Battle 030 – Mercenaries Vs. Cryx – Ossrum Vs. Goreshade3 – IncorpoREALLY?

I got in another game this week.  This time against our local Cryx player Adam.


I had brought a Damiano list which I didn’t play because it didn’t have magic weapons to deal with Adam’s Goreshade List and I went with the following Ossrum list which actually had fewer magic weapons:

Max Forge Guard
Max Steelhead Halberdiers
Aiyanna and Holt
Herne and Jonne
Gobber Tinker

Adam brought a pretty typical eGaspy list which I knew he wasn’t going to take because he has been wanting to try out Goreshade3 some more.

Gorshade3 (Proxied by Fenris)
*Skarlock Thrall
Max Blood Witches + Hag
Max Black Banes
Max Soul Hunters
Max Revenant Crew
Cannon Crew (Proxied by a Slayer and some random grunts)
Darragh Wrathe
Madelyn Corbeau
Warwitch Siren

We were playing the scenario Incursion (3 Flags on the horizontal centerline, 1 disappears after the first round. 1 point to control a flag or dominate the middle flag, 2 points to dominate the side flag)

I won the starting roll and chose to go first because the terrain on the table was so heavy that the side didn’t really matter.


I pre-deploy my Earthbreaker in the middle of the table.  The Tinker and Dougal go to his left then the Forge Guard on the left flank and Taryn ADed in front of them.

Ossrum, Thor and the Steelheads went to the EB’s right with the Piper in behind and Eiryss ADed right in front of Ossrum.IMG_3632IMG_3633IMG_3634

Adam deployed his Gorehsade in the middle, intermingled with Darragh and the Soul Hunters on (my) left went his Arc node and the Skarlock then Black Banes with Blood Witches in behind.  On the right he had the Revenant Cannon and the unit of Revenant Crew.IMG_3630IMG_3631IMG_3636


Mercs Turn 1

-Ossrum puts Bullet Dodger on Eiryss and Fire For Effect on Jonne and walks forward.
-Eiryss runs over to the forest on the right.
-Rupert walks around the Steelheads and gives them Tough + Fearless
-Steelheads run forward and spread out on both sides of the forest
-Earthbreaker runs forward
-Thor, the Tinker and Dougal walk up behind the Earthbreaker
-Holt runs forward behind a fence Aiyanna runs up behind the house.
-Taryn runs up behind a hedge for concealment
-Forge Guard run forward and spread out
-Herne and Jonne run up amidst the Forge Guard
-Gun Bunny walks up behind them.

IMG_3637 IMG_3638 IMG_3639

Cryx Turn 1

-Warwitch Siren ran up the left side
-Arc Node ran upt the left and hid behind the house.
-Cannon crew runs forward behind the house
-Ghost pirates run forward and spread out
-Skarlock walks up and puts Scything touch onto the Soul Hunters
-Revenant crew run forward and spread out on the right hand side.
-Soul hunters activate and run. 3 of them run up the right flank and 2 go up the center.
-Goreshade walked toward the left and Occultated himself.
-Madelyn runs over to Goreshade
-Darragh walks up between the 2 houses and does Beyond Death (-2 to damage rolls thing)

We roll for the flag and the one on the right goes away

IMG_3640 IMG_3641 IMG_3642 IMG_3643

Mercs Turn 2

-Ossrum walked forward and sniped the Earthbreaker
-Holt walks up and kills 1 Soul Hunter and leaves another on 2 boxes. Aiyanna gives magic weapons to the Earthbreaker.
-Earthbreaker got boosted damage from Thor and Artillerist from Dougal and walked up. It killed 3 pirates and 3 witches with AoE shots and 2 more pirates with its regular guns.
-Taryn aimed and shot another witch and pirate.
-Forge Guard ran up around the flag.
-Herne and Jonne and the Gun Bunny walked forward.
-Tinker walked forward
-Rupert walked toward the middle and put tough and fearless on Steelheads again.
-Steelheads ran forward and spread out around the center flag
-Eiryss walked towards the middle and killed the Soul Hunter that Holt had wounded.

IMG_3644 IMG_3645 IMG_3646 IMG_3647 IMG_3648

Cryx Turn 2

-Madelyn Corbeau moved over
-Darragh moved up and used Death Ride and everything shifted up an inch.
-Siren moved up and sprayed across 2 Forge Guard and killed 1 and the other was corroded.
-Ghost Pirates Charged. Blackbane charged a Halb, a grunt charged a Halb, and a grunt charged Holt, another 2 charged Forge Guard but one was out of command. Black bane missed his charge attack but the other one killed the Halb which spawned another pirate next to Holt. The one that charged Holt hit and killed him due to the gang bonus of the newly created pirate. 1 Forge guard got killed. A couple of them ran to be feat fodder. One ran into ca clump of forge guard one ran up next to Ossrum and one ran up to Steelheads.
-Soul Hunters charged in a killed 2 Halberdiers and light cav moved forward to engage Eiryss and some more Halbs.
-Revenant Crew charged in on Halberdiers. They killed 2 more Halbs and 2 more were knocked down from tough.
-Cannon shot at the Halb leader and he toughed. The blast also hit Eiryss but didn’t break armour.
-Witches charged in they killed 2 Forge Guard (including the corroded one) and 1 died to a free strike on the way by.
-Goreshade popped his feat and made Ossrum, 1 Forge Guard, and a 2 Steelheads stationary then did a ride-by up and killed a Halb then moved back behind a wall.

IMG_3649 IMG_3650 IMG_3651 IMG_3652

Mercs Turn 3

-Ossum upkeeps FFE and Snipe and shakes stationary
-Herne and Jonne move up and fire a scatter shot into the Witches near the flag. The shot hits and one of the AoEs goes on to more witches and the other scatter back onto my stuff. In total Jonne kills Taryn, 1 Forge Guard and 3 witches. Herne shoots a Pirate.
-Steelheads shutffle and CMA the Soul hunter engaging Eiryss and kill him. One kills Blackbane and another misses a Revenant crew.
-Earthbreaker got boosted Damage from Thor and artillerst from Dougal and the Tinker shuffle position in behind.
-Forge Guard Charge. 1 charged the Hag and killed her one charged the Siren and was out of range. One charged a witch and lined up to crit slam into another one and I actually got the crit but only rolled 1 inch for distance so just 1 dead witch. 1 was stationary and the rest ran up behind.
-Eiryss took a shot at Rengrave and hit but didn’t kill him.
-Earthbreaker walked up and did its knockdown AoE on Darragh. Did 9 damage and killed the Cannon and Madelyn. The other shot went into the clump of pirates engaging one of my Steelheads.Killed 2 revenant crew and 1 ghost pirate. 2 Revenants in the blast survived.Rolled 3 shots with nipple guns and killed the Skarlock on the left and on the right I just shot at a sould hunter twice but couldn’t hit.

IMG_3653 IMG_3654 IMG_3655 IMG_3656

Cryx Turn 3
-Ghost pirates charge Ossrum and do a bunch of damage and light him on fire.
-Darragh moves over to within 9 of the Soul Hunters
-Sould Hunters now incorporeal charge over my Steelheads and ride off into the sunset with Ossrum’s head adorning their saddles.

IMG_3657 IMG_3658 IMG_3659  Victory to Cryx.

Thoughts on the game:

-I had Adam on the ropes for a bit but all it takes is some bad positioning to get murdered by a bunch of undead Centaurs.

-Forgetting about Darragh’s ability to make Soul Hunters Incorporeal was a critical mistake. I also forgot that Darragh was Knocked down after my first shot hit him so I should have finished him off with nipple guns.

– I was pretty satisfied with the magical Earthbreaker’s ability to deal with the 2 incorporeal units running toward my army.  It wasn’t enough to prevent my caster getting made stationary on Goreshade’s feat turn, but the feat turn was pretty lackluster.

Any thoughts on our lists or tactics are most welcome.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Battle 030 – Mercenaries Vs. Cryx – Ossrum Vs. Goreshade3 – IncorpoREALLY?

  1. I really like Goreshade’s feat (as well as his spell list to be honest). I feel that in this match up, you didn’t really have any models to benefit from Goreshade’s feat. The Blackbanes were there to use as fodder for the feat, but nothing to profit once you did (and I don’t feel like locking infantry down as much of a benefit, unless you lock down the whole unit).

    I like to bring guns (Kraken mainly) for this purpose. Freeze the caster in place, then blow him away with your shooting. I’ve also theory-machined bringing a Harrower, as he ignores intervening models with Ghost shot (but I don’t think there is enough shooting from this one jack) and even thought about a Reaper (but I feel there is too much to clear out for it to benefit).

    My experience with Goreshade is still limited though. I’ve only dropped him in 6 matches thus far, and also faced him 1 time in a tournament, but I do feel like he bring a lot to the table which is quite different then a lot of the other Cryx casters. I also feel like he can play 2 different styles if used properly (of course the assassination, as well as a Control style to a lesser extent.)

    • He seems to be very popular in many major tournaments these days… no question about that! I think he plays (and enables) a very different style of Cryx list, and a lot of people are having trouble adjusting to that reality fast enough!

      As a Menoth player, I’m *less* concerned than most due to the Devout and Covenant (both of which neuter his Feat somewhat), but I struggle against Cryx in general, so I doubt Horseshade is going to be easy to beat! I look forward to my first game against him!

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