Podcast 022 – Retribution vs Khador, Kaelysa vs Karchev – It's easy to be brave behind Man-o-War

The tides of war once again crash against the shore that is this weekly podcast. Tides don’t really crash, do they? They slowly rise and recede. Uh… The filthy toddlers feet pitter-patter along as the family’s dog also runs amok, illegally and annoyingly off-leash, across the beach that is this weekly podcast. I’m going to drop the beach metaphor. Two dudes in their 30’s place small steam-punk miniatures on a table across from one another and roll dice to determine the outcome of mock battles in accordance with the rules of said steam-punk miniatures game.

As the title indicates this weeks game was between Retribution and Khador. We decided to try a different system for match-ups instead of the inconsistent and lethargic text message asking for a game. In an effort to make some generalist lists which would better suited for tournaments where opponents aren’t prearranged we randomly chose our opponents. Local Cryx phenom Adam opted to sit out and Cygnar/Menoth upstart Marc couldn’t make it because he was house hunting or getting a butterfly tramp-stamp or some such nonsense so it was Kassem vs Gaven and Nick vs myself.

(Note from Marc: We also announce the winner of our first contest in this podcast… for spoilers, just scroll down to the end of the battle report!)

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The lists I chose were a pIrusk list that I’ve used a bunch recently and was familiar with and one that I made just to make use of a theme with a new caster. What caster, you ask? Keep reading, ya dingus!


Karchev the Terrible
Man-o-War Shocktroopers (max)
Man-o-War Bombardiers (max)
Man-o-War Demo Corps (min)
Greylord Ternion
Greylord Outriders (max)
Battle Mechanics (max)


*Sylys, Nailer of Wishes
Halberdiers (max)
*Halberdiers officer and standard
*Souless Escort
Houseguard Riflemen (Max)
*Housguard Riflemen Officer and Standard
Sentinals (max)
*Sentinal officer and standard
Houseguard Thane
Arcanist (x2)




Retribution Turn 1

-Kaelyssa keeps all her focus
-HG Thane moves up in front of the house and puts Desperate Pace on HG Halberdiers
-HG Halberdier run up into the zone and get damn near halfway up the board
-Sentinels run up behind them and clump into 2 man pods.
-Both arcanists move up and pop focus to their respective Jacks.
-Kaelyssa puts Phantom Hunter on the Banshee on the Banshee, moves up and puts Banishing Ward on the Halberdiers.
-Banshee and Phoenix run forward.
-Riflemen run up behind the Sentinels.
-Sylys runs up near Kaelyssa.

Khador Turn 1

-Karchev give a focus to Behemoth.
-Outriders run up the right flank and spread out.
-MoW Shocktroopers are pretty far up due to Karchev’s advance move from the tier benefit so they Shielwall forward 4″
-Bombardiers move up and fire AoEs into the HG Halberdiers. They are all out of range.
-1 deviates and hits 3 and fails to kill any
-2 deviates on to 1 and failes to kill
-3 deviate onto 2 and kills 1.
-4 hits nothing
-5 hits nothing
-Demo corps runs up behind MoW Shocktroopers.
-Behemoth advances and fires on the front most Halberdier both shots deviate wide.
-Greylord Ternion run up behind the Demo Corps.
-Karchev advances and does nothing
-Mechanics advance behind Behemoth and Karchev.

Khador Turn 1





Retribution Turn 2

-Kaelyssa upkeeps Banishing Ward and Phantom hunter.
-Arcanist pops focus to the Banshee.
-Banshee aims and fires at the closest Outrider and misses needing a 6.
-HG Thane moves up and puts Desperate Pace on Halberdiers.
-HG Halberdiers charge.
-Kills 1 MoW Shock Trooper, Wound 1 for 4 and 1 for 6 and wound a bombardier for 4.
-Sentinels run up behind the Halberdiers
-HG Riflemen advance up. 2 CRA a Bombardier on a hill and miss. 5 try to CRA a MoW Shocktrooper and only 2 are in range. They hit but fail to wound.
– Arcanist pops a focus to Phoenix
-Phoenix runs up into the zone.
-Sylys moves up and gives Kaelyssa arcane secrets
– Kaelyssa moves toward the zone and pops her feat. She casts an Arcantirc bolt through the Phoenix on a Bombardiers. Shitty roll only does 3 damage.

Ret Turn 2


Khador Turn 2

-Karchev gives 2 focus to Behemoth’s sub cortex.
-Outriders do an extreme flanking maneuver and run up the right flank into my backfield.
-MoW Shocktroopers advance up in Shieldwall and kill 4 Halberdiers.
-Bombardiers activate. 1 kills a Halberdier in melee. 3 others shoot at the Phoenix.
– 1 deviate into nothing
– 2 deviates into Phoenix and 1 Sentinel. No damage.
– 3 deviates into nothing.
-Demo Corps advances. 1 misses a Halberdier. 2 others kill 1 each.
-Ternions advance behind MoWs and put clouds on the MoW.
-Behemoth moves up on to the hill and targets the Phoenix. His shots deviate and kill 2 Riflemen.
-Karchev advances and camps focus.
-Mechanics move up behind Karchev and Behemoth.

Khador Turn 2



Retribution Turn 3

-Kaelyssa upkeeps Phantom Hunter on the Banshee and drop Banishing Ward on the Halberdiers and doesn’t allocate any focus.
-HG Thane moves toward the middle and give Desperate pace to the Last 3 Halberdiers.
-HG Halberdiers walk in shieldwall to the right to try to kill 1 of the Demo Corps. One of them takes a free strike and dies and the 1 guy can’t do any damage. The one on the right of the ruin hits a Bombardier but can’t damage.
-Arcanist pops a focus to the Banshee.
-Banshee moves up tward the flag and shoots a MoW Shocktrooper, slamming him into a Greylord. It kills the Greylord and does 2 damage to the MoW.
-HG Riflemen move up behind the Sentinels and fire 5 man CRA targeting a Demo Corp in melee and behind cover misses and kills my Halbs Standard. 4-man CRA on unengaged Demo Corps does 5 wounds.
-Sentinels Charge.
-5 charge the Demo Corps and bombardier to the right of the ruin. Kills the only Bombardier in the zone. 1 misses the Demo, 1 does 7 wounds and 1 finished him.
-the rest charge the MoW Shocktroopers and Demo corp in the zone on the left of the ruin. 2 miss one Demo corps. They kill 2 MoW SHocktroopers leaving the lone Demo coprs models contesting.
-Phoenix moves up and fires at a Bombardier and misses deviating wide.
-Sylys moves up near Kaelyssa and gives her Arcane secrets.
-Kaelyssa puts Banishing Ward on the Banshee’s Arcanist. Moves up into the zone, puts Phantom Hunter on herself and fires on the last Demo Corps dude. Does 5 points of damage.

Ret Turn 3


Khador Turn 3

-Karchev gives 3 focus to Behemoth.
-Outriders run even further into my backfield. They spray and kill a Rifleman then they light cav further into my back field.
-MoW Shocktrooper activate. 1 stands up and does nothing the other kills a Sentinel.
-Bombardiers move up. 2 try to melee Sentinels. 1 misses 1 kills. The other 2 take shots at teh Sentinel UA 1 hits and does 2 damage the other misses and scatters wide.
-Ternions move up and do some sprays killing 2 Sentinels and 1 Halberdier.
-Karchev moves up and pops his feat. He sprays a Sentinel and misses.
-Behemoth charges a Sentinel and kills it and a nearby halberdier but nothing else is in Melee range.(I just remembered that he totally could have still shot afterwards but oh well)
-Mechanics move up behind Karchev and Behemoth.

Khador Turn 3



Retribution Turn 4

-Sentinels Vengeance and do a bunch of damage to behemoth and kill the last Demo Corps and 1 Bombardier.
-Sylys upkeeps Phantom Hunter for free.
-Kaelyssa give 3 focus to the Phoenix
-Arcanist give focus to the Banshee
-Banshee kills a Shock trooper by slamming him into the objective and does 7 damage to the objective.
– Sentinels charge into Behemoth with 4 charge attacks and 1 non-charge. They do reasonably heavy damage to him.
-Arcanist gives concentrated power to the Phonix.
-Phoenix advances into melee with Behemoth and smacks him with his sword leaving him with 3 boxes.
-Riflemen do 8 man CRA on Behemoth and roll shit for damage and do 1 point.
-Kaelyssa aims and kills both Ternions with her gun.
-Sylys run away from the approaching Outriders.

Ret Turn 4



Khador Turn 4

-Outriders moved up and sprayed
-1 sprays across Sylys and Kaelyssa. Puts 3 damage on Sylys and 5 on Kaelyss. Triggers witch hound and Phoenix finishes off Behemoth.
-2 sprays Arcanist (dead) Sylys (misses) and Kaelyssa (1 wound). Triggers another Witch hound and the Banshee killed an outrider.
-Other ones miss.
-Mechanics move up to get in the way.
-Shocktroper moves up and fires on Rifleman and misses.
-Boombardiers fire at Kaelyssa and miss. 1 scattered wide and 1 failed to wound.
-Karchev moved up and sprayed Kaelyssa. He hits and rolls 5,6,6 for damage which would have killed her even if she had been full health.

Khador Turn 4


Khador Victory! However, a few things. This win wasn’t the best (worst?) Branigan* I’ve ever pulled off but it was one, none-the-less. Nick played his list much better than I played mine. It may be because it was a new caster and new list but I didn’t play this list the way it’s supposed to be played (?) or in any kind of effective manner. I capitalized on Nick’s attempted to get Kaelysa into the zone and managed to spike the damage. If the shot hadn’t killed her I had enough focus left to cast and boost one more spell and had that not worked I had nothing left to contend with the remainder of his army.

Additionally, if the assassination didn’t work and Karchev managed to survive not being killed on Nick’s next turn, I had under 3 minutes left on my clock. I didn’t feel like I was going slowly but time said otherwise.

Feat Use: 1
Tactics: 3
Scenario: 4
Luck: 4

Time Use: 1

Derptitude: 3

Feat Use: 4
Tactics: 3
Scenario: 4
Luck: 2

Time Use: 2

Derptitude: 4

Contest Winner:

So it is with great pleasure that I announce the first winner to our podcast giveaway contest… Bennep!
The correct number of sniffles was 26… there were also a lot of “tsk”s, and a fair number of microphones being nudged, which I think accounted for many of the higher guesses… but either way, Bennep guessed 25, which was remarkably close to our final tally!

Congratulations to Bennep… please send Marc an email (you can find my e-mail address by clicking on my little icon on the Combo Smite main page), or a PM over in the PP Forums, and we’ll see about getting you your model!

Once more, thanks to everyone for competing, and to Adam for providing the prize!

4 thoughts on “Podcast 022 – Retribution vs Khador, Kaelysa vs Karchev – It's easy to be brave behind Man-o-War

  1. Actually, the MoW Advance move is Tier 2, not three. The Greylord Clouds are tier 3 – and that’s the stupid one. Tier four is good because three ‘Jacks is basically what you need for karchev’s Power Slide.

    • Yeah, I don’t know why Aaron doesn’t like the Tier 4 benefit… that and the Tier 2 Advanced Move would be the only reason I’d consider running Karchev in Tier, personally, but Aaron plays a very different style game than I do.

      Cheaper warjacks? Especially Berserkers with Karchev’s awesome little “auto-boost” spell? Legit.

  2. On Khador Turn 2, when Banishing Ward “protected” the Halberdiers… I thought you had a Cryx player? Don’t these guys teach you all the tricks to circumvent it? (Like, targeting your own models, which’d also be very easy since MoW have bigger bases than Halberdiers?)

    Outriders advancing certainly feels like running for Khador. Also, the KD on Sunder would’ve helped securing the assassination had Karchev gone first.

    • I agree with your assessment, but our Cryx player hasn’t been very creative in circumventing these sorts of problems… since he rarely needs to be creative. He adheres to the “More Banez” style of Cryx more often than not… he doesn’t circumvent, he just smashes through!

      I also agree about the Sunder-going-first thing, since Aaron realized (probably correctly) that this was his last turn, due to time constraints. No point in playing conservatively if it’s an all-or-nothing turn, so no reason not to move Karchev up first and try to knock down Kaelyssa as soon as possible!

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