Podcast 005 – Retribution Vs. Cryx, Ravyn Vs. Scaverous

IMG_1878This week for the Podcast we are highlighting a battle between my forces of the Retribution and Adam’s forces of Cryx. You can listen to it here (obviously!) or on iTunes.

I brought a Rahn Tier 4 Fires from on High theme list and the following Ravyn list:
– Hyperion
Max Houseguard Halberdiers +UA
Max Houseguard Riflemen + UA (Proxied by Invictors)
Stormfall Archers
Stormfall Archers
Houseguard Thane
Houseguard Thane
Aiyanna & Holt
I selected this list because both of Adam’s lists had Tartarus and Warwitch Sirens and Withershadow Combine so I wanted a way to be able to take them out at range.
Adam brought a Terminus list with a couple jacks, lots of banes etc. and the following Scaverous list:Scaveraous
– Deathjack
– Bone jack (No idea which.  Both of us refereed to it simply as Arc Node for the whole game)
– Scarlock Thrall
Max Bane Knights
Bane Lord Tartarus
Max Blood Witches + UA
Withershadow Combine
Min Bile Thralls
Warwitch Siren
Warwitch Siren
Scrap Thrall
 The scenario was Close Quarters (2 flags on the table, Killbox artifice).
I win the die roll and pick 1st player.  Adam picks his side probably because I had started piling my shit on the other side of the table.
I deploy Hyperion in the middle across from the gap between the bridge and the ruin. The arcanist goes to his left, and Ravyn goes to his right.  The Houseguard lines up the her left; Halberdiers in front and Riflemen in behind. The Houseguard Thanes are close by to give their buffs and on each flank I put a unit of Stormfall Archers.
Adam deploys mostly in a straight line. The Withershadow Combine and Nectrotech on the left flank with Bloodwitches, one Warwitch Siren and Tartarus in front of them.  Scaverous to their right with the Scarlock Thrall then the unit of Bane Knights.  The other Siren goes on the hill on the right flank and the unit of Biles to her right.

Retribution Turn 1
– Houseguard Thane moves up puts Desperate Pace (+2 Movement) on Halberdiers
– Halberdiers Shield Wall and move up the table 11″ spreading out on both sides of the large ruin in the middle.
– Second Houseguard Thane puts Desperate Pace on Houseguard Riflemen.
– Houseguard Riflemen advance 8″ up behind Halberdiers on both side of the ruin.
-Stormfalls on both flanks run forward as far as they can.
-Arcanist Power boosts a focus to Hyperion.
-Hyperion runs up about 8″ into my clump of infantry.  I wanted to get him up further but I unwittingly clogged up the area with bodies.
-Ravyn puts snipe on the Riflemen and Vortex of Destruction (the “If You Ever Need it You’re Already Dead” spell) on herself.
-Aiyanna and Holt move up and Aiyanna gives them stealth.


With that my turn is done and Adam starts eyeing my Elven souls hungrily.

Cryx Turn 1
Adam knows that no matter what he does this turn he is likely to lose a lot of dudes on my turn so he tries to protect what he can.
– Bane Knights run up behind the forest
-The Scarlock thrall puts Deathward (+2ARM) on Bane Knights.
– Biles move up and take cover behind the house on the right flank
-Warwitch Siren power boosts the arc node for a focus
-Arc node runs up behind the house
-Scaverous moves up behind the ruin and channels a Feast of Worms (POW12 AOE3 and -2ARM debuff) onto a Halberdier. It’s an inch short but he gets a good deviation and It hits 2 halberdiers and a Stormfall Archer killing 1 Halberdier and the archer.
-Scrap Thrall runs up the board next to the arc node
-Deathjack moves up to the cover of the bridge.
– Tartarus runs across the table to the other side of the ruin.
-Siren runs up near Deathjack
-Necrotech run back behind a wall for cover on the left flank
-Blood Witches run up the middle of the board in clumps
-Withershadow Combine run up behind Deathjack.
With that Adam hands the dice over to me.


Retribution Turn 2
-Ravyn upkeeps Snipe and VoD and gives 3 focus to Hyperion.
-Houseguard Thane gives Desperate Pace to Halberdiers
-Halberdiers charge! 1 charges the arc node and misses, 4 charge Bane Knights 1 misses and 3 kill, 2 charge Blood Witches 1 misses 1 kills.
-Ravyn moved up beside the ruin to get out of the kill box and pops her feat.
-Left Stormfalls brutal shot Deathjack.  With him behind cover he is DEF17 which makes it really hard to hit him even with Ravyn’s feat up.  1 hits does about 6 damage. 1 scatters on DJ and siren fails to wound either. The other 2 scatter wide.
-Houseguard Thane puts Anti-stealth on Riflemen.
-Riflemen advance and do a 5 man CRA on BLT leaving him with 1 health.  So I do it again with the rest of the unit and finish him off.  It’s hard to hide a medium base from 18″ stealth ignoring CRAs.
-Right Stormfalls advance fire on Biles. Only 1 is able to get into Ravyn’s control area.  He hits and kills 2 Bile Thralls.  The other 2 miss and scatter wide.
-Hyperion moves toward DJ as far as he can, fires a Thresher shot, and is about 10.3″ away which means no Sparklebust cannon shot on him and the Blood witches are too far way as well. This is disappointing because the witches were clumped up so much that I really wanted to drop a consuming AOE5 template on them.  In total I roll 4 rapid fire shots and fire at Deathjack needing 12’s to hit and miss all 4 shots (with the Feat!) which sucks. Hyperion fires his Sparkleburst cannon at a clump of Bloodwitches and it deviates onto DJ doing a couple points of damage.
-Aiyana and Holt move up and stealth again.


Cryx Turn 2
-Bane Knights do their vengeance move and kill 4 Halberdiers
-Scarlock moves up and puts Ghostly on Bile Thralls.
-Bile Thralls move about in a janky fashion
 1st purge kills 2 halbs, 1 bane knight and the Scarlock Thrall (Yay)
 2nd purge kills Scrapthrall and 1 Halb, which disengages the arcnode (Boo)
 3rd purge kills 1 Stormfall.
– Siren moves up and pops a Focus to the arc node.
– Arc node runs up to within about 6″ of Ravyn. (This looks bad)
– Scaverous activates and pops his Feat.
– First he casts Icy Grip (-2 DEF et al.) on Ravyn needing an 8 to hit. He hits.
– TKs her  2″ forward
– Casts Feast of Worms on her for 10 damage and -2 ARM debuff
– TKs a halberdier out of the way
– Next his Bane Knights charge in.  He gets 4 of them in melee range of Ravyn.  He needs 7’s to hit her so it’s not quite over yet.  The first attack misses giving me a (false) glimmer of hope.  The second connects and cuts Ravyn in twain.
Victory to Cryx.
So that could have gone better.  My biggest mistake was placement of Ravyn on my Feat turn.  I moved as far up as I did because I wanted to get out of the Killbox but I actually was about an 1-1.5″ farther up than I needed to be. I couldn’t have stuck behind the ruin because it was too close to the edge of the board but I could have kept the wall between her and the arc node.  It also might have been better to screen with Halberdiers instead of charging.  Without BLT around they are reasonably safe from Bane Knights and at ARM18 they would have been hard for the witches to deal with.
Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any advice, comments or mockery below!
Player Ratings
For more info about how we reached these ratings listen to the podcast!
Feat Use: 4
Tactics: 4
Scenario Awareness: 3
Luck: 3
Derptitude: 1

Feat Use: 2
Tactics: 3
Scenario Awareness: 3
Luck: 3
Derptitude: 2

2 thoughts on “Podcast 005 – Retribution Vs. Cryx, Ravyn Vs. Scaverous

  1. Regarding the Trencher Grenadier, in my eyes, gives you list building flexibility.

    With each Trencher at 1 point, you can – using the Grenadiers – fuddle around with your list, freeing up points by messing around with the unit size, freeing up points on a model-for-point basis.

  2. I suppose that’s a fair assessment, but with Stormcallers also only a single point and almost unquestionably of higher utility, I think the only time it would really be an issue would be in Tier-lists that don’t allow Stormcallers but DO allow Trenchers. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone ever take a Trencher-allowed Tier-list… at least, I haven’t yet!

    The Grenadiers are just woefully underwhelming… at least until we have a warcaster with Fire for Effect!

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