Podcast 010 – Legion vs Retribution, Cygnar vs Protectorate, Listen to 1 Get 1 Free!

This week on the podcast we’re doing something different. Instead of facing off against each other Marc and I went down to the local game store in London Ontario, Game Chamber, and decided we would play some randoms. We are each going to give an abbreviated battle report and then rate our performances.

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First Battle – Retribution Vs. Legion – Ossyan V.s Rhyas.


I faced off against a Legion player who’s claim to fame apparently is only playing the worst Legion casters. To prove this fact he dropped Rhyas against me.

His list:

*Nephylim Soldier
Throne of Everblight
Max Blighted Nyss Archers + UA

Ret Deployment
I used one of the lists that I am practicing for an upcoming 35 pt tournament.

Max Halberdiers +UA
Max Riflemen + UA
Stormfall Archers
Houseguard Thane
Aiyanna & Holt

I deployed Ossyan in the middle of the table behind the forest. To his right were the houseguard halb in front and rifles behind and on the far right, Stormfalls. Aiyana and holt took up on Ossyan’s left and on the left flank was the Banshee with his Arcanist babysitter.

Legion Deployment.
Rhyas deployed opposite her enemy zone with her Scythean and a Shredder on the left. Behind her was a Forsaken and a succubus. To the right was a Nepylim Soldier and another Shredder. On the rIght flank was the Throne of ever light and a full unit of Nyss Archers with UA.

Ret turn 1
First off my Arcanist pops a focus to banshee then the Banshee runs forward as far as he can.
My Stormfall Archers run up over the hill to get into position for next turn.
Ossyan acivates and puts quicken on the halberdiers which I subsequently forget about and Shatterstorm of the rifles which I subsequently forget about. He then moves as far as he can into the forest as he can toward the banshee because I really wanted to get Admonition on him but I was too far away.
Aiyanna and Holt run as far as the can through the forest..
The Houseguard thane puts desperate pace on the halberdiers.
The Halberdiers run forward nearly their full distance (That is their full distance minus 4″ because by now I had forgotten about quicken on them) and spread out in the middle of the table.
Riflemen an up behind the Halbs and Stormfalls.

IMG_2138 IMG_2139
Legion Turn 1

Whoops pics are missing but essentially Rhyas puts out some buffs and everything moves up. The Nyss arhcers ran forward and spread out to protect from AoEs which was pretty smart considering my Stormfalls and Rifles with Shatterstorm.

The Throne moves up behind the objective.
One Shredder moves over and puts tenacity on the Throne.
I forget the order of all this but Rhyas an the soldier get behind cover and the Scythean hangs out in the gap to the left. They all get tenacity on them through various methods and Rapport gets put on the Scythean.

Ret Turn2
I upkeep quicken and Shatterstorm but don’t allocate any focus.
The Arcanist pops a focus to the banshee who then moves up in to zone looking for the sweet spot between 11″ and 12″ where I would be in my gun range and out of the Scythean’s charge range.  The banshee fires on the Scythean and I find out I’m just under 11″ away.  I boost to hit and knock him down doing light damage.
Aiyann and Holt move out of the forest but can’t do anything this turn.
Stormfalls move forward off the hill to make room for the Riflemen and take brutal shots at the Throne. First one is short and scatters killing an archer. One miss and does nothing and two hit and do surprisingly little damage because of bad dice.
My Houseguard Thane give Desperate Pace to the Halberdiers.IMG_2142
Halberdiers charge in and pop mini feat (Gang). 3 charge the Scythean 2 make it. Do decent damage. 3 charge the soldier and all make it. Do heavy damage. 2 charge the throne and 1 makes it and does no damage. The rest run up into the middle of the table. and one runs between the throne and my Archers.IMG_2143
My Riflemen move onto the hill do CRA’s and take out 3 or 4 archers.

Legion Turn2

Rhyas upkeeps rapport then activates.  She pops her feat and advances over my Halberdiers engaging the Soldier and proceeds to slaughter 4 of them. She sprints back behind cover.
The Shredder near the throne Rabids and moves into melee with both halberdierswho are up in the Throne’s face. With boosted attack and damage rolls he takes out both.IMG_2146
The Throne charges one of my Stormfalls. He kills 2 of them but misses a couple of attack rolls. He sprays across my rifles a kills 2 plus banner and UA.
The Soldier kills both halberdiers engaging the Scythean although it takes his whole stack of fury.
The Scythean charges the halberdier banner in the middle of the table. He kills all 3 of the clumped halberdiers there easily.
The Archers move up and fire on my Riflemen, killing about 2 or 3 of them.
The Forsaken moves up and pulls fury off the Scythean.
Ret Turn 3

Looking at the table this turn I’m pretty sure this is gonna be my feat turn.  I want to use my feat and my ranged stuff to take out the Throne and my Banshee to take out the Scythean.  So Ossyan drops Shatterstorm and Quicken and gives the Banshee 3 focus.
My Arcanist moves up and puts Concentrated Power on the Banshee.
Aiyanna and Holt move toward the throne. Aiyana kisses it and Holt does about 8 damage which I’m pretty happy with.
Ossyan puts quicken on the Banshee, because I’m 80% sure I have to to make the charge, the he moves toward the throne and pops his feat.  Only the Scythean and the Throne are in range but it’s enough.
Houseguard Thane fires on throne but fails to wound.
My riflemen open fire on the Throne and plink away at it until the second last one takes it down. The last guy fires at his Archers and misses.
Th last remaining Halberdier charges the Archer UA but misses his attack roll.
Finally the Banshee charges the Scythean.  My first attack at straight dice damage rolls hot and he is on 3 boxes. The 2nd attack buries it. Leaving my Banshee with 2 unused focus.
Stormfalls aim and take out 2 more archers.

IMG_2147 IMG_2148
Legion Turn 3

I forgot to take a picture again this round but lets see what I can remember.

His right Shredder Rabids and moves over to the last Halberdier and kills him.
His Archers aim and take dual shots at my Riflemen on the hill and miss. Somehow I think he misses all of them.
His Soldier slams my Banshee 2″ doing minor damage.
The Forsaken moves up and blight bombs the banshee POW8 +4d6 because I marx’ed like a champ.  Happily even with 4d6, POW8 just isn’r enough and it does no damage.
Rhyas moves forward and takes a few swings at the Banshee leaving him with about 6 boxes. She cripples his cortex and little arm which is bad but could be worse
The Shredder Rabids and attacks banshee twice doing no damage. Lets hear it for ARM19!!
Succubus puts tenacity on Rhyas which looking back at the rules now she actually couldn’t do because its a spell and she was definitely in the Banshee’s bubble.  I really need to remember my own rules once in a while
Ret Turn 4

I drop my upkeeps and can’t allocate to the banshee because his cortex is gone
The Arcanist moves up but is out of range to PB the Banshee.
Ossyan fires on the Soldier and hits him doing decent damage to the Soldier and lowering the Soldier and Shredder’s defense by 2. I derp’d here a bit. My plan was to put admonition on Ossyan and move into the zone before shooting but I forgot/wasn’t think about scenario at the time.
Aiyanna kisses the forsaken and Holt kills it, then fires on the Shredder on the right flank and does decent damage to it.
Riflemen aiming take out 5 of the remaining 7 archers.
Houseguard Thane moves up and fires on the Shredder but is out of range.
Banshee stands up swings at the shredder and misses with the crippled arm.  Swings at the Soldier with the big arm and kills it.IMG_2150
Legion Turn 4

The right Shredder advances forward.  Not sure what my opponent was doing with it but oh well.  He must have been out of control range.
Left shredder Rabids and attacks banshee twice but fails to wound both times.
Rhyas advances up to the Arcanist kills him then sprints way to the left side of my zone. At some point in this activation she puts Occultation on herself which again I think was illegal because she was always within 5″ of the Banshee until she sprinted away.
His Archers fire on Holt and kill him

Legion scores 3 points for dominating my zone.
IMG_2155 IMG_2156 IMG_2157
Ret Turn 5

Not sure if I have enough left to stick it out for the scenario but I’m going to try.

2 Riflemen CRA the shredder and kill it. 3 Riflemen CRA the Archer UA and miss.
Houseguard Thane runs into the enemy zone to control it.
Ossyan toes into the friendly zone to dominate puts admonition on himself and fires at the succubus and misses.
Banshee moves around the shredder to contest the zone and misses the shredder with an attack.
IMG_2159 IMG_2160

Legion Turn 5

The only thing contesting his enemy zone is my Banshee so Rhyas charges it and kills it on the second hit to dominate the zone and win with 6 CPs.
IMG_2161Victory to Legion!

Final thoughts.  It was a fun game against a pretty decent Legion player.  I didn’t feel too bad about the loss since I made some mistakes that could have made a big difference. It was also my first time playing against Legion (Although I can’t say they’re unknown to me I own about 75pts worth.  I just never play them)

Anyway it was a fun game and I hope we can make it back to the Game Chamber for their regular WM night again.  Friday nights are tough though cause I usually have stuff going on.

Second Battle – Cygnar vs Protectorate, pStryker vs pKreoss

Let me start with an apology: I am not Aaron, and I can’t take pictures. With him not present on Friday to take pictures for me, we’re forced to use my phone-camera (which is sucky), my hands (which are shaky), and my artistic eye (which is blind). I apologize for the lack of pretty pictures for this report… I promise to get an actual camera soon!

Soooo… Nick got an opponent that was approximately equal skill. I got a guy who has played a total of 3 games of WarMachine ever. Eager to learn, which is nice, happily willing to tackle the unknown… but this puts me a bit on my back foot. I was hoping to get some practice with my tournament lists in, but against a newbie… he’s just going to be straight-up listed. And is it any fun for me to have a Bottom of 1 assassination against a new guy? No. So I scrap my carefully built (and in need of testing!) lists, and instead build one on the spot that has, as I like to call it, the “Highlights of Cygnar”… not a “good” list, but once which has most of the major shenanigans Cygnar is loved for.

My opponent (who is also named “Nick”… not to be confused with “Nick”-MoFaux or Nick-“Ozzie”, obviously) goes by the handle Rockwell. We roll and I win initiative and choose to go first.

My list is as follows:

Commander Coleman Stryker (pStryker, Stryker1)
– Ol’ Rowdy
– Lancer
– Squire
Stormguard (max unit)
Black 13th (B13)
Stormsmith Stormcaller x2
Journeywoman Warcaster

So, as you can see, not a bad list, but not an ideal or super-streamlined one either. The Stormguard are there just so I have something that electroleaps that isn’t insanely super-powerful (cough-StormwallorStormstrider-cough), the Stormcallers are important tech to know about, and I figured that between the ATGM and the B13, the B13 are a bit easier to deal with (there’s only 3 of them, after all, and only 1 of them is really a threat).

I deployed all the Stormguard in the middle of the table, with Rowdy, Stryker, and the Squire on one side and the Lancer on the other. One Stormcaller went on each flank, with the Black 13th closest to 3 small forests we had on our table. My Rangers waited for his deployment.

Rockwell, for his part, was fielding every model he had for Menoth:

High Exemplar Kreoss (pKreoss, Kreoss1)
– Devout
Avatar of Menoth
Exemplar Errants (max unit)
Covenant of Menoth
Paladin of the Wall x2
High Paladin Vilmon
Nicia, Flame of Something
Visgoth Rhoven and Honour Guard

It’s… not a *bad* list, I suppose, although the Devout doesn’t do anything for Kreoss, and it sorely lacks a heavy-hitting ranged ‘jack (Redeemer, Reckoner, or Vanquisher) to benefit from Kreoss’s Feat… but to be honest, it’s better than what I’m currently trying to field in Menoth by having the Exemplar Errants, which are a bonkers-good unit, and 3 Paladins. Needs Rhupert, though, to really synergize between those Errants and the Book… but whatever. A solid list, some good threats, wouldn’t be a cake walk.

And then… Rockwell deployed.

See… I know what he was doing. He was trying to be careful with his troops and deny me a flank… putting all his models on the far-extreme right side of the board. We weren’t playing a scenario at his request (4th game ever and all), which was fine, but… well, you’ll see. Anyway, all his models went on the far right corner.

I advanced deployed my Rangers forward and towards the left (which was wide open) expecting that his Errants would go across the table from them (which is an okay matchup on my part), or failing that, they’d have plenty of room to run forward and engage his flank.

Lastly, Rockwell dropped all his Errants in a 3″ corridor between an obstruction and the right side of the table (directly in front of the book). Again… interesting gambit…

Sadly, I forgot to take a deployment picture, so excited I was to get started (and using my 7 minute timed turns!).

Cygnar Turn 1

I assign 1 Focus to the Lancer, and we’re off.
The Journeywoman activates and puts Arcane Shield on the Stormguard, who then run forward and spread out.
The Lancer then runs forward, followed by Rowdy.
The Rangers run forward, blissfully safe from anything on Rockwell’s side of the table. The two Stormcallers also run, the left-side one forward, and the right-side one towards the middle of the table and away from all of his scary Errant guns.
The B13 run towards Stryker and the middle of the table.
Lastly, Stryker activates. He arcs Arcane Shield onto the Lancer, and puts Snipe on the B13… I’ve never done that before, but I’ve read on the interweb that it’s a good idea.

IMAG1070                        IMAG1071

So… you can all see his deployment, right? In my head I’m thinking that this is probably a bad idea for him, but I’m also panicked that he’s going to whoop my butt and any advice I give him is coming from me, and I KNOW I’m not very good! So I keep my mouth shut and decide to see what he does.

Protectorate Turn 1

Kreoss allocates 1 to the Devout, and the Avatar automagically generates 3.
First, Kreoss activates and casts Defender’s Ward on all the Paladins.

“No, see… the Paladin’s aren’t actually a unit. They’re all solos.”
“Oh! I thought that Vilmon made them a unit.”
“Nope. Still solos. So you can put Defender’s Ward on one of them, which isn’t a bad idea, but not all of them.”
“Well… I’ll just cast it three times then.”
“Ah. See… you can only have 1 instance of an upkeep out at a time.”
“But you have 2 Arcane Shields out…”
“Ah. Yeah. See… those come from 2 different casters. But each caster can only have them out once.”

Rockwell seemed to understand (although I could see the first flickers of what I’m sure will become a life-long fire of hatred for my beloved boys in blue). He cast Defender’s Ward on the Errants instead.

The Devout goes next, shuffling up in front of Kreoss again and using Spell Ward.
Then the Errants go, and they shuffle forwards a little, hugging the right table edge. The Covenant follows them and says No Knockdown (which, considering Earthquake… not a completely bad idea).
The Avatar moves forwards a bit.
Rhoven and his guards move up next to the Avatar, the Honour Guard in front and Rhoven slightly behind.

Next, Rockwell activates a Paladin, walks it forward. He then activates the next Paladin and walks him forward. He then activates Vilmon and tucks him behind them.
“They’re going to use Shield Wall.”
“Oh. You mean ‘Stone and Mortar’ stance. And remember, they’re not a unit… just three solos. So you have to use and finish one before using the next.”
“Sure… sure…”

The flame flickers a little brighter. But I think he gets it this time.

Nicia moves up behind the Errants… and we’re done!
IMAG1072 IMAG1073

Cygnar Turn 2

Last turn I had 1.5 minutes left on my clock… but considering that all I did that turn was cast some upkeeps and run, I’m a little concerned about the possibility to finish my turn in anything CLOSE to 7 minutes once the bullets start flying. But what can you do but try?
I quickly measure my CTRL and decide that this will be Feat Turn. Without a scenario to force Rockwell into my army, it may not accomplish much… but at worst, it will buy me some time.
I upkeep Snipe and both Arcane Shields, and camp the remaining 4 Focus.

I activate the Rangers first. They all walk up and open fire on the closest Paladin… who is safely out of range.

Stormguard go next, and they run forwards, spreading out to hopefully get charges onto both the Avatar and some Errants next turn. Rowdy moves up behind them, ready to introduce the Avatar to the Quake Hammer.

I move the Lancer up behind the Rangers, and one Stormcaller goes slightly behind him. The other Stormcaller runs up onto a nearby hill, hoping the elevation will help keep him safe.

Stryker activates, walks forward, and pops his Feat. Everything besides a few of the Rangers is in, which is solid. He camps his last few Focus. (It’s at this point I run out of time, but since I’ve been answering some questions for Rockwell, I’m okay with that… it’s close enough!).

My support staff shuffle forward a little, near Stryker.

The Black 13th activate. Ryan walks forward and just toes-into a forest, Lynch heads up the middles, and Watts goes towards the obelix in the middle of the table.
Ryan fires off a Mage Storm at the Errants… I figure a lucky deviation could catch a few, which might be a good lesson on why not to clump your troops… the deviation, however, lands the 4″ AoE smack on Rhoven and both his Honour Guard. At ARM16, I need 9s to kill…
I kill the first honour guard (roll an 11).
I kill the second honour guard (roll a 10).
I inflict 4 wounds on Rhoven.

Wow. Good first shot!
Watts and Lynch are both out of range of anything, and so that’s my turn!

IMAG1074 IMAG1076

Protectorate Turn 2

Okay, so that was a pretty lucky shot on my behalf… and certainly, Stryker’s Feat is a bit rough to work with, but the Avatar isn’t really bothered by ARM23 soldiers (POW19 sword? Yeah, not really concerned). But still, most of my stuff should survive… I think.

So, Kreoss upkeeps Defender’s Ward, and allocates 1 to the Devout. The Avatar generates 3 Focus.

The Avatar walks slightly towards the center of the table… and that’s it. It sits there.
“No Menoth’s Gaze?”

Rhoven moves forward a bit and Cleanses off my Arcane Shield from the Stormguard. Ah… only ARM20 now… still probably enough to keep me safe… although in retrospect, I’m pretty sure “Cleanse” doesn’t work on Upkeeps. But oh well! No harm done.

The 3 Paladins (activated 1 at a time) move closer to my Rangers and drop into Stone-and-Mortar again.

The Devout and Kreoss move towards the middle a bit, putting up Spell Ward again. And they stand there.

The Errants activate… and do nothing. Rockwell has them just stand there, clumped together, against the table edge.

Nicia walks forward and fires a shot at a Stormguard, way out of range.

Lastly, the Covenant says “No Knockdown” again.


Cygnar Turn 3

So, that went well… I measure and confirm that Rowdy is about 1″ out of charge-range of the Avatar… but I can get at least a handful of Stormguard on him, and hopefully cripple or destroy it. That’s the hope, at least… and maybe I can ping the Paladins for a few points of damage through my Lancer. So I take one from the Squire, upkeep Snipe and the Arcane Shield still on the Lancer, and we’re off.

The Journeywoman goes first, walking up and putting Arcane Shield back on the Stormguard.
The Stormguard go next and charge the Avatar and Rhoven. 2 successfully charge Rhoven, 4 get on the Avatar, and the rest fail their charges by fractions of inches.
The first charge on Rhoven drops the Visgoth (1 successful melee attack). 3 of the 4 charges on the Avatar hit (4 successful melee attacks), hitting it solidly and leaving it on 6 boxes (woot!). ARM21 is a thing, but POW12 with fire-dice… also a thing.
I take the now POW10 shot at the Avatar (no choice, since it’s engaging my Unit Leader), which hits, but pings off the armour harmlessly.

The B13 go next. All of them move forward a little, but since the only thing in range is the now-engaged Avatar (and since his legs are still function, he’s DEF14), so I elect not to waste any shots and risk killing my own troops.

Rowdy moves up behind the Stormguard.

My Rangers activate and spread out. They all take shots at the closest Paladin… 3 are in range, and all hit. Dice – 10… but after the smoke clears, I’ve inflicted 2 points of damage! Not bad… not bad…

The Lancer activates and walks up into the gap created by my Rangers. Man, I haven’t arc’d a spell in MONTHS… I don’t like using Focus for attack spells generally, since I’m normally too busy over-allocating it to my warjacks who then either don’t need it or can’t use it.

But not today, my friends… today, I cast spells!

Stryker activates. He casts “Arcane Blast” through the Lancer at the closest Paladin… which hits! Awesome. I boost damage, and at Dice – 8… inflict nothing. Boo! The blast damage on Vilmon gets boosted, and at Dice-14… inflicts 1 point. Well, that’s something, I suppost…

My right Stormcaller moves up and tries to hit Nicia, but is out of range. (Here, I run out of time)

My left Stormcaller moves up and tries to hit the Avatar… also out of range.
With that, I’m done!
IMAG1079 IMAG1080

Protectorate Turn 3

So I’ve ALMOST crippled the Avatar… but since he still has his legs and his sword, he’s still as deadly as ever (and since he never risks having a crippled Cortex, he’s basically fully functional).
Rockwell rolls for the Avatar and generates 4 Focus (of course). He upkeeps Defender’s Ward again and allocates 1 to the Devout.

Kreoss goes first, walking back away from my Rangers and Lancer. He casts “Purify”, removing my Arcane Shield from the Stormguard… and Defender’s Ward from the Errants. He still has 2 Focus, but elects not to recast Defender’s Ward again.

Next, the first of the Paladin’s activates. It charges my Lancer, going right past one of my Rangers, who gets a Free Strike. The Free Strike hits, and then my massive POW7 Swiss-army knife does a stunning 1 point of damage. Woo.
ANYway, the Paladin successfully overcomes the Lancer’s Set Defence, and smashes him for 10 points of damage (ouchy).

Second Paladin charges my Lancer, going right past a Ranger on the other side… another Free Strike, another 1 point of damage (boo!). He hits my Lancer solidly, but at ARM21 (dice-7) only inflicts 6 more points on it. He does, however, successfully break the shield. Oh, and lights my warjack on Fire.

And then, the main event… Vilmon charges in! He misses!

Well. That was anti-climatic… I’m okay with that!

The Avatar activates. He shuffles over a tiny bit to engage a 4th Stormguard… he kills 4 but misses 1. Still, not bad!

The Errants finally move forward and spread out a little. They open fire on my Stormguard (after I help Rockwell re-position a few in front so he can see my troops with his back line through the gaps). Crossbow bolts fly, Stormguard die… at the end I still have 3 standing tall.

Lastly, Nicia moves up and shoots my Stormcaller, killing him.
IMAG1081 IMAG1082

Cygnar Turn 4

Okay, so that went okay… except that those Paladins are going to be hard to dislodge if I don’t kill them this turn.
First things first, though… the Lancer’s Fire does not go out, but also fails to damage it.
I take 1 from the Squire, give 3 to Rowdy to finish off the Avatar, 2 to the Lancer to finish off the Paladins, and upkeep Snipe on the B13 and Arcane Shield on the Lancer.

Rangers go first. 3 of my Rangers are engaged by Paladins or Vilmon, and so I shuffle them a bit closer to get their knives into the steely beasts. 1 takes a shot at the Devout (out of range), while the others make their melee attacks on the Paladins. At dice – 9, they again succeed in inflicting light wounds on Vilmon and the further-left Paladin (1 each).
The Stormcaller on that side calls on Vilmon, hits, but fails to wound.

No worries! My Lancer activates… his spear is still functional, and he takes the initial attack at the least-damaged Paladin, hitting and boosting damage. He slays the pesky Menite!
Buy an attack against the other Paladin… and miss. Boo.

No problems. The B13 activate. Watts walks towards the Paladins a little, Lynch heads towards Nicia, and Ryan… dear, dear Ryan… walks towards the Errants.

Watts fires at a Paladin with Brutal Shot… needing 7 to hit (DEF17 against RAT8 plus 2 for Mark Target), he misses. The bullet scatters towards the Lancer, which despite the back-arc bonus… also misses. Phew!

Lynch picks off Nicia. Good riddance to evil assassins!

Ryan fires a Mage Storm at the tightly packed clump of Errants. She hits. Needing 5s to kill… she wipes 6 of the Errants off the table.

I almost feel guilty about that shot. Almost.

Stormguard activate and charge the Avatar… 2 are able to get distance, the other just moves up a bit. All 3 hit, none inflict damage (boo!)… used up all my good rolls last turn, apparently! (Here is where I run out of time on this turn… not a good sign!)

The Journeywoman activates and puts Arcane Shield on Rowdy.

No worries! Rowdy’s got this. He charges the Avatar, easily getting distance. The initial attack hits, and Rowdy overkills the Avatar by at least 10 points. Ker-splat… and I’ve still got 3 Focus left on my warjack. Le sigh. I spend one for Grudge (because… well… it’s useless, but not *as* useless as having extra Focus!).

Stryker shuffles forward a bit to keep Rowdy in CTRL.

And that’s it!

IMAG1083 IMAG1084

Protectorate Turn 4

Kreoss has nothing to upkeep, and assigns 1 Focus to the Devout again.

Kreoss goes first. He shuffles back towards the middle of the table again (I get the impression that Rockwell had 2 points on the table 5″ apart, and spent the whole game moving Kreoss back and forth between those two points). He measures his CTRL and chooses to pop his Feat, knocking down Rowdy, my 3 remaining Stormguard, and 3 Rangers.

The Devout moves over and Spell Wards him again.

The Covenant says “No Knock Down” again.

The four remaining Errants activate. 1 moves towards Lynch, 1 moves towards Rowdy and my Stormguard. The one firing at Lynch is out of range, but the 3 shooting at my knocked down Stormguard all hit (DEF9 because Knocked Down behind cover… not much use against RAT6) and kill the last of their number.

Rockwell then activates the remaining Paladin and Vilmon, both of whom attack my Lancer… and both fail to wound, pinging powerlessly off the ARM19. They also both drop into Stone and Mortar stance again.

And that’s hit turn.

IMAG1086 IMAG1087 IMAG1088

Cygnar Turn 5

Well. The only real threats left on the table, now that Kreoss’s Feat was used, are the 4 Errants (politely clumped together for me again), Vilmon and the Paladin (both within striking distance of my warjacks), and the Devout.

I start to understand, at this point, why other people dislike Cygnar so much. But too late now… the lesson must continue!

Stryker allocates 3 to Rowdy, 3 to the Lancer, and upkeeps Snipe, taking the last Focus from the Squire. The Journeywoman upkeeps Arcane Shield on Rowdy. And Rowdy spends 1 Focus to stand up.

Lancer goes first. He swings and hits the Paladin, boosts damage… and inflicts 1 point. He buys another attack, hits, boosts damage… and fails to kill. Curses!

Rowdy activates and Charges Vilmon. He hits with his initial attack, splattering Vilmon… and leaving him with 2 Focus over-allocated. I spend a Focus to activate Grudge again.

4 Rangers attempt to stab the ARM21 Paladin to death (dice – 14, so no), the Stormcaller attempts to smote him with Lightning (dice-11, nope)…

I activate the B13. Watts aims and shoots at him with a Brutal Shot that misses (snake-eyes), and then scatters to the Lancer and misses as well.
Lynch shoots the 1 Errant standing by himself…
Ryan… dear, dear Ryan… whom I love with all my heart… drops a Mage Storm on the clump of 3 Errants. 1 survives, but she vapourizes the other 2.

The Journeywoman activates, moves forward, and shoots the last Errant down.

Stryker moves up and over a bit, keeping the obelix between him and Kreoss. And the last Stormcaller calls lightning down on the Devout… Disrupting it.

Rockwell has almost learned everything I can teach him this game…

IMAG1089 IMAG1090

Protectorate Turn 5

Well, he’s down to a Devout (full health, but disrupted), Kreoss, the Book, and a Paladin with 1 hitpoint left. Nothing is allocated.

The Paladin goes first. He scoots over to Rowdy, taking a free hit from my Ranger (agan failing to kill him). He swings at Rowdy, hits, and inflicts… 1 point of damage.

Rowdy’s “Grudge” actually activates, and I hammer the Paladin into dust.

Kreoss goes next. He moves over, casts “Purify”, removing Rowdy’s Arcane Shield and Snipe from the B13. He then casts Immolate at my might warjack, hitting, and inflicts 2 damage. He casts it again… and inflicts no damage.

The Book activates and gives “Fire” to the Devout, and the Devout walks towards my closest Ranger, swing at him, and misses.

IMAG1091 IMAG1092

Cygnar Turn 6

Well, it’s just a question of what kills Kreoss. I allocate 3 to Rowdy and camp the last 3.

The Lancer goes first, moving up a little.
Rowdy goes second. He walks towards Kreoss (stupid of me, should’ve trampled), and I end up about 1″ away from the warcaster… and out of range. I end Rowdy’s activation, which is ALSO stupid, since I forgot to do a Tremour attack (hits within 2″, no reason not to!). Oh well. I was trying to make this quick and hopefully painless!

Stryker activates and arc’s Earthquake at Kreoss. Needs a 12 to hit, no Focus to boost, and fails to roll Box cars both times (initial roll and Squire re-roll). It scatters a couple inchs, not enough to get Kreoss out of the AoE, knocking down the warcaster.

My Rangers line up and leisurely apply bullets to the warcaster until he surrenders (it took 4 shots, but i had plenty more bullets if needed!).

IMAG1093 IMAG1094

Okay, so much was learned this game… mostly that I’m not a very good teacher, and I can’t make a “soft” list to save my life. I really tried to make a sub-optimal list that would still teach Rockwell about Cygnar’s trickery… and I tried to be helpful and point out alternatives, while still keeping to my 7 minutes on the clock (failing most turns, but again, I spent as much time answering questions each turn as I did activating dudes!).

I think one of the biggest hurdles that old WarHammer players need to overcome is the habit of clumping troops up in nice tight bundles where a single AoE can smash multiple units… like Rockwell’s poor Errants. So hopefully he learned that lesson… and I hope he had fun. I felt guilty playing like this against him… I lack the gene necessary to intentionally throw a game, but I dunno, maybe I could’ve handicapped myself more or have taken an Ironclad instead of Rowdy (not that it mattered… the Ironclad hits exactly as hard as Rowdy, and I never needed his Focus efficiency)

Anyway, it was a learning experience for me too, and I hope he had fun. I really do need more practice on 7 minute turns, though!

Ratings for the games we played:

Feat use: 4
Tactics: 3
Scenario: 2
Luck: 3
Time Use: 2
Derptitude: 2

Feat Use: 4
Tactics: 3
Scenario: N/A
Luck: 4
Time Use: 2
Derptitude: 1

3 thoughts on “Podcast 010 – Legion vs Retribution, Cygnar vs Protectorate, Listen to 1 Get 1 Free!

  1. Hey guys!

    After reading through these batreps the past days, I finally got to listen to the podcast also.
    The combination between reading a well written batrep with pics and listening to the relevant episode is what makes your podcast/blog unique.

    Keep up the good work.

    And I’m completely with you, 7 minute timed-turns are quite brutal, if you’re not used to it.
    Sometimes you really have to build a list considering that there are not only the typical list building factors like attrition, assassination and so on, but also the time limit.
    For example, a typical 35-points Ravyn list with two units of Stormfall Archers can be really tricky to play in 7 minute turns,
    All those AOEs. Good times.

    I don’t play a lot of tournaments, but these two things helped me a lot with timed turns in past tournies:

    1. Know your list inside-out
    2. Practice

    So most importantly, play with what you’re familiar with, imo.

    Really looking forward to hear from your tournament experiences.

    Greez Alatriste

    PS: I prefer Deathclock over timed turns in my games. A lot.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Really this is a lot of fun to do so if anybody else enjoys it, that’s just a bonus.

      Thanks for the good advice on timed turns.. I don’t really have enough time to do 1. or 2. so for this next tournament I’m gonna go with:

      3. Just play and get you’re ass handed to you because you can only active 3 models before timing out.

      I am going to try to take lists with fewer models that I have played at least once or twice but I anticipate timing out on many important turns.

      And I agree about Deathclock.

    • I’m with MoFaux and you on this one… Deathclock is a lot better for my sanity.

      I’m trying to get as much practice as I can before the tournament (which will be about… 4-5 games). Sadly this means I probably won’t even get to practice each of my lists before the event! But that’s okay… like Nick said, I’m expecting to get my butt handed to me one way or the other, but I’ll have fun in the process!

      Also, glad you enjoy the ‘pod! We have a lot of fun making them… we just recorded Battle 011, which should go up tomorrow, since I’m now letting Audacity do most of the heavy lifting for the editing.

      Thanks for the comments and for listening!

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