Podcast 011 – Combo Battle Report 2

2 more Battle Reports this week.

The plan initially was to just report on Marc’s game, but it ended up being two things:

1. Full of particularly stupid mistakes, and
2. Very, very brief.

And so we decided to report on both! Full write ups will follow, but for now at least you can listen!

It all started off as an exercise in practicing for the 35 point tournament that’s coming up on Saturday. The biggest hurdle to the tournament is, for me, the timed turns. And my lack of experience. Okay, the 2 biggest hurdles are timed turns and my lack of experience… and never having played against Legion. Three! The THREE biggest hurdles are timed turns, lack of experience, never playing Legion, and having 3 lists that I’ve never actually played.

Let me start over: there’s a tournament coming up. I want to get practice for it! So Kassem made three 35 point lists for Skorne, and I brought my three 35 point lists for Cygnar. The concept is pretty simple: show your opponent your three lists, they get to veto one of them, and then you pick from the remaining lists.

“You wanna see my lists, Marc?”
“Hmmm. Are any of them Xerxis?”
“Okay. I veto that one.”

Seriously, that’s exactly what happened. Playing against that many ARM24 Cetrati? Not a good day for Cygnar… yes, we can work around it (Siege in particular doesn’t get too worked up about it), but suffice it to say that it’s not a favourable match-up.

We rolled for initiative, which obviously Kassem won and chose to go first. Not a surprise, but still unfortunate. I choose the side of the table and settled on my Nemo3 list (hoping his Feat-turn would give me the punch I needed to destroy Kassem’s warbeasts before they became too much of a threat!). The Scenario was “Balance of Power”, a new 2014 scenario with a central 6×12″ zone (1 for controlling, 2 for dominating), with 2 flags (2 for controlling the enemy flag, 3 for dominating, and if you dominate your own flag you remove 1 point from the enemy before scoring points for the round).

My list was as follows:

Artificer General Sebastian Nemo (Nemo3)
– Stormchaser Caitlyn Finch
– Stormwall
Silverline Stormguard (Minimum unit)
The Black 13th (B13)
Journeywoman Warcaster
Stormcaller Lightning Tower
Stormsmith Stormcaller x3

The plan is pretty simple: use the Silverline (with Arcane Shield) to keep the Stormwall safe, while it lobs out Lightning Pods that I either use my plethora of lightning arcs (2d3 from Nemo, 1d3 from Finch and the Tower, plus up to 9 Surges from the Stormcallers) to destroy high DEF units and the big guns of the Stormwall and the Tower to crack ARM… the B13th I’m still slightly unconvinced about in this list, since they obviously perform well, but they COULD be another Tower and 2 more points of something else (Harlen Versh, maybe?)… something that synergizes a bit better, perhaps. But I dunno. Hence needing practice!

As for Kassem’s list… well, to be honest, I can’t remember it exactly, but he’ll correct me. This is the problem with proxies… I’m pretty sure about most of this stuff, but forgive me if I mess something up (Kassem gets it right in the podcast though, obviously!).

Master Assassin Morgul (pMorgul)
– Tiberion
– Titan Gladiator
– Cyclops Savage
– Aptimus Marketh
Paingiver Beasthandlers
Nihilators (max unit)
Tyrant Commander and Standard

Kassem’s list was designed for two reasons: to deliver one of 3 assassination tools to the enemy warlock/warcaster (Morgul, the Gladiator, or Tiberion), and to have a realtively short list that he can handle in 7 minutes.

He set up with the Nihilators in the middle with the Tyrant, while Morgul, his warbeasts and Paingivers, and the Voidspirit all went to his right side.

Please note that Kassem plays for the strategic aspects of the game… so the Nihilators are proxied by Retribution Houseguard Halberdiers, the Gladiator is the heavy warbeast without a head, while the one WITH a head is Tiberion.

With Kassem deployed, I set up (well, technically my Stormwall went out first, as it had to, but whatever). I put the Silverline right next to the Stormwall (poised to rush out in front of it to deny charges), with Nemo and Caitlyn closer to Morgul (he thinks he’s safe, which is a very, very silly thing for an ARM13 warlock to think when playing against anything with Electroleaps!). The Lightning Tower went slightly further to the right, with one of the Stormcallers on each flank and the last behind the Stormwall. Lastly, I threw the B13 on the wide, wide left side, either to draw away Kassem’s troops, or to hammer into his flank without risk.


Thus prepared, we were ready to rock! DSC02580

Skorne Turn 1

I’m going to be completely honest… Kassem threw out a bunch of animi and spells and stuff, but basically everything ran. I do remember the Tyrant giving out Desperate Pace, but other than that… yeah, I forget. But there was running, and those bastards came at me right-quick!

DSC02586 DSC02587

Cygnar Turn 1

So, the problem with going 2nd is that there’s rarely enough time or space to get up into range, without risking losing a whole mess of stuff on your opponent’s next turn.

Plus, with the clock running, I knew I didn’t really have time to think about it. This turn had to be quick…

So, I allocate 1 to the Stormwall (which becomes 2 due to Caitlyn), and we’re off.
The Journeywoman goes first and casts “Arcane Shield” on the Silverline.
The Silverline go next and run forward. So far, so good.

The Stormwall activates. It moves forward behind the screen of Silverline, and lobs out a Lightning Pod right in the middle of the zone. It fires its big gun at Tiberion (out of range), and then fires at a nearby Nihiliator, which I hit and kill, but who Toughs successfully. I drop Covering Fire to protect my Silverline.

Reinholdt activates and charge’s Nemo’s lightning staff for him.
Nemo goes next. He moves up a bit and fires at the Lightning Pod, hitting, but getting only 1 e-leap. It fries the knocked-down Nihiliator, who fails his tough. I shoot again, but sadly nothing else is within 4″ so no more leaps.

Caitlyn activates and follows the Old Man a bit.
I measure Nemo’s CTRL and realize that my Tower is going to be a little out of range… so I move it up a bit behind a nearby fence.

It’s around now that I realize I forgot to put “Failsafe” up on my Stormwall… damnit! Whatever, no time to worry about that right now!

The Black 13th activate and run forward (hopefully far enough away from the Nihiliators to be safe!), followed by the Stormcallers all running up their respective flanks. With that I end my turn… and have about 60 seconds to spare. Uh oh… if that was going to be my FASTEST turn…

DSC02589 DSC02592 DSC02594

Skorne Turn 2

Kassem had actually had a chance to run his list earlier in the day, so he was coping with the timed turns better than I was… and this turn would show it. He leeched back up to full Fury, and we were off.
The Tyrant Commander moved up a little and gave “Desperate Pace” to the Halber… I mean, Nihilators. They then walked forward, but thankfully even the closest was safely out of range of my Silverline, so Kassem spread the rest out behind the Cover Fire. One killed my Lightning Pod.
Both of his warbeasts moved up, followed by Morgul parking himself right between him.

There is a term for parking a high-value, low-ARM model near a low-DEF but high-ARM model. For those of you out there who are unfamiliar with Cygnar, this is what us Cygnaran commanders like to call “Awesome”.

The Voidspirit charged my right-flank Stormcaller, hitting and exploding him into a ball of fire… that’s pretty freakin’ cool, I gotta tell ya!

The Paingivers moved up and did their Fury-management stuff, and Kassem’s turn ended before he could activate the Cyclops Savage.

Crap… if that’s how he does having already practiced his list… I am SO screwed…

DSC02595 DSC02596

Cygnar Turn 2

And it was my turn… this was going to be the money turn. I could feel it. I could sense it. Also, Morgul being kindly placed next to both the Gladiator and/or Tiberion… yeah, that was gonna make my life a LOT easier.

So, 2 Focus to the Stormwall (becomes 3 automagically), upkeep Arcane Shield, and we begin!

Reinholdt activates first and gives Nemo another charged staff.

My Silverline charge. I carefully keep them away from the warbeasts, killing a few more Nihilators, but more importantly managing to drop that abso-freakin’-lutely awesome AoE on Morgul!

Nemo activates and immediately pops his Feat. I stand and aim at the Gladiator, hitting easily and then boosting damage… POW10 +4d6 against ARM19 inflicts about 8 points of damage. I roll for electroleaps and get a full 3.
First goes into Morgul… I boost damage again, and at Dice – 3, inflict a solid 15 points, which Kassem transfers over to a warbeast. The next leap goes into Tiberion, who I elect not to boost against but still inflicts 3 points of damage, and the last leap goes into a Beasthandler and fries it.
Second shot hits the Gladiator. I boost damage and inflict another 5, leaps only 1 time into Morgul, and inflicts another 13 points of damage, which Kassem transfers again.

Caitlyn activates, moves up, and fires at the Gladiator. She hits, inflicts no damage, but gets 2 leaps… first into Morgul at POW10 +3d6, inflicting 6 more damage (Kassem transfers), second into Tiberion, inflicting 2 damage.

Lightning Tower fires at the Gladiator, hits, and inflicts another 6 points. Electroleaps only once into Morgul, and puts another 8 points of damage on the warlock, which Kassem elects to take.

But, more importantly, now it’s the Stormwall’s turn! As I’m walking forward…

I run out of time. NOOOOooooooo….

I throw out a Lightning Pod between my Stormwall (naked and unprotected) and Kassem’s Gladiator, and I finish my turn, very, very upset. And then, about this point, I remember that I forgot to add +2 to all those electrical damage rolls on both the Gladiator AND Morgul… gah! Stupid, stupid, stupid…


Skorne Turn 3

So… yeah. Two heavy warbeasts, and only a few Silverline between them and the Stormwall.

The Nihilators easily take care of the Silverline… however both Tiberion and the Gladiator have crippled aspects. If only there were a way to heal them for 1d3 points of damage easily, without needing Morgul’s Fury… like, say, Paingivers!

Morgul moves backwards, Tiberion charges the Stormwall after being Enraged and something else that results in him being POW22, hitting at Dice+3… 3 Fury later (and a free charge), and the Stormwall is scrap.

Kassem then runs his Voidspirit up to my Lightning Tower.

The Gladiator moves up, and Kassem’s turn ends.

DSC02600 DSC02601

Cygnar Turn 3

It’s all basically over at this point, and I know it. Still, gotta keep kicking the darkness ’till it bleeds daylight.

The Black 13th move over and Snipe some Nihilators to death. This frees up a Silverline, who charges the last Nihilator and kills it. The +2 Damage AoE lands on the Gladiator.

I need that POW14 tower shot, so I charge the Voidspirit with the Journeywoman warcaster, who boosts to hit and lands a solid blow, dispelling the vile spirit.

The Lightning Tower fires at the weakened Gladiator… and rolls snake eyes, missing.
Reinholdt hands Nemo fresh batteries, and the warcaster fires at the Gladiator, inflicting light damage with both shots. Caitlyn adds her electrical uniqueness to the barrage, but the beast is undetered.

But, at least, I end my turn with time left on the clock.

DSC02602 DSC02604 DSC02605 DSC02606

Skorne Turn 4

So I left a fully functional Tiberion within walking distance of Nemo.

He walks up to Nemo. He boosts to hit… and hits. Boosts damage, and inflicts 19 points, dropping my warcaster and landing the game for the vile Skorne Empire!

DSC02607Victory to Skorne!

Post Game Analysis

I really like Nemo3… and this was officially my first ever loss using him (out of 8 games!). I guess I was about due, but it smarts that the loss is almost entirely due to being unable to activate the Stormwall, forgetting about the +2 damage from the electroleaps, and not knowing about the 5 minute extension. That sucked.

Other than that, I forgot to put Failsafe on the Stormwall twice (very stupid), and running my Stormcaller to be that close with a Ghostly, Incorporeal, free-strike-immune Voidspirit was pretty stupid. I was hoping Kassem would have to strike me through the fence (at least giving me the +2 DEF), but he easily made the distance. Still, getting to smote the Voidspirit with my Journeywoman was a highlight, so I can’t complain too much!

I’m still a little uncertain about this list… although I think I’m going to stick with it for the tournament, afterwards I’m going to experiment with taking out the B13 and putting in another Lightning Tower and Arlan. Or maybe some upkeep-hate with Harlen Versh… anyway, I like the list the way it is, but I can see ways it can be improved. I’d really like to get a full unit of Silverline in there, but I don’t think I can spare 3 points anywhere (taking out the B13 won’t work for that, since I’m out of 1 point models I can put into the list!).


Now for our second game. A match-up between My (Nick’s) Retribution and Aaron’s Khador.

We are all practicing for an upcoming Tournament.  None of us have very much experience playing timed turns so adjusting to the 7 min turn limit for 35 steamroller is pretty drastic for us.  I’ve specially tuned my lists to have fewer models or selected models I’m especially comfortable with.

I brought a Rahn, eVyros, and Ossyan. Aaron vetoed my eVyros list that I actually wanted to practice with so I took Ossyan against him instead.

My List:
Max Halberdiers + UA
Max Riflemen + UA
Stormfall Archers
Aiyanna and Holt
Houseguard Thane

Aaron made a pButcher, pIrusk, and Harkevich. I vetoed Harkevich because Harkevich is bad and Aaron need more practice with good casters.

Aaron’s List:
Max MoW Shocktroopers
Iron Fang Kovnik
Great Bears


IMG_2167 copy

Ret Deployment

I deployed Ossyan slightly to the left of center closer to the friendly objective.  To his left was was the Arcanist and the Banshee. To his right were the Halberdiers in front in a fairly straight line with Riflemen behind.  Houseguard Thane was to their right with Aiyanna and Holt.  Stormfalls were on the far right flank.IMG_2169 copy

Khador Deployment

Aaron deployed Irusk behind the house with the Pretty-Good Bears near by. Behemoth deployed to (my) left of the house and Torch to the right. To his right was the Iron Fang Kovnik then the Full unit of Man-O-War Shocktroopers with the Manhunter in front.IMG_2171 copy

IMG_2172 copy

IMG_2173 copy

Ret Turn 1

I Forgot to take pics of both first turns.  Woops. Not much happened in typical Warmachine fashion.

Ossyan put out Admonition on the Banshee, Quicken on the Halberdiers, and Shatterstorm on the Riflemen. He moved up as afar as he could, walking (Probably should have charged).  Stormfalls ran up the right flank. Banshee ran up to the left of the objective with Arcanist focus.  Houseguard Thane gives desperate pace to the Halberdiers.  Halbs run 18″ up the board thoroughly getting into Aaron’s face.  Riflemen run up behind them. Aiyanna and Holt run up behind the wall.

Khador Turn 1

Behemoth and Torch both run up past the house.  Great Bears run around the house toward Behemoth.  Irusk moves up behind the Great Bears and put up inhospitable ground. Iron Fang Kovnik give shield march to the MoW. MoW shieldwall forward 6″.  Man hunter re-positions near his friendly objective.

Ret Turn 2

I upkeep all my spells. Arcanist pops a focus to the Banshee.  I’m pretty sure he is in aiming range of the Behemoth and he is just barely in range.  Banshee fires, hits, boosts damage and does a couple point to the Behemoth. Houseguard Thane give Desperate Pace to my Halberdiers.IMG_2175 copy

They charge in with their astronomical 15″ threat range somewhat stunted by Inhospitable ground. I manage to get 4 Halberdiers onto each of Behemoth and Torch.  I use their mini-feat and combine them into pods of 2 so their hitting at PS16 on charge.  Not too shabby.  I cripple both of the jacks’ right arms. but that’s about it.  IMG_2176 copyI move the stormfalls but run out of time before I can take my first shot.IMG_2179 copy

Not getting to activate Ossyan, my Riflemen OR Aiyanna and Holt really hurts. I forgot about my extension and even if I hadn’t I really wanted to save it for Ossyan’s feat turn but it might have been smarter to use it this turn.IMG_2174 copy

Khador Turn 2

I’ve thrown my dudes in Aaron’s face now it’s time for the bloodbath.He shakes behemoth and allocates some focus.

The Pretty Good Bears charge and take out 4 of the Halberdiers.  Behemoth shuffles over and kills another Halberdier.  The Iron Fang Kovnik charges a Halberdier and Misses.

Torch tramples over 5 Halberdiers including the Officer.  Only 1 grunt survives. The Manhunter re-positions near the flag. Shocktroopers move up in shieldwall. Irusk moves over to the right edge of the house.

Before the trampleIMG_2177 copyand after…IMG_2181 copy

IMG_2183 copyRet turn 3

Wow. that was bloody as hell.

This turn Ossyan drops Quicken and Shatterstorm.  He moves up to the objective pops his feat. It gets in range of Behemoth Torch and the Great Bears. He shoots at a Great Bear and kills it.  The halberdier engaging Behemoth shuffle out of melee and get slaughtered. The banshee aims and hits the Behemoth again. He boosts with Arcanist focus for 4d6.  Rolls mediocre. Aiyanna and Holt shuffle over and Aiyanna kisses torch.  I forget to shoot with Holt. Houseguard thane shoots at Torch does no damage. Riflemen open fire on Torch.  They all take single shots doing 1 or 2 damage until 1 guy spikes and does 6 killing torch. Not sure what else I did with them.At this point I run out of time and opt t use my extension.  Stormfalls activate. One misses the Manhunter with an aimed shot. The rest shoot MoWs but do minor damage only to 1 of them.

IMG_2190 copyKhador Turn 3

Pretty uneventful turn.

Manhunter kills 1 stormfall.
MoW Shieldwall forward 1 take a shield cannon shot at a Stormfall and kills him another misses.IMG_2194 copy
Kovnik charges and kills the last Halberdier.
Great Bears Chillax
Behemoth take 2 shot at the objective doing 7 damage.IMG_2192 copy
Irusk puts Iron Flesh on Great bears.

IMG_2195 copyRet Turn 4

Ossyan stays put and puts Quicken up on the Banshee and Admonition on himself. He shoots a great bear who toughs. The -2def bubble goes up around both great bears and I promptly forget about it. IMG_2197 copyHouseguard Thane give FU Stealth to my Rifles.  Aiyanna moves up and Kisses the MoW.  Holt fires doing light damage. My riflemen move up to get into contesting range of the flag, 2 man CRA kills the Manhunter, 2 more 3 man CRAs misses the other Great Bear because I forget about -2def bubble. last one kills the knocked down Great Bear they aslo kill the Kovnik. IMG_2199 copyBanshee hits behemoth with aimed shot boosts for decent damage. I think he is on 6 boxes now. Stormfalls aim brutal shots at MoW.  1 misses and 1 does a few points of damage.IMG_2196 copy

Khador Turn 4

MoW Shuffle around the flag in shieldwall and kill one Stormfall. Last Great Bear advances and kills 2 riflemen. Beheomth Stands up and puts some more damage on my objective.Irusk moves up behind the cover of the bridge.IMG_2201 copyRet Turn 5

Ossyan dropped quicken because I thought I would take out Behemoth at range this turn.
Ossyan shot at Behemoth and did no damage.
Banshee shot at Behemoth and just did a few more points of damage.
Aiyanna kisses the MoW.  Houseguard Thane fails to wound MoW. Riflemen take out the last great bear do some light damage on MoW.IMG_2205 copy
My storm fall shoots at a MoW does a couple point of damage.IMG_2203 copy

Khador Turn 5

MoW charge. Kill 2 Riflemen and the Thane miss Aiyanna and the Stormfall.IMG_2208 copy

Behemoth stands up and finally kills the objective. Irusk moves up on the the bridge near Behemoth and puts Iron Flesh on the Behemoth (with crippled movement that brings him back up to def7).

Aaron scores 1 point for killing the objectiveIMG_2207 copy

Ret Turn 6

This is really starting to turn into a slap fight so I want to get some action in.

I give 3 to the Banshee and upkeep Admonition.  Arcanist give conceptrated power to Banshee. Ossyan gives quicken to Banshee.  Banshee charges into the Behemoth and kills him on the first swing. IMG_2211 copy The reason I gave him 3 was that I though I might be able to get melee range on Irusk with a clever charge angel but there was no way it was going to happen so that focus was Marx’d.  Aiyanna kisses the MoW for probably the last time. My riflemen CRA into melee doing a couple points of damage.Stormfall fails to wound MoWIMG_2209 copy

Khador Turn 6

MoW do some clean-up.  Kill last Stormfall, Aiyanna and 3 more Riflemen.IMG_2216 copy

Irusk runs around the side of the board and puts up Inhospitable ground.

IMG_2215 copy

Ret Turn 7

Holt moves into combat and does about 2 damage to 1 MoW with all his attacks.  Riflemen get nothing done. IMG_2220 copyBanshee fires on Irusk and misses even with a boost.Ossyan quickens himself, moves as far a he can toward the flag the admonitions himself.IMG_2221 copy

I score 1 point for Banshee controlling the flag. (1-1)IMG_2217 copy

Khador Turn 7

MoW clean up some more. Kill Holt and 1 more Rifleman. IMG_2225 copy Irusk shuffle a bit and puts up inhospitable ground.IMG_2223 copy

I get another point for Banshee controlling the flag (2-1)IMG_2222 copy

Ret Turn 8

Ossyan finally gets to my flag but I forget to shoot with him. Banshee fires a boosted aimed shot at Irusk and misses. IMG_2227 copyRiflemen try to melee the MoW.  The MoW almost die of laughing but then don’t die at all.IMG_2228 copy

I get 2 points for dominating an Aaron remembers that there is a scenario. (4-1)IMG_2226 copy

Khador Turn 8

MoW all run to try to contest my Flag. 1 gets in range.  They all take a bunch of free strikes. Some even take some damage. but not enough to kill any of them.Irusk takes a shot at Ossyan.  Misses the first and does about 4 damage with the second.IMG_2232 copy

IMG_2233 copy

Ret Turn 9

Ossyan kills the 1 contesting MoW and takes 2 points for the win. (6-1)

IMG_2236 copyVictory to Retribution!!

Here are our ratings for the games we all played for this week’s Podcast!

Feat Use: N/A
Scenario: 4
Tactics: 4
Luck: 3
Derptitude: 1
Time Use: 5
Feat Use: 5
Scenario: 3
Tactics: 2
Luck: 2
Derptitude: 4
Time Use: 1
Feat Use: 4
Scenario: 3
Tactics: 4
Luck: 2
Derptitude: 2
Time Use: 2
Feat Use: 1
Scenario: 2
Tactics: 2
Luck: 3
Derptitude: 1Time Use: 4

12 thoughts on “Podcast 011 – Combo Battle Report 2

    • Gah! You are, of course, completely correct. In Aaron’s defence, he’s only used the Behemoth… never… before, so he’s still learning. The “Trample-then-shoot” thing came as a surprise to him, and Behemoth is a tricky warjack to get proper mileage out of.

      Thanks for the catch, though! Much appreciated!

  1. “Dominate your friendly fag!” I turned it off after that lest my boisterous laughter get me kicked out of the library. If only we could have seen an untimed turn 2 from Marx. As someone whose caster has fallen many, many times at the hands of Morghoul and his wretched beasts, I wanted to see some Cygnaran payback.

    Aaron, I was rooting for you. Your paint scheme encourages me to pick up the Soviets myself.

    • Heeheehee… Yeah, that’s a favourite of Nick’s many foot-in-mouthisms.

      Right after Kassem and I played this game, we set up again and played another: pMakeda against this same Nemo3 list. THAT one went much, much better… pMakeda took a free strike while charging Nemo3 which inflicted 23 points of damage (exploding a Cyclops Savage and doing 5 points of feedback!), couldn’t kill Nemo camping a few Focus, and then the old man struck her down with his staff.

      But yeah… this game was a harsh learning experience. Wait until you hear about the game Nick and I played last night… 🙂

      Thanks for commenting! And we’re all rooting for Aaron… he is *unquestionably* getting better, and his paint scheme is fantastic. Humbling, really.

  2. Nice reports! I always like to see pMorghoul on the table. He’s deceptively powerful for a 5-Fury Warlock, and he’s a lot of fun to play.

    7-minute turns are tough for sure. My only advice would be figure out who needs to make attacks during your opponent’s turn, and get them out of the way early. When I use a lot of infantry in timed turns, I usually end up running a lot. Kill the stuff that absolutely needs to die, then get everyone into position. If you need to do a lot one one turn, use your extension.

    • Thanks for the advice, Glasskin! And great suggestions… I’ve made 3 relatively model-few lists (you’ll hear about them during podcast 012!), but I’m learning that I really could have another full unit and still get pretty good mileage out of it.

      Really, for me, just getting my nerves to calm down a bit would really, really help. I get so nervous that I make rookie, stupid mistakes!

      And pMorgul is pretty cool… overall, Skorne seems to have some super-neat warlocks! I’m still sad I lost, though… I had him over the coals and just couldn’t close. Depressing!

  3. Great report as always guys!

    I just wanted to point out a couple things I noticed for Aaron:

    1) Watching the Behemoth get knocked down was painful 🙁 you have the tools in this list to make big “B” really awesome! The spell “Superiority” = +2 Spd, Mat, Def and the important part… can’t be knocked down.

    2) Also note with the Behemoth and shooting: If you do Trample and shoot (and actually charge and shoot, or have anything engaged in melee with you) you lose 2 to your RAT… RAT 2, not the best for shooting… but I’ve managed to kill a Martyrdom happy Harbringer many times with it 🙂

    3) pIrusk should be affected by his own feat: (I dont have the card with me, so this is from memory) but I believe it states Friendly faction warrior models… which he is. It’s eIrusk who is not affected by his special Tough bonus.

    I’m always cheering for a victory when your playing Aaron! You’ll get’em next time!
    And thanks for posting these reports!

    • I also wanted to point out, that with Superiority Big “B” can trample 9″ then shoot his guns 14″…. 23 inches of 2 POW 14 threats 🙂

    • Thanks for the advice, Coffee_Twitch! Aaron will be along to read the comments eventually! And yes, knocking down the Behemoth 3 turns in a row did not help his win-odds. And yes, the Trample-Shoot thing is ridiculous in the theoretical range it can get (and even at RAT2, boosting will hit DEF12-14 reliably!). And no giving anyone advice on how to beat my dear Harbinger! 🙂

      I think pIrusk’s Feat says “Units”, but I”m not positive. Don’t have the card in front of me… but I’ll look it up!

      Thanks for reading the reports! You keep listening/reading, we’ll keep posting!

  4. I also wanted to shatter your dream’s a little Marx. Striker3 can not have Escort and Arcane shield at the same time… both are upkeeps.

    Personally, I think striker will be a lot of fun to play, but I don’t think he’ll surplant the other top casters of Cygnar when it comes to tourney play (eHailey, eCaine, Siege, and even eStriker).

    • Ah, you are of course correct. Hey, a guy can dream (like back in the days that I would “Double-Snipe” my ATGM (what? That’s only a 24″ threat range!), or put Arcane Shield AND Blur on units. Good times.

      Of course, actually playing by the rules is good too… 🙂

      I agree with you. I think Stryker will be an awesome addition to our list of casters, and give the enemies of Cygnar yet another thing to worry about. Now they have to deal with awesome Scenario game (Haleys), awesome ranged (Caines, Sloan, Nemo), awesome ARM-skew (Darius), AND incredible melee threats (Stryker2 and Stryker3). Morrow, I’m so glad I play Cygnar!

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