Podcast 017 – Retribution Vs. Circle – Tactical-Blunders-R-Uz

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This week on the podcast we feature a game between my Retribution forces and Gaven’s forces of Circle.

(Marc: Before we get into the podcast, I want to apologize to all the listeners: Nick’s partner had a medical emergency during the last week and so we had to push the recording back… but since we want to stick to Monday releases for the podcast, we were forced to record on Sunday while Nick was still in the hospital attending to her recovery. I’ve managed to get out *most* of the background noise from the hospital, but the audio quality will still be a bit more sporadic than usual. However, I’m extremely grateful for Nick’s dedication for recording anyway, and I hope that you can forgive the audio for this episode! Also, this was supposed to go live at 7am today, but for some reason got pushed back to 11:30… sorry about that, folks!)

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We did this as a 2 list 50 pts game. I brought an eVyros tier list and the following Issyria list:

Max HG Halberdiers + UA
Max Destors

Gaven brought some of the lesser known “Dark horse” circle casters. His first list was eKruger and he ended up going with eMorvhana.

Max Bloodtrackers
Max Wolves + UA
Max Skinwalkers + UA
Gallows Grove
Blackclad Wayfayer

We are still playing through the SR2014 scenarios in order so this wee it is Scenario 7 – Incoming. It has 2 horizontally oriented 12 x 6 zones. One friendly and one enemy. With friendly and enemy objectives on the vertical center line that give boosted damage to light artillery.

I win the die roll and pick first turn because I don’t think Issyria like going second.


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Ret turn 1

-Destors run up and spread out in middle of the board

-Stirkeforce runs up cautiously trying to move up to edge of the threat range of the blood trackers and also leave holes for the halbs to run through

-Habs run up between all the Magehunters getting in front where they could

-Arcanist pops focus to Hype.

-Assassins run and go to the far left flank

-Issyria floats up and put admonition on the Chimera and IR on the Destors.

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Circle turn 1

-Gallows Grove shifts up 5″ toward the middle of the table

-Bloodtrackers advance around the house they get within range of a few Halberdiers but only manage to kill one. Gaven intelligently hid 1 of the BTs well back behind the cottage.

-Skinwalkers run up towards their friendly zone.

-Morvhanna moves up behind the wall and sunder spirits a Destor through the grove and fails to kill it.

-Wolves run around the house and get in position behind the Bloodtrackers

-Blackclad moves up near Morvhanna.

-Ghetorix moves up and warps for strength

-Stalker moves in front of Morvhana and riles

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Ret turn 2

-Issyria goes and pops her feat. She puts blindin light on the Bloodtrackers and anciliaries an sparkleburst shot at a Bloodtacker. It misses but still clips 2 BTs and kills them.

-Strikeforce advances. I have 2 MHSF that I think are going to be within shooting range of Gaven’s safety bloodtracker. Unfortunately I’m wrong and the closest one is out by about 1/2 inch. The rest of the Strikeforce use the turn to just kill as many BTs as they can. They kill all but 2.

-Destors go. 2 of them might be in range on the BT behind the house so they advance toward her. The closer one is out of range so the other fires on Ghetorix. The one on the left aims and shoots a skinwalker twice but doesn’t quite kill him. Another one advances towards the middle and fires on Ghetorix.

-Assassins go and each kill a skinwalker. I wanted to use them to kill a beast but I was too far away.

-Halberdiers shield wall forward and kill the last 2 Bloodtrackers (except for the straggler) and reform forward in SH.

-Hyperion Advances and is just shy of getting Ghetorix into Sparkleburst range. The scatter kills 2 wolves. He uses his left thresher cannons to put some damage on Ghetorix and has no targets for the right.

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Circle turn 2

-Wolves charge. 5 charge the 2 front most destors, the rest charge Halberdiers.They kill both Destors but only kill 2 halberdiers mostly due to set defense.

-Skinwalkers walk up and kill both MHA

-Stalker moves up kills a Destor and sprints back into the zone.

-Blackclad moves up to put Hunters mark on Hype but he decides not to after I tell him about arcane vortex. He tries to put it on a destor instead but misses due to cover.

-Gorax primals Ghetorix and moves up

-Ghetorix forces to heal and heals his crippled body. He charges Hype and is in range. He is able to take out almost the whole left side grid. Strikeforce fail their command check.

-Morvhanna Sunder spirits a Destor and misses take 2 dmg for scales of fate and misses again. Woo cover.She feats and brings back 2 skinwalkers a wolf and a bunch of Bloodtrakers and takes 12 damage. She is now on 1 box.

-Bloodtrackers activate and move up to be a nuisance next turn.

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Ret turn 3

This turn I have a very small chance of assassination so I decide to go for it. It not a very good chance but oh well.

-Stikeforce runs back out of the zone to get out of the Halb’s way and they rally.

-Halberdiers charge and 6 of them kill Ghetorix in a CMA, the others clean up some wolves.

-Destors fire on some Skinwalkers but con’t kill them.

-Chimera walked up and killed the Grove.

-Issyria Blinding Lighted the Bloodtrackers anciliaried Thresher cannons at Gorax.

-Hyperion walked up as far as he could and fired the Sparkleburst gun at Morvhanna. He missed and it scattered wide. Next he fired his thresher cannon on both sides at Gorax. and left hi with 1 box.

I totally did this wrong and I’m obviously bad at this game.

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Circle turn 3

-Skinwalkers charge the destor in the zone and the Chimera. They kill the Destor but the Chimera is still good with only 1 arm crippled.

-Black clad puts hunters mark on Hype.

-wolves Cma 1 halb the rest do single attacks and kill 1 more.

-blood trackers charge halbs 3 miss their attacks and 1 kills.

-morvhana puts carnivore on the stalker and heals the Gorax for 2

-Gorax puts primal on the stalker.

-stalker charges hype for free. And kills him with 1 fury to spare.

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Ret turn 4

– chimera apparitions out of combat
-arcanist heals crippled arm
-Destor than aimed at skin walker engaging him and missed both due to cover.
-chimera charged stalker and did 13 dmg with a monster combo strike roll.
-Issyria BLd the BTs again and floated into the zone.
-halbs killed the 3 BTs in the zone but missed the 1 wolf.
-strike force aimed and killed the last wolf in the zone and killed 2 more outside the zone. The rest declined to fire because my halbs were engaging them.

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Circle turn 4

-stalker frenzies and put massive damage on the chimera
-black clad spray a halb and hits Issyria for 5 damage.
-wolves charge. 1 charges puts 9 damage on Issyria. The rest kill 1 halb.
-skin walkers finish of the last Destor and the chimera.
-blood trackers charge. 2 charge Issyria 1 dies to free strike another charges the free striking halb. Only 1 kills a halb. The 1 on Issyria misses.
-morvhana moves into the zone sunder spirits the arcanist to death. And light cavs behind the ruin.
-Gorax roles and runs.

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Ret turn 5
-Issyria BLd Morv and misses. Does it again and hits.
-strike force moves over as far as they can and fire on morvhana. First hits and does 5 dmg. The others miss.
-halbs go. 2 miss BTs and 1 kills a wolf.

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Circle turn 5

-wolves go and miss 2 halbs.
-BTs go miss 2 halbs. 1 dies and get field promoted. I fired at Issyria and missed
-morvhana puts carnivore on skin walkers
-skin walkers charge Issyria and viciously rape her corpse with their axes.

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Victory to circle!

4 thoughts on “Podcast 017 – Retribution Vs. Circle – Tactical-Blunders-R-Uz

  1. Wait wait wait, when have eKrueger and eMorvhanna EVER been considered “Dark Horse” casters? eMorv is the single most popular Circle caster right now, and Krueger is probably third (behind Kromac).

    other than that, good battle report, tough luck not getting that last bloodtracker. sounds like carnivore could have been used to better effect. but it was hard to tell from some of the commentary whether it was out on some of those failed turns with the BT vs the Halbs

    • I believe, dear Anonymous, that Nick may be using the literary tool known as “sarcasm”. ^_^

      Seriously, though, eMorvs and Kruegar are definitely among the strongest warcasters in Circle. And Gaven is a very methodical and systematic player… he struggles a bit with timed games (either turns or death clock), but when given the leisure to take his turns on his own time, he’s pretty unstoppable.

      Thanks for the comments!

    • Indeed your sarcasamometer could use some tuning.

      I believe he had carnivore on the Wolves the turn after my feat turn and on the Skinwalkers the rest of the game. He probably could have used it better but I’m not the expert on Circle. Clearly.

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