Tournament Video – Store Wars 2015 – Hobby Kingdom #2

Store-Wars-Season-2-v2Marc and I were present for the Second tournament in the Store Wars circuit at Hobby Kingdom which also happened to be the last tournament in the Store Wars circuit for 2015.

I set a goal for myself to qualify for the 16 man invitational this year that I have failed to meet.  Unfortunately, life happens and I didn’t make it out for as many events as I’d hoped I would. Marc still has a good chance to make it though. Especially with his impressive 3-1 finish at his event. Continue reading

Tournament Video – Store Wars – X-Planet

More tournament video. Hope you like Trolls and Skorne.  Southern Ontario meta is interesting.

Rd1 – Trolls (Doomy1) Vs. Skorne (Rasheth)

Rd2 – Cryx (Denny2) Vs. Circle (Bradigus)

Rd3 – Skorne (Rasheth) Vs. Trolls (Gunbjorn)


Video Battle Report 003 – Skorne (Hexeris2) Vs. Legion (Vayl2)

Another video battle report.  This week it’s my Legion vs. Kassem’s Skorne.  I drop Vayl2 who I have been wanting to get some practise with for a while since I’ve only played her a couple times. Kassem drops Hexeris2 since he had a new list with the Mammoth and Croak Raiders he was wanting to try out.

We made a couple mistakes in the game but it wasn’t quite a gong show.

I hope you enjoy!

Tournament Video – Store Wars 2015 – Phoenix Rising #2

I hope everybody is enjoying our new Video Battle Reports.

However, I still want keep providing as much tournament footage from the local meta as we can get.

I haven’t been able to make to many tournaments lately.  Thankfully Marc was able to make it to the Phoenix Rising in St Catherine’s, Ontario for the latest Store Wars tourney.  Unfortunately, my chances of qualifying are getting pretty slim these days.
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Video Battle Report #002 – Trollbloods (Doomy1) Vs. Cygnar (Siege)

As promised, here is our second shot at a proper commentated battle report.  We have some more in the pipe and we should be able to keep the the bi-weekly release schedule for the foreseeable future.

Check out below Darrell’s Trolls Vs. Marc’s Cygnar. Darrel was running his Runes of War list and Marc is still practising with his Siege list he shamelessly stole from Chain Attack.


Video BatRep #001 – Trollbloods (Madrak2) Vs. Legion (Vayl1)

Its about time.

I finally got off my ass and made a proper video battle report with commentary and all the bells and whistles.  My intention before we even began film local tourneys was to do a weekly or bi-weekly full feature video battle report with commentary.

This week you can check out my Legion forces led by Vayl1 taking on Darrell’s Trollbloods army led by Madrak2.

Darrell and I are present to give commentary on the game to tell you not just what we did by also why. Continue reading

Tournament Video – JBC 50pt Steamroller

Last Weekend Marc ran a Steamroller event at Just By Chance Games in Kitchener ON.  I wasn’t able to attend but Marc was kind enough to take footage from each round for me.

One of Combo Smite’s favourite Mercenary Co-Hosts, Darrell,  was in attendance and even made it on camera a couple times. Continue reading

Tournament Video – Store Wars 2015 – Hobby Kingdom #2

Last weekend I made the trip down to Hamilton Ontario to play in another Store Wars qualifier tournament. One of the goals I set for myself this year was to make it in to the Store Wars invitational and one of the most important aspects for Store Wars is attendance.

I brought my Legion this time with 2 casters I have only played a few times, (Vayl1 and Lylyth3) not to be competitive but to get some good practice games in with casters I want to learn more about. I ended up going 1-2 plus a bye in the second round. I felt pretty good about my performance in general but I didn’t feel like either of my lists were good for the Legion mirror match.

This is also the first time I’ve been featured on the camera so you can enjoy watching me take on Chris Orr’s Vayl2 in the first round.

Rd1 Legion (Lylyth3) Vs Legion (Vayl2)

Rd2 Circle (Kreuger2) Vs Khador (Zerkova)

Rd3 Skorne (Xerxis2) Vs Circle (Kreuger1)

Rd4 Khador (Vlad1) Vs Cygnar (Siege)

Tournament Video – Day of Valour – The Hobby Kingdom – May 16

This is a bit after the fact.  Kassem and I made the trek down to Burlington a couple weeks ago to take part in another local Steamroller.  In a rare event I took Retribution to a tournament and Kassem was playing his Skorne as usually.

I went 1-3 with 2 close losses and 1 steamroll. Kassem went 2-2.

Rd1 – Skorne (Rasheth) Vs. Skorne (Xerxis1)

Rd2- Skorne (Zaal) Vs. Skorne (Xerxis2)

Rd3- Legion (Thags2) Vs Skorne (Xerxis1)

Rd4 Cygnar (Stryker2) Vs Legion (Vayl2)

Podcast 077 – Kaelyssa Vs. eDenny – Body & Force

This will be the first podcast that we post on Muse on Minis! So exciting!
IMG_20150513_194816 (Large) copy

While Combo Smite will continue to go live on Monday mornings on our own website and iTunes, we’re going to be posting on Muse On Minis on Wednesday mornings! As always, we’re happy to get any feedback from our listeners!

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