Podcast 030 – Mercs Vs. Circle – Gorten Vs. eMorvahna – Assassination Walk

This week on the podcast we have my forces of Mercenaries going up against Gaven’s forces of Circle. Can the deceptively tall forces of Gorten Grundback take on the annoying tree hunger activists of Morvahna the Dawnshadow? IMG_3406

Find out on this Episode of Combo Smite!

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For my lists I brought  the Durgen Press Ganger swarm list that I played in this battle report and the following Gorten list:

*Sylys Nailer of Wishes
Max Kayazay Assassins with Underboss
Kayazay Eliminators
Kayazay Eliminators
Wrong Eye
*Bull Snapper
Rupert Carvolo

This list was based off one I saw in some endgamegaming videos (sorry don’t remember who was running it) and it looked like a pretty awesome list with some shenanigans that could be really fun to play. I didn’t have all the models so I had to use some proxies:
-The second unit of Eliminators is proxied by a couple Nyss hunters
-Wrong Eye is proxied by Jonne
-Snapjaw is proxied by Lug
-Bull Snapper is proxied by a gunbunny

Gaven brought pMorvahna who he has been trying out a lot more lately and his usual eMorvahna (Double stalker) list.

*Stalker (proxied by Feral)
Max Skinwalkers + UA
Max Bloodtrackers
Max Wolves + UA
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove
Blackclad Wayfarer

Gaven won the die roll and chose to pick table side. Based on the terrain it was probably the right choice. The scenario was supply and demand. (12″ circle zone in middle with enemy and friendly objectives on the corners)


I deployed my Earthbreaker centrally and the Assassins of to the right so they would be able to run in front of the EB without slowing it down.
The eliminators went on the each flank as harassing units.
Wrong Eye and his crew went to the left of the Earthbreaker since they were there primarily to put Spiny Growth on him.
Gorten went to the right of the Earthbreaker with the TAC behind him.
Sylys and Thor hid behind the Earthbreaker.


Circle Deployment

Gaven deployed Goatvahna in the middle clearly looking to exploit the little fence just inside the kill box.
She had her stalkers on each side and teh Gorax just behind her. Skinwalkers go on the (My) left flank with the Blackclad and the wolves go on the right..  The Bloodtracker AD infront of the Wolves and prey the Kayazay Assassins.One Gallows Grove goes in the middle and the other in front of the Skinwalkers.


Deployment is complete so now we are ready to go!IMG_3372

Mercs Turn 1

-EB gets 1
-Rupert walks up and give Assassins Tough + Fearless.
-Assassins run forward full amount toward the middle of the table.
-Both Eliminators run up the flanks and position so they cant be charged by anything
-EB runs up the middle
-Snapjaw runs up to the columns
-Wrong Eye moves up and puts Spiny on the Earthbreaker.
-Bull snapper runs.
-Gorten walks forward and casts Solid Ground and puts Strength of Granite on the Earthbreaker.
-TAC and Thor run forward.




Circle Turn 1

-Gallows Groves bit shift forward 5″
-Skinwalkers run forward and spread out.  The Alpha hangs back a bit staying on the hill.
-Blood trackers advance forward but don’t get close enough to shoot anything.
-Wolves run up behind the Bloodtrackers.
-Blackclad moves toward the middle.
-Both Stalkers run up and to the left a bit and warp prowl.
-Morvahna moves up and casts Fog of War and puts Carnivoire on the Skinwalkers.
-Gorax riles and runs.




Mercs Turn 2

-Gorten and Sylys upkeep both spells and Gorten gives 2 to the Earthbreaker.
-The right Eliminators charge at the Bloodtackers. They manage ot kill 3 of them and get in between the Wolves and the Bloodtackers to make nuisances of themselves.
-Here is where I start to screw things up.
-My left Eliminators run straight over the left most Skinwalkers and engage them from behind.
-The Assassins charge forward and take out 3 more Bloodtrackers and some of the run up to engage more Bloodtrackers and get into the Stalker’s face.
-Wrong Eye and team go next. WE puts Spiny on the Earthbreaker and submerges. Snap Jaw moves forward and submerges. Bull Snapper walks up and puts Spiny on WE.
-Thor gives the juice to the Earthbreaker (Boosted DMG.)
-Earthbreaker walks forward and fires his Knockdown AOE at the second right-most Skinwalker and is out by half inch. It deviates onto 2 Skinwalkers, the Tree and 1 of my Eliminators.  I put 1 damage on each Skinwalker and kill the Tree and my Eliminator. I fore another AoE at the slight closer Skinwalker, boost and miss the shoot and it deviates onto 2 of my Assassins who are destroyed. (Failed tough)
-At this point my clock runs out before I had a chance to activate Gorten or the TAC. So I ended up killboxing myself but MORE importantly Gorten was so far back that SG wasn’t affecting anything and he was in a terrible position so I wouldn’t be able to use his feat until I got up the board more.



Circle Turn 2

-A bunch of my stuff is in Gaven’s face now so he has to deal with it.
-Gaven upkeeps Carnivoire and drops FoW (because the concealment would affect my Kayazay who he apparently doesn’t want to have more DEF)
-Blackclad moves up and spray over 4 Assassins.  He kills 3 misses 1.
-The Wolves go and 4 of them CMA one of my Eliminators to death and 3 more try to kill the other and miss (Twice after a Scales of fate re-roll)
-Bloodtrackers go and kill 2 more Assassins.
-The alpha and the 2 left-most Skinwalkers CMA the Eliminator to death the other 3 just advance forward and toward the left.
-The Stalkers move up a bit and Warp prowl again.
-Goatvahna stays put in her bunker and put FoW back up.






Mercs Turn 3

-I do some measuring and I’m ceratin that even with a charge Gorten is too far back to get anything useful out of his feat this turn .

-The last remaining Eliminator kills a wolf and misses another.

-Rupert give the Assassins Dirge of MIsts for +1 DEF and Terror.

-Assassins mini-feat and charge. I get 3 onto the Stalker and 1 onto the Blackclad.  I kill the Blackclad and do a small amount of damage to the Stalker. (Just remembered Underboss has 2 attacks as well)

– TAC Ran forward to get into creening positions for Gorten.

-Gorten casts Rock Wall in front of the Earthbreaker to take away landing zones for charging and gets into the zone.

-Earthbreaker gets tuned up damage and walks forward a tiny bit just to get as good a position behind the wall as he could. He fired some shots out and only managed to kill 1 Skinwalker.

-Snapjaw charged another Skinwalker and killed it but most importantly was blocking the charge lane of one of the Stalkers to the Earthbreaker.

– Wrong Eye moved up and put Spiny on the Earthbreaker and fires a boosted Influence at a Skinwalker but misses. Bull Snapper riles for 3.





Cirlce Turn 3

-Morvahna drops FoW and Upkeeps Carnivoire again.

-Skinwalkers Charge in and kill snapjaw.  I was OK with that he was intended as a speed bump.

-Wolves activate and 5 of them are finally able to CMA the last Eliminator to death. Another 1 walks up and attacks 1 of the TAC and doesn’t break amour. 3 Others CMA the Assissan who killed the Blackclad last turn and kill him.

-2 of the Bloodtrackers are in the back arc of one of the engaged Assassins. Another 1 aims.They manage to take out 2 of the Assassins on the Stalker and use the other shots to kill one of the TAC in the landing zone the Stalker wants to use. Morvahna kills the other with a Sunder Spirit through the Tree.

-The left Stalker walks over and kill the last engaging Assassin.

-Finally the Stalker get Primaled and charges in on the Earthbreaker. At dice minus 2 he is still able to make a serious dent, filling the right side boxes and putting about 8 more on the left.

That could have gone worse. I just noticed this during the write-up but the Stalker was actually engaging Gorten. If he put 30+ points of damage onto the EB he probably could have Gorten.  I think he actually might have just not seen him.  Gorten was kind of hiding under the EB’s right arm.





Mercs Turn 4

-Time for some payback!

-Gorten give 3 to the EB and drops Solid Ground and the wall, Sylys upkeeps Strength of Granite.

-Rupert gives Dirge to the TAC and charges a Bloodtracker. The Bloodtrackers and Wolves both pass their CMD checks but he kills his charge target.

-Last TAC goes and swings and misses a Wolf and they pass their CMD check.

-Gorten walks forward to the edge of the Stalker’s front arc just enough to get both Stalkers, Most of the Skinwalkers, half the wolves and a couple Bloodtrackers in his control area and he pops his feat. I choose 8 inches toward my table edge. I move the Skinwalkers first to get them out of the way and they all clump up around the objective.  The Stalker gets pulled in and he is already in melee range of the Earthbreaker. The Bloodtrackers in the middle don’t really move, they just colie with Rupert and the tree. The Wolves on the right get pulled and all clump up around the last TAC. Gorten takes a swing at the Stalker and boosts damage doing a few points.

-Thor give the EB boosted damage

-I turn the Earthbreaker so that I had both arms on the right Stalker and just the good arm on the left one.  This exposed my back arc to the Skinwalkers and more importantly made it so I couldn’t use extra focus to attack them but I didn’t want to rely on the crippled arm even with 3 focus for boosts to kill the right Stalker even though it was damaged. As it happens, The initial attack with the crippled arm did hit and killed the Stalker.  My second initial and 1 bought attack were enough to kill the other full health Stalker. So I end up Marxing 1 focus because nothing else was in my melee.

(What I probably should have done here was try to repair the right arm and rely on PS24 to do the job without tune-up. I will have to do the math to see what was better)

-Finally WE puts spiny on the EB again and attempts another boosted Influence on a skin walker which missed (because I forgot about the DEF debuff from the feat) and the Bull Snapper puts Spiny on WE and riles.




Circle Turn 4

-That was an awesome turn and I got to live the dream of killing 2 heavies with the Gorten Landslide Suckerpunch™. (Again.  It actually happens a lot.  Especially if its your opponent’s first time playing Gorten)

-I’m pretty sure Gorten is mostly safe from assassination despite being out front without any screen or cover.

-Skinwalkers activate and 2 of them kill Wrong Eye with 2 CMAs and the other 2 CMA the Earthbreaker twice for no damage.

-Bloodtrackers shuffle a bit.  1 misses Rupert and the others shoot at Gorten and do a couple points of damage.

-Morvahna fires 2 boosted Sunder Spirits at Gorten and does a bit of damage leaving him a 9 points.

-The Wolves advance 1 gets in melee with Gorten and does nothing and another fails to kill the TAC. The rest just shuffle towards the zone.



Mercs Turn 5

-This is where things take a turn for the DERP.

-Basically I decide that I want to try to go for an assassination run but as this was a pretty shitty assassination run I made up a new word for it and I’m calling it an Assassination Walk™.

-I think the EB might be in walk and fire range of Morvahna but I want to be sure so I put on my “Thinking cap” and move Gorten up into the clump of Bloodtracker so I can make the measurement.  Just to re-itterate.  I move my caster up into the middle of all the enemy models so I don;t have to risk the Earthbreaker. Brilliant.

-She is in range so now my Earthbreaker with tuned up attack rolls walks up (takes 1 free strike from a Skinwalker which fails to wound) and fire Knockdown torpedos at Morvahna.  I need a 12 to hit her behind the fence and miss and it scatters wide.The cripled gun needs a 12 on 2 dice and misses as well but gets her in the blast which I boos for 2 points. (She is on 2 health now with 1 transfer remaining so its not quite out the window.)  I roll for nipple-gun shots and get 1 non-crippled and 2 crippled.  I miss all my shots and go cry in a corner.

-After that Rupert Dirges the TAC again and Blood tackers fail their CMD check and Wolves pass both of theirs. Both of them miss their attack rolls.




IMG_3428CIrcle Turn 5

-Gaven want this to end quickly so all the Wolves bunch up around Gorten and do an 8-man CMA and leave him with 1 box.

-Goatvahna charges in and finished the job with her mount.



Victory to Circle.

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