Podcast 008 – Mercenaries Vs. Khador, Gorten Vs. pIrusk

Welcome back for another Combo Smite battle report.  This week we have a battle between My mercenary army and Aaron’s forces of Khador.


I’ve claimed to be a dwarf player during our podcast introductions so I fugured its about time I actually do a podcast game with my Dwarves!

(Note from Marc: Just a quick apology: we had some technical issues with the recording for the first 10 minutes or so: Aaron sounds like he’s a computer… underwater… with a head cold. Thankfully we got it all sorted out before the start of the battle report itself! But I do apologize!)

My list is below:

Highborn Covenant
*Sylys Nailer of Wishes
Thor Hammerstein
Max Boomhowler and Co
Max Nyss Hunters
Rupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Lanyssa Ryssyl

I got the idea for this list from a recent Chain Attack episode so I won’t take credit for its brilliance.  On the episode, they ran Gorten in Four Star Syndicate and exploited Solid Ground with Tough Kayazy and Boomhowlers.  It sounded like a pretty fun plan so I wanted to try it out in Highborn with Nyss hunters instead of Kayazy.

Aaron had a bunch of new models he wanted to try out so here is his list:

Max Winter Guard Infantry with UA + 2 Rocketeers
Kovnik Joe
Max Assault Komandos + 2 Flame throwers
Max Greylord Outriders.
Iron Fang Kovnik.

Aaron had just finished painting his pIrusk, Extremoth, Iron Fang Kovnik, and Greylord Outriders. He wanted to play all of his new shinys so that where his list started then he added in his beloved Assault Kommandos (to exploit the Shield March) and Winterguard Death Star because thy’re awesome and the Spriggan because he anticipated my TAC putting up clouds.

With the release of the Steamroller 2014 documents we decided to start going through the updated scenarios in order for our next bunch of podcast. So the scenario for the first week is Destruction. Major changes are that there is now only 1 enemy objective instead of 2 in the zone which has to be killed before you can score the zone. Also you can sacrifice models within 4″ of your objective to prevent your opponent from destroying it. This is a pretty significant change to the scenario that in our opinion makes it WAY more fun and WAY more winnable on scenario. The sacrifice mechanic was a huge surprise to me but is massively fun and very strategic.

I win the roll to go first and I choose second player because its a kill box scenario and I would like to extra deployment so that I don’t have to basically run Gorten straight up the board for my first 2 turns. I also wanted to be able to score first because this scenario looks winnable this year.

I pick the side with the large forest because I figure that will be less of a hindrance to getting my Earthbreaker into the fight than the 2 linear obstacles blocking the middle on the other side.DSC_9768

Khador Deployment

Irusk deploys slightly (my) left of center with his battle group close by. AKs deploy slightly right of center with the IFK. Outriders deploy behind the forest on the right flank and Winter guard deploys behind them.DSC_9763

Mercs Deployment

Gorten and his Earthbreaker deploy slightly the the right of the massive forest on my side of the table. Nyss hunters deploy in and to the left of the large forest with Rupert and Lanyssa. TAC and Thor and his basher go to the right of the Earthbreaker. Boomhowlers go on the right flank.DSC_9767

Khador Turn 1
Irusk starts out by giving a focus to each Jack.
His Outriders run forward and spread out into and around the forest.DSC_9770
The Extreme Behemoth and Spriggan run up on either side of the left wall.DSC_9772
Aaron runs his Winterguard up behind the forrest on my right flank which I thought was a bit questionable because they were kinda stuck back there, but I suppose the board was crowded ad there was not really anywhere else to go.
Kovnik Joe goes next.  He moves up and gives them tough + fearless.
Iron Fang Kovnik moves up and gives out shield march to the Assault Kommandos.
Assualt Kommandos move up 8″ in shield wall behind one of the walls.
Irusk runs this turn to make sure he could clear the killbox.  He runs up behind the Spriggan.DSC_9769

Mercs Turn 1
I give 1 focus to the EB.
Rupert moves up into the forest and gives the Nyss tough.
The Earthbreaker runs up as far as it can.
My Nyss Hunters run forward and spread out in the zone and arouDSC_9778
My Tactical Arcanist Corps runs forward next to the Earthbreaker.
Thor prontos the basher and moves up behind the Earthbreaker.DSC_9777
Greygore gives Boomhowlers super tough and they run up and spread out as much as possible which was probably a mistake because part of this list design is exploiting Gorten’s Solid Ground spell to prevent knockdown but for that they have to be within 10″ of him. (5 Focus is really hard)DSC_9776
Gorten moves forward his full 4″ and casts Strength of Granite on the Earthbreaker and Solid Ground on himself.
Lanyssa runs up to about 3″ from the edge of the forest to prevent Line of Sight.
-Sylys moves up and toes in the forest.  He doesn’t have much to do in this list.  Arcane Secrets isn’t really needed because Gorten never casts his nuke spells but he sorely needs the extra focus for his upkeeps.
Basher moves forward a bit and I end my turn.DSC_9775

Khador Turn 2
Aaron allocates 2 focus to Behemoth’s Subcortex and 2 focus to the Spriggan.
Outriders move up and spray a lot of my stuff.
-1st sprays 3 Boomhowlers. Kills 1, Misses 1, Hits Greygore for 2 DMG.
-2nd sprays 3 Boomhowlers. Missed 2, 1 toughs.
-3rd sprays 2 Boomhowlers. Missed 1, killed 1.
-4th Sprays 2 Boomhowlers. Fails to wound 1, Misses Greygore.
-5th Sprays 3 Boomhowlers. Misses 1, 1 toughs, 1 killed.
They Light Cav move back to the safety of the forest.

Wow, that was a lot of attacks.  Also a lot of tough rolls but still wow.DSC_9780
The Spriggan takes his shots at Nyss hunters. Predicatably, he misses the DEF15 Nyss but deviation hit another Nyss and kills it. Second shot misses and scatters wide.
Irusk moves behind the wall and puts Iron Flesh on the Assault Kommandos and shoots at a Nyss and misses.
Behemoth fires on Nyss (Needs 11s to hit).
– He boosts to hit and misses, it deviates wide.
– He fires again, boosting, and hits a Nyss… who toughs. Yay.DSC_9781
Iron Fang Kovnik moves up and gives out shield march to the Assault Kommandos.
Assault Kommandos shieldwall and move forward 7″.  They make a bunch of attacks. A flamethrower sprays a Nyss and misses. Another kills a Boomhowler. 1 Kommando kills a Nyss, 1 Kills a Boomhowler who toughs and 1 fires on the Earthbreaker and does 1 damage.DSC_9782
Kovnik Joe gives Winterguard boosted attack rolls and moves up.
Winterguard bob and weave and move up around the forest.
They fire on a Boomhowler who toughs twice.
A Rocketeer fires on Greygore and misses. The blast still hits him but fails to wound.
A Rocketeer fires on and kills a TAC.

Tough Tally: Passed 6, failed 5DSC_9779

Mercs Turn 2
Gorten gives 2 focus to the Earthbreaker.
Earthbreaker moves up and toes into the zone.
-He rolls just 1 shot on each multi fire gun. Boo!!
-He fires his right KD torpedo on the objective.  It hits and knocks down 3 Kommandos and 1 Flamethrower around it. I Boost damage on the objective and do 8 damage. 1 Kommando dies to the blast.
-The right Nipple gun fires on a Kommando and misses.
-He fires the Left KD Torpedo on clump of Kommandos.  I boost to hit and knock down 5 Kommandos and 1 Flamethrower. Only kills the directly hit model.
-Left nipple gun kills knocked down flamer which sets the Spriggan on fire.
Thor moves up and prontos the Basher into position for a slam and gives him boosted damage rolls since I forgot to give that to the Earthbreaker.
The Basher slams and Outrider into another outrider. I use the jack marshall boost to hit, and succeed. He is slammed 1″ + 2″ for grand slam. He hits the other outrider about 1/2″ away. Slam target gets super slam die plus tune up die on damage.  So ya super splat. Collateral damage is just 2d6 but at straight damage he dies anyway. Bahser flak fields and only 1 Kommando is in range and he fails to wound.DSC_9787
TAC moves up. 1 shoots a flame burst at the objective but fails to wound the other one pops smoke to block LoS to Gorten and Thor.
Greygore gives the Boomhowlers super tough. The 2 knocked down Boomhowlers sacrifice their action to move. The unit moves up and fires on Outriders. At this point I realize that Boomhowler grunts have RAT4 and all of their attack rolls miss. One of them was out of range.
Nyss Hunters activate. 1 knocked down guy sacs move but then I declare a charge order. Woops.DSC_9788
-2 Nyss charge the Spriggan. I misses and 1 fails to wound.
-3 Nyss charge knocked down Kommandos. 3 autohits and 3 dead Kommandos.
-2 other Nyss run.
Rupert moves up and give Nyss tough again.
Lanyssa moves up and shoots Obj doing 6 damage (leaving it at 1 box.)
Gorten moves up and hides behind the Earthbreaker and puts his rock wall down in front of the Earthbreaker.
Sylys moves forward to hide in the forest.DSC_9784

No tough rolls this turn.

Khador Turn 3
The fire on the Spriggandoes not go out but does no damage.
Irusk gives 1 focus to the Sprigganand 2 to the Behemoth’s sub-cortex and spends 1 to upkeep Iron Flesh.
Outriders move up again and spray death upon me once again.
-1st kills 1 Boomhowler, 1 toughs, Misses Greygore.
-2nd Kills 1 Boomhowler and wounds Greygore for 2.
-3rd kills 1 Boomhowler who toughs and kills Greygore.  So no more super tough next turn.
-They light cav move over to the extreme right flank.
Kovnik Joe gives boosted attack rolls to the Winterguard and moves up and fires at a Boomhowler, who toughs.
The Winterguard moves around forest:DSC_9790
– 6 of them shot at 1 Boomhowler and he finally fails after 5 successful tough rolls.
– 3 of them CRA a TAC member and do 2 damage.
– Rocketeer hits the Earthbreaker and fails to wound.
Assault Kommandos stand up 1 shoots and kills a Boomhowler. A flamethrower fires on a Nyss hunter and misses. 1 Kommando fires on a Nyss and misses. 1 melees a Nyss hunter.  He hits twice kills twice and the Nyss toughs twice.
Irusk stays put behind the wall, puts superiority on Spriggan, pops his feat and shoots a Nyss Hunter but misses.
The Spriggan tramples toward the Objective, passing over 3 Nyss, all 3 hit and all 3 tough.DSC_9793
The Iron Fang Kovnik charges a Nyss, who toughs.
Behemoth moves to block line of sight to Irusk and fires on the Earthbreaker twice. Does 15 damage total.DSC_9792

Tough Tally: This turn Pass:15, fail:5

Epic round for tough!!!DSC_9789

Mercs Turn 3
I upkeep Strength of Granite (just in case) and Solid ground for 1 focus (Thanks Sylys!)
Gorten gives 2 focus to the Earthbreaker.
Lanyssa shoots the objective and damages it for 6, killing it. Aaron sacs a Kommando to save it.
Thor moves up to within 9″ of the Basher. He fails his check for pronto and tunes up the Earthbreaker’s damage rolls.
The last Boomowler shoots the objective, killing it again. Aaron sacs 1 Winterguard to save it.
The Bahser moves away from outrider taking 6 damage from a freestrike. He move B2B with 2 Winterguard and flak fields.  It kills 2 Winterguard and 1 Kommando but all 3 tough.
The Earthbreaker moves up a couple inches.
– The right torpedo fires on the objective, killing it and 1 Winterguard and 1 Kommando.  Aaron opts not to save it this time.
– Right Nipplegun kills a Flamethrower who lights 1 Winterguard on fire. Fires on the Outrider in the forest, boosts to hit and kills him.  Fire on and misses a Rocketeer.
– Left Torpedo hits and knocks down the Behemoth but does no damage to him but kills the Iron Fang Kovnik who toughs.
– Left Nippleguns fire in Iron Fang Kovnik and kills him, fires on a Kommando and misses.DSC_9796
The Nyss Hunters activate. 1 sacrifices his action and moves to block the Spriggan out of zone. 3 sacrifice their movement to stand. The 3 Nyss who are engaged attack Assault Kommandos. 2 miss and 1 toughs. 1 attacks the Spriggan fails to wound.The 3 Nyss who are unengaged do a CRA with Cylenna as the main attacker on Irusk.  They need 9 to hit and I roll an 8.DSC_9797
Rupert moves up and gives tough to the Nyss again.
Sylys move further into forest. and hides.DSC_9798
Gorten moves behind EB outs up the rock wall in front of EB to prevent charges.
TAC pops smoke to protect Thor and Gorten again.

I score 1pt from the objective but I wasn’t able to kill the last Assault Kommando to score the zone.

Tough Tally. Pass:5 Fail:4DSC_9794

Khador Turn 4
Continuous Fire on Winterguard goes out, Spriggan stays but does no damage.
Irusk drops Iron Flesh and gives 3 focus to the Behemoth and 3 to the Spriggan. Behemoth shakes knockdown.
Outriders activate and move up. 1 sprays Thor and kills him, 1 hits but fails to wound the last Boomhowler. They light cav move into my back field.DSC_9800
Last 3 Assault Kommandos charge Nyss Hunters and successfully kill 3.DSC_9801
Kovnik Joe fires on last Boomhowler and misses, then gives boosted attack rolls to Winterguard.
Winterguar move up the board
– 2 CMA the Basher for 1 damage.
– Both rockets fire on the Earthbreaker and do 7 damage total.
– 2 fire on the last Boomhowler.  He toughs from the first shot and final fails on the second. 1 fires on a TAC and fails to kill.
Irusk shoots a nyss, who toughs. He buys another shot and the Nyss toughs again.
Spriggan attacks the objective for 13 dmg. Kills it with shield attack. I let it die. He buys attacks on the 2 Nyss engaging him.  He misses twice and kills 1 of them.
Behemoth fires twice on the Earthbreaker with boosted damage (d6-5) does 13 dmg total. There are only 4 boxes left on left side but L box still not crippled.DSC_9802

Tough Tally. Pass:3 fail:5DSC_9799

Mercs Turn 4

Now that most of my Tough stuff is dead (and partly because I’ve been so far away from them all game to even take advantage of it) I drop Solid Ground.  I upkeep Strength of Granite and give 3 Focus to the Earthbreaker.
The Basher flak fields, kills both Winterguard engaging him. He walks over to the last Kommando in the zone and kills him.
The Nyss activate. The Knocked down Nyss sacs move and the 3 unengaged Nyss CRA on Irusk again from Cylenna needing a 9 to hit and I roll… and 8. Boo. The last guy swings at the Spriggan and fails to wound.
Shockingly, Rupert moves up and gives Nyss Tough.
Lanyssa fires on a Kommando and rolls snake eyes.
Sylys moves up into the forest.DSC_9804
The Earthbreaker moves up further in to the zone and I just now realize that Irusk is almost definitely in range of his guns.
-L torpedo fires a Behemoth to knock him down but does no damage. It also hits a nearby Nyss Hunter who toughs. Having measured to Behemoth I can see I’m in range of Irusk. It turns out I didn’t really need to know the Behemoth down to get LoS to Irusk because I could see him on the right side of the Jack but of well done is done.
-Next I fire the right Torpedo on Irusk, boosting to hit needing a 10 since the torpedos ignore cover. The shot hits and knocks him down. I boost the damage roll  and it does 11 damage.
-I roll 4 shots total on my Nippleguns and the first shot hits and I boost damage and kill Irusk.

Victory to Mercenaries!!DSC_9808This was a really fun game.  I am still very much in love with the Earthbreaker.  It is a really powerful jack which is perfect for all the Rhulic casters because of their low focus stats.  I still love the concept of using Gorten’s Solid Ground spell to negate the Knock down effect of Tough models but its really hard to keep them in his control area with such a low focus stat.  I’m totally sold on the Boomhowlers because they need something to increase their accuracy because RAT 4 is basically unusable.

Despite the loss I think Aaron enjoyed the game as well.  He was killing me on the attrition but underestimated the capabilities of the Earthbreaker and paid the ultimate price.  Considering his main goal in this game was to explore the capabilities of his new models I think it was still productive.  His Greylords were able to single-handedly hold the right flank.  His Assault Kommandos were able to get to the fight relatively fast with shield march and Behemoth took almost half of the Earthbreakers boxes by himself.  The Iron fang Kovnik wasn’t really about to get into the fight but it all part of the learning process.

Thanks for reading! Post any comments, criticisms, insults below!


Player Ratings:  (Listen to the Podcast to find out where these number came from.)
Feat Use: N/A
Tactics: 4
Scenario: 5
Luck: 4
Derptitude: 2
Feat Use: 2
Tactics: 3
Scenario: 4
Luck: 3
Derptitude: 1

2 thoughts on “Podcast 008 – Mercenaries Vs. Khador, Gorten Vs. pIrusk

  1. Listening to the podcast, I have a couple things I wanted to point out / bring up to Aaron, about my thoughts with pIrusk.
    1) Leaving a jack to block LoS without Superiority on it. Superiority is a great spell! +2 Spd, Mat, and Def. Plus your jack can not be knocked down. This is huge in my opinion. If you’re defending your caster with a jack, make sure it has superiority on it so your opponent cant just knock it down and shoot past. I also think of it as upkeeping (spending) 1 focus to make sure you never have to shake a knock down.

    2) The AK’s taking the zone instead of the Winter Guard? I understand you have the new Cavalry out there, and wanted the WG to bakc them up, but I can’t help feeling like that was such a waste for you Winter Guard. I think I would’ve swapped them with the AK’s, and have used the AK’s as back up to the Outriders. Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to send my Winter Guard into the most important (and deadliest) spots on the board and they hardly ever let me down. There hasn’t been a situation yet, where I figured they couldn’t get the job done, or they have let me down. (As an example, I had them engaged in melee with a Troll Mauler last night, using Bear Strength, with Battle Lust, they were definitely pulling their weight).

    And to finish off about the Winter Guard. I do agree that eSorcha is great with them, but I think pIrusk is really close to being one of the best casters for the WG. Mainly due to feat turn, that 4-6 tough, no knock down, +2 Mat/Rat, and with Kovnik Joe Boosted to hit/attack shots.

    Anyway, pIrusk is a great caster, and i do agree, one of Khador’s best.

  2. In Aaron’s situation, I would’ve feated turn two, before the massive losses rolled in. Reasoning being: You’re only getting the defensive benefit, but that’s all you really need there. Assault Kommandos with Battle Lust are not that bad at shredding ‘Jacks (especially when you consider the damage the Behemoth put on the EB).

    Oh, and what really hampered the WGI was the Forest, IMO. I suggest Saxon Orrik. 😉

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