC03020 DSC03021   Sadly, Aaron stole his camera back at this point (the bastard!) in order to record his Team Game against the combined forces of 30mm… Ragna and Onyx against Nick and Aaron! A battle for the ages!

Also, I’ve never played a team battle before… at least not with both people playing at the same time… I dunno, it just… doesn’t sound fun to me. Nick and Aaron both seem to love ’em, though!

Here we see Aaron’s Khador and Nick’s Retribution squaring off against Ragna’s Menoth and Onyx’s Skorne… DSC03024 DSC03025

Aaron was kind enough to take a picture of me deep in thought during our game, though…
DSC03026  At this point I’ve just started to panic a bit… there would be far more of that as the game wore on. In fact, at the end, I lost by Scenario… I had Feora, a Vassal, a Hierophant, and 2 Choir, while my noble opponent was reduced to Feora, the Covenant, 1 Choir, and a Vassal.

At one point his Choir charged my Choir. It was an AWESOME game! Most fun I’ve had in weeks!

After that slug match, I decided to try the prettiest table at the con… a dried river bed that had a Menoth church in one corner. To win the game, you had to either kill the opponent’s warcaster, or have the only model within 6″ of the church… and ever turn there was an increasing chance of the river flooding and wiping away any small or medium based models completely within the riverbed.

I was playing a gentleman named Ryan (seen here studying the scenario rules) who was fielding a stunning Convergence army… not only that, but he had picked up both of the newest Convergence releases (the Enigma Foundry and Corollary) earlier in the Convention… and now had them fully painted and based in his army! He was rockin’ an Axis list with 2 Inverters, a Cypher, a unit of Reciprocaters, a unit of Eradicators, a small unit of Clockwork Angels, a unit of Optifex Directives, and the before-mentioned Enigma Foundry and Corollary.

As for me, Ryan had okay’d me playing a more hardcore list… originally I was going to use my Cygnar (any excuse to get that Stormwall on the table!), but after seeing the church I decided to stick with my Menites… and in this case that meant the Harbinger! She was working with a Hierophant, a Reckoners, a Vanquisher, a Devout, a full unit of Errants with UA and Seneschal, Vilmon and a couple paladins, an Allegiant, Choir, Book, and Rhupert. Oh, and some wracks because obviously 10 Focus isn’t enough…
DSC03028 DSC03029 Having won first turn, I rushed my army forward, careful not to leave any of them in the river to be washed away.DSC03031 DSC03032

Nick and Aaron were playing each other on the table next to ours… here we see a shot showing both Nick, and the fact that the convention room was now considerably busier. It was about 3pm at this point, and the battles were raging everywhere!
DSC03033 DSC03034 DSC03035

Sadly, we didn’t nab any more pictures of the game Ryan and I had… in the end, I managed to widdle down his army, although he came within inches of killing the Harbinger TWICE (giving his warjacks “Bulldoze” through Axis’s spell “Unstoppable Force”, the first time failing the charge by 0.5″, and the second time getting there, but taking a free strike that wrecked his Cortex on his way!). Still, an awesome competitor and a real class act!

My last game of the day was against Michael, another Convergence player… Michael was playing Directorix with a Prime Axiom, so I decided to play my Darius list again.

And I would like to say that it was in no way influenced by the fact that Miranda, host of the incredible “Wargamer Girl” video battle reports was 2 tables over and I was really, really hoping she’d see my Stormwall and be like “Hey! I should play against that guy!”… nope. That’s not AT ALL why I was fielding this list again…


Once again, my Wracks are substituting in for flags…DSC03037

Stuff moved up, running or throwing out Lightning Pods, as required.DSC03038
 Soon, the battle has devolved into a scrum, with my Stormwall charging the Prime Axiom… it strikes mighty blows (which have the added benefit of electroleaping to the nearby Servitors and destroying them!), but can’t quite finish the giant warjack off… oh no! Does this spell disaster for our hero!?DSC03040   DSC03043

No, because I had wisely positioned my Ironclad nearby, and after softening up the Prime with the Stormwall, the Ironclad easily charges in and polish off the colossus. The next turn my Stormwall charges Directorix under “Full Throttle”, and it’s all over!

With that game finished and the clock pushing 8pm, we decide to call it a night (much to my dismay… I was REALLY hoping to get a game in against Trevor, Jay, Scott, or Miranda… but Nick and Aaron were both hungry and tired, and our girlfriend’s were patiently awaiting our return so we could go gorge ourselves on Chicago-style Deep Dish pizza…

And a final shot of me, attentively and actively editing the podcast! Note the look of intense concentration and I ferret out each cough, squeak, and sniffle! See my brow glisten with sweat as I AGONIZE over making our humble podcast the juggernaut of WarMachine reporting that I know it to be!DSC03051

Thanks for reading, folks! And thank you to everyone we met at the convention, everyone we played, and all the organizers and staff, both from Privateer Press and the convention itself!

Next year we’ll actually compete in the tournaments… but for our first event, I’m very pleased with how it went!

Comments, questions, or suggestions are always welcome!

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      • You just beg to be taunted. 😉 And there’s no way for you to prove it wasn’t your hormones that got you.

        Trust me, since I do not share your fondness in the least, if I’ll come across an opportunity to mock you (in all given kindness, since this is hilarious first of all), I WILL take it.

        • Strictly speaking… no, I can’t confirm it. BUT! But, in my defence, I really was more interested in getting a bit more exposure for Combo Smite than anything else… I would’ve been equally happy playing one of the Chain Attack guys.

          But I fully encourage mocking me regardless… I have a thick skin and a good sense of humour (at least in my opinion!), I can take it!

      • All in good humour, rest assured. It’s just… that situation/phrase has epic levels of brilliarity (brilliance+hilarity). 😉

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