Podcast 006 – Retribution of Khador Vs. Scyrahian Empire


For this weeks report we, and by we I mean the mildly insane Kassem, decided that we should do a list switch-a-roo: I would make two lists and choose one for him to play and he would do the same for me. I was hesitant at first because I thought that Kassem’s concussion resulting from a recent car accident was affecting him more than the doctors had first diagnosed. I then realized that no, Kassem was merely suggesting it because he is literally incapable of playing this game normally. I actually didn’t really want to play as another faction mostly because I have a hard enough time remember my own factions abilities however I also didn’t want to be disagreeable. Plus when I said no initially Kassem starting bleeding from the ears. Again, his concussion coming into play.

You can listen to the report here… it’ll get on iTunes eventually, but they don’t allow uploading new podcasts between the 21st and 27th, so you’ll have to be a little more patient than normal, with our apologies!

I made two 25 point lists that I thought would be simple to use at first glance and the one I chose was as follows:

Assualt Kommandos with 2 Flame Throwers
Kayazy Eliminators
Widowmaker Marksman

I was hoping Kassem would do the same in his list creation and I was pleasantly surprised:

Halberdiers with Officer and Standard
House Guard Thane

Get ready for Battle.DSC02426
Khador 1
– 1 focus to each ‘jack
– WM Marksman runs forwardDSC02433

– Kayazay Eliminators run forward
– Kommandos run forwardDSC02434

– Destroyer runs forward
– Juggernaut runs forward
– Butcher runs forwardDSC02435

Retribution 1
– The Sentinels run forwardDSC02438
– The Halberdiers advance forward in shield wall
– The Arcanist gives 1 focus to Phoenix
– Phoenix runs forward into the friendly zone
– Rahn casts Chain Blast through Phoenix onto the Kayazy, boosts to hit, hits and kills. The deviation misses anything else. Rahn casts it again against the Kommandos, hits and kills and 2 more die in the AOE. The Kayazy should have taken a command check but neither of us remember.


– HG Thane advances forward
DSC02436 3
Khador 2
– 1 focus to each ‘jack
– Kayazy charges a Sentinel but misses both attacks
– Marksman advances and fires at a Sentinel, hits and kills
– Kommandos runs forward and engage the Sentinels, Halberdiers and PhoenixDSC02446
– Destroyer advances forward and fires at a Sentinal, hits and kills
– Juggernaut runs forward
– Butcher advances forward and casts Iron Flesh on Kommandos


Retribution 2
– Rahn gives 3 focus goes to Phoenix
– Sentinels advance to engage the Kayazy and Kommandos but all attacks miss. Angry eye rolling issues forth from my face.


– HG Thane gives Desperate Pace to Halberdiers
– The Halberdiers advance to engage the Kommandos, hit and kill 1 with 2-man CMA, all other attacks miss. That… could have gone better.DSC02453

– I’ve loaded up Phoenix with focus in the hopes hat charging Juggernaut will do enough damage to at the very least cripple him beyond use; however, before that can happen, the single Kommando blocking his charge lane must die. So Rahn advances and casts Teleknesis  on the Kommando engaging Phoenix, boosts the hit and misses rolling triple one’s. I roll my eyes so hard I actually see the inside of my eye socket.
– Phoenix moves out engagement with Kommando who gets a free strike which misses, and fires the Halo Cannon at the Kommandos which does nothing because of their immunity to fire. It’s not so much that I forgot that as I didn’t read the Halo Cannon’s effects.
– Arcanist runs forward


Khador 3
– Butcher upkeeps Iron Flesh
– He then Butcher charges the Sentinels, pops his feat, hits and kills 1 Sentinel

– The lone Kayazy attacks a Sentinel, hits and kills it, side steps to engage another Sentinel but the attack misses
– The Kommandos Shield Wall and advance to engage the Sentinels, 1 Flame Thrower dies from free strike setting 2 Sentinels on fire. The Kommandos manage hit and kill 2 Sentinels and 2 Halberdiers which alone is better then THEY EVER DO WHEN I PLAY THEM!

– Destroyer advances forward, fires at the Halberdiers but misses and the deviation also misses
– The Marksman advances, fires at the HG Thane, hits and kills
– Juggernaut advances

Retribution 3
– Rahn gives 2 focus to Phoenix
– The Sentinels advance, attacking the Kayazy and miss and then attack the Kommandos and miss. I’m so mad at them I’m beyond swearing.
– Phoenix advances, fires at Butcher boosts and hits, boosts damage, no damage but is effected by continuous fire so I’ve got that going for me (said in the voice of a young Bill Murray)

– Rahn pops this feat and casts Chain Blast on the Kommandos hits and kills 1, at deviates into 2 more Kommandos and Juggernaut but does no damage
– The Halberdiers pop their mini feat and charge. 3 charge Butcher and do a  3-man CMA which hits for 2 damage, 2-man CMA on Kommando hits and kills, 3 run around Rahn to protect him from a Kayazy charge and 1 runs to engage the Marksman
– Arcanist runs forward

Khador 4
– Butcher upkeeps Iron Flesh and rolls for continuous fire. He doesn’t shake it but Kassem doesn’t roll damage because he thinks his armour is too high with the Focus and would be unable to do any damage. Later we learn that it’s rolled off the base armour which could have done upwards of 6 damage.
– Butcher gives 2 focus to Juggernaut
– The Kayazy charges a Halberdier, hits and kills, Side Steps to engage a Sentinel but misses
– Marksman fires at the Halberdier UA and hits for 2 damage
– Butcher attacks a Halberdier, hits and kills then casts Full Throttle

– The Kommandos advance, one fires at the Arcanist who is in cover, hits and kills which was so jaw dropping I starting swearing again. The rest attack the remaining Halberdiers and Sentinals but miss all
– Juggernaut charges Phoenix, both initial attacks hit for about 14 damage and buys two more attacks which both hit and scrape Phoenix

– Destroyer fires at the Sentinels, misses and the deviation also misses
1 – 0 Khador for controling enemy zone


Retribution 4
– The Sentinels charge, 1 attacks Butcher, 1 attacks the Kayazy and two attack a Kommando. All of them miss.
– The Halberdiers advance, 4 engage Butcher and do two 2-man CMA’s which miss, 2 engage the Kayazy and miss.

– Rahn casts TK on Butcher but misses. He then casts Chain Blast on Butcher, hits for 2 damage, casts Chain Blast again but misses
2 – 0 Khador


Khador 5
– Butcher rolls for continuous fire which he doesn’t shake and receives 1 damage
– Kayazy advances toward Halberdiers hits and kills 2
– Marksman aims and fires at Rahn, hits for 5 damage
– Kommandos advance, engage Sentinals, Halberdiers and Rahn. The manage to hit and kill 1 Halberdier and 1 Sentinal but miss Rahn.
– Butcher attacks and kills the 4 Halberdiers and 1 Sentinel who were unlucky enough to be in front of him ( 1 initial, 4 bought)

– Juggernaut advances forward
– Destroyer advances forward
3 – 0 Khador


Retribution 5
– Rahn, out of suicidal desperation, advances to engage Butcher and through a series of bought and boosted attack and damage rolls does 11 damage bringing him within 4 damage boxes of death.
4 – 0 Khador


Khador 6
– Butcher viciously rapes Rahn to death and stitches a decorative scarf out of his skin which he makes the Halberdier standard bearer model for him.


God. Dammit. This would have been a better experiment for someone who was a decent player however putting brand new cards of another faction into the hands of someone who can barely remember his own factions rules is bound to make for a wonky game. Plus not being able to hit anything made winning the game difficult and losing to my own army – painted and cared for BY ME – actually caused Kassem’s concussion to transfer to my head. Now I can’t stand without vomiting.

Feat Use: 2
Tactics: 4
Scenario Awareness: 3
Luck: 4
Derptitude: 2

Feat Use: 2
Tactics: 2
Scenario Awareness: 4
Luck: 1
Derptitude: 2

2 thoughts on “Podcast 006 – Retribution of Khador Vs. Scyrahian Empire

  1. I can’t recall the Eliminators having Advanced Deployment. In fact, I checked, they don’t. So there’s sth to remember. 😉

    Nice report otherwise!

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