Podcast 032 – Khador vs Legion, Vlad2 vs eThags: Everblight is a Hamster, and Your Motherland Smells of Elderberries!

For this week’s battle report, we have something very special: our newest Mercenary Co-host, Darrell (Menoth Darrell on the PP Forums) has volunteered to do the write up! And us, being the lazy slobs we are, let him!


Also in this week’s podcast, Nick gets very, very drunk (thankfully mostly amusing drunk!), Aaron manages not to leave midway through the podcast to urinate for the first time in a month, and Darrell is a perfect gentleman who records while taking care of his 1-year-old lesser warbeast.

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So, without further ado, Darrell’s Write Up!

Greetings all, my name is Darrell and I’m a recent recruit/party crasher of the Combo Smite gaming group. I’ve been gaming with them for the past few weeks and I have to say that it has been a blast (Marc: Oh, stop… no, actually, keep going. Praise is a pleasant change of pace!). My primary WarMachine Faction is Protectorate of Menoth and my primary Hordes Faction is Legion of Everblight; I do however dabble in Mercenaries whenever I feel that my “game” (such as it is) is slipping.

This week I was paired up against Aaron and his Khador in an epic 50pt slugfest to determine hich of us was the true ruler of the Great White North of Immoren. Aaron brought Butcher3 and Vlad2 while I brought Thagrosh2 and pLylyth. Aaron and I were discussing the game ahead before we’d actually chosen our casters, and Aaron revealed that he’d yet to play Butcher3 and felt that he was very rusty against Everblight. To be fair however, at the time it had been nearly a year since I’d played against Khador, and I’ve never played against either of his casters. Looking over the lists, I feel that Lylyth would have been the better drop against the Btucher but that matchup was not meant to be as I chose eThagrosh and Aaron chose eVlad.

Aaron’s list was:

Vladimir Tzepesci, The Dark Champion (“Vlad2, eVlad”)
– Drago
Iron Fang Kovnik
Yuri the Axe
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (“Kovnik Joe”)
Man-O-War Shocktroopers (max)
Great Bears of Gallowswood
Winter Guard Infantry (max)
– Rocketeer x2
– Officer and Standard
Gun Carriage
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt (“A&H”)
Kayazy Eliminators

From my perspective this list is a good counterpunch force. Absorb the enemy alpha with the resilient Winter Guard and Man o’ War, then counter strike with Drago, the solos, and eVlad if need be.

My list was:

Thagrosh, the Messiah of Everblight (“Thags2, eThags”)
– Naga Nightlurker
– Raek
– Raek (proxied by a medium base and a piece of tape)
– Ravagore
– Scythean
– Scythean
– Seraph
– Shredder
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Blighted Nyss Shepherd

My list is based on similar lists from JVM (obviously) and Charles Aarasmith with a couple of tweaks to suit my own play style. This game would be only my second using eThagrosh so I was a bit uncertain as to how he’d be able to handle the Winter Guard Death Star, even if Shredders are about the same size as a Womp Rat. When in doubt though, I’ve found that putting my faith in the Legion’s ability to be the aggressor is a good way ot go. As a rseult I decided that my plan would be to push hard for the scenario with my heavies and take the assassination if Aaron presented me with an opportunity.


Aaron and I played “Close Quarters” (SR2014, Scenario 5). Aaron won the roll to go first allowing me to choose sides. This was a critical roll for me as one of hte sides of the board had a wall and obstruction (impenetrable stone and thatch house) that would prove difficult for units without Pathfinder to negotiate. Asa  result I chose the more open side of the board in an effort to stagger Aaron’s advance into the bite sized chunks blighted beasts prefer (Kovniks and bits and bits and bits).


Aaron deployed Yuri and the Iron Fang Kovnik on the far right side, along with the Shocktroopers and the Gun Carriage, forming a strong wall behind his friendly flag and in front of Aiyana and Holt. His line continued with Vlad, Drago, and the winter Guard, with Joe just behind them and the Eliminators just in front.


I deployed with a Raek at the extreme left and right of Thagrosh’s control area (one of which is the proxy base) as far forward as possible with the Naga beside the Raek nearest my friendly flag. Then from left to right I deployed a Shredder, Scythean, Seraph, Thagrosh, Scythean, and Ravagore. The two Shepherds were deployed behind the Seraph and the Ravagore respectively.


Khador, Turn 1

Vlad gave 1 Focus to Drago and camped the rest. The Kayazy Eliminators ran forward to their left and around the trees. The Great Bears then ran forward in base to base formation toward the wall in front of them. Drago then ran up behind the Great Bears. The Winter Guard advanced behind the other units on that flank with a Bob & Weave order. Kovnik Joe gave a speech about the Courge of their Forefathers and other such inspiring patriotism.
Vlad moves up and casts “Transference” and camps the rest of his stack near the central building near his deployment zone.


On the opposite flank, Yuri ran forward near the board edge toward the cover of a building. The Iron Fang Kovnik ran forwardr past a swamp and tossed a coin into the nearby wishing well. The Shocktroopers ran toward the friendly flag with the Gun Carraige spurring them on immediately behind.

Lastly, in an effort to test the efficacy of Eyeless Sight, Lady Aiyana cloaked both herself and Master Holt in stealth.

Legion of Everblight, Turn 1

Thagrosh started off by casting Dragon’s Blood on teh Scythean to his left, casting Slipstream and then advancing to the wall in front of him. He used the Slipstream to advance the Scythean on his right by two inches. Lastly Thgrosh cast Tenacity on himself.
The Raek on Thagrosh’s left advanced and Bounding Lept into the shadow of the building opposite Yuri the Axe. On the opposite flank the Raek (proxy base) and Naga Nightlurker ran up to gain cover from the wall and building on that side of the board.

The Scythean that Thagrosh Slipstreamed ran up to the Legion’s friendly flag followed by the Ravagore on its right which advanced, cast Dragon’s Fire, and took a shot at the Great Bears. Unfortunately for me the shot missed but it did scatter backwards between the fence and the trees to that side of the board. The template effectively closed off the Khador advance in that area. The Shepherd behind the Ravagore advanced and cleansed the fury off of the beast.

On the opposite flank the Seraph flew forward, Slipstreaming the Scythean on that side of the board while the Shredder advanced and put Tenacity on the same Scythean in an effort to protect it from the Khador Gun Carriage. Lastly the Shepherd on that side of the board moved forward and cleansed the Fury off the Shredder.


Khador, Turn 2

Transference is upkept and Aaron planned how he was going to wreck my day.
Aaron decided that the best way to do this was to have Yuri run to the corner of the building to cut off the Raek’s advance. The Iron Fan Kovnik, confident that the well would grant his wish, advanced forward and to his left while giving Shield March to the Shocktroopers. The Shocktroopers then advanced in Shield Wall to their friendly flag and were out of range to shoot at the Scythean in front of them. The Gun Carriage advanced just behind and to the Shocktrooper’s left taking a couple of shots at the Scythean near the Everblight flag, inflicting a single crippling point of damage and tossing out a game-changing area of difficult terrain.

Aaron’s Great Bears coolly side stepped to their right and remained in base to base formation. Drago advanced to just out of base contact with the template left by the Ravagore, cringing in abject terror before a potential single point of corrosion damage.
The Winter Guard continued to express themselves through interpretive dance (read: Bob & Weave) as they advanced toward the midline. Kovnik Joe wasn’t confident that the Winter Guard heard him the first time so he repeated the speech he gave last turn.
The Kayazy Eliminators ran forward to block any potential charge lanes available to the Legion warbeasts and lastly Vlad advanced out of the Killbox to inspect some fine Khadoran architecture or to perhaps to gain cover. He may have cast a spell as well, but such details were lost amidst the chaos of battle.

DSC03613 DSC03612

Legion of Everblight, Turn 2

Thagrosh pulled Fury off his warbeasts, upkept Dragon’s Blood, and left both the Naga and the proxied Raek with one Fury each. This unfortunately caused the Naga to go into a Frenzy that could only be halted by eating the left buttock of the Raek in front of it.
With the infighting dealt with, Thagrosh flew forward, cast Manifest Destiny and the Legion advance continued.

The Raek on the opposite side of the building from Yuri the Axe hopped over the fence and advanced toward the Iron Fang Kovnik before finishing a Bounding Leap onto the Kovnik’s face. As it turns out the Iron Fang Kovnik did not use his wish to avoid death-by-Raek-to-the-face and so became a bloody smear on the grass.
The Seraph then flew forward, Slipstreamed the Scythean closest to it and drew line of sight to Yuri the Axe. A few strafing shots from Blight Strike caused an end to Yuri as well.
Next the Shepherd advanced and cleansed Fury off the Seraph. The Shredder then advanced and put Teancity on Thagrosh. The Slipstreamed Scythean followed this up by charging the Man-O-War Shocktroopers guarding the Khadoran flag. The Scythean managed to kill one Shocktrooper and spread some damage out on the others within melee range. To finish the activations on that side of the board, the second Scythean charged the Gun Carriage, leaving it on three boxes and killed a Shocktrooper with the chain attack Bloodbath.

On the opposite side of teh board the Ravagore advanced, cast Dragon’s Fire and shot at the Great Bears. It failed to do any damage but did set all three of them on fire. The Shepherd on taht side of the board advanced to cleanse the Fury off the Ravagore before the proxied Raek, despite the loss of its left buttock, managed to advance and kill both Kayazy Eliminators with some excellent rolls.

(Note that the warbeasts pictured facing backwards are doing so to achieve base to base contact and are, in fact, facing their opponents)


Khador, Turn 3

Aaron’s turn did not start off well, with two of the three Great Bears dying to fire. After Vlad replenished Focus, he allocated one to Drago and upkept Transference. The Khadoran war machine was out for revenge!
The last Great Bear charged teh Raek in front of him and cleft it in in half with a single strike, removing the unsightly proxy base from the table.
The Gun Carriage then impacted and knocked down the Scythean in front of it before shooting both the Ravagore (doing five damage) and the Seraph. In a stroke of luck, the blast damage from each shot managed to kill both Shepherds! For the Motherland!
Drago then advanced forward to brandish his Focus Token threateningly.

Kovnik Joe continued his rather long winded speech about Khador’s founding fathers and their courageousness whilst the Winter Guard Bob & Weave (Weaved? Weft?) around the trees. In an effort to drown out Joe’s voice, the Winter Guard Rocketeers shot at the Ravagore, inflicting some more damage.

Vlad activated his FEAT and rolled the Maximum to increase the stats of 3 Winterguard and all the remaining Shocktroopers. To follow that up, the Man-O-War Shocktroopers inflict impressive damage on the Scythean in front of them, leaving it on 6 boxes and crippling Mind and Spirit. Lastly, Aiyana blew a Kiss at the Raek before Holt stabbed and shot it, crippling its Spirit.

Legion of Everblight, Turn 3

I lucked out a bit during Aaron’s turn as none of my beasts died (Marc: except your Raek, which I suppose doesn’t count?). This gave me an opportunity to heal them back up to full effectiveness during my turn.
Firstly, though, Thagrosh pulled Fury off his Beasts, leaving a single token on the Shredder. The Shredder subsequently failed its Frenzy check (sigh) and charged the Seraph doing a small amount of damage. I also forced the Knocked Down Scythean to stand up.
On my turn proper I advanced Thagrosh toward the Khadoran flag and cast Manifest Destiny before using my FEAT. I then cast Tenacity on Thagrosh and spent Fury to heal the crippled aspects on my various injured warbeasts. Once that was done Thagrosh breathed on a Man-O-War in range but managed only to expose him to the horrible odour of the blighted breath.
The Naga Nightlurker moved forward and shot at the remaining Great Bear, boosting to hit and getting a Critical Poison from Night’s Venom removing the Khadoran from the board. At this point I realized I could take a shot at Vlad with the Ravagore, so I did!
The beast advanced, cast Dragon’s Fire, and shot at teh Khadoran warcaster managing only to set him on fire.
The Scythean in front of the Gun Carriage destroyed it, freeing it from combat.
The Raek wasn’t really into a three way with Aiyana and Holt so it advanced around Holt and used its Bounding Leap to get into contact with the elf lass before eating her face.
The Seraph advanced and Slipstreamed Thagrosh into base contact with the Khadoran flag. This would allow Thagrosh to deminate the flag if I was able to remove the rest of the Khadoran infantry.

For my FEAT activations, the Seraph moved forward and failed to kill a Shocktrooper with a tail strike, the Raek failed to kill Master Holt, and the Scythean engaged with the Man-O-Warr opted for a group hug instead of doing any damage. Thagrosh killed the Shocktrooper he was engaged with, triggering an Eruption of Ash that failed to damage any of the other troopers.


On the other side of the board the remaining Scythean jumped over the wall to attack Vlad but was unable to penetrate his impressive shoulder armour. Lastly, the Ravagore advanced to stall Drago.


All told, Vald’s FEAT really mitigated teh damage I was able to do on Thagrosh’s FEAT turn. The resiliance of Aaron’s forces kept me from scoring any CPs and held back the Legion offensive. I’m sure Thagrosh spent the entirety of Aaron’s next turn getting an earful from Everblight.


Khador, Turn 4

Vlad gave 3 Focus to Drago and was staring down the gullet of an angry Scythean whilst slowly burning to death. Luckily such things are nothing compared to the sight of the Old Witch naked, so Vlad summarily dispatched the Scythean with minimal effort despite being on fire.
Motivated by Vlad, Drago tore the Ravagore apart, without having to use any of the Focus Vlad allcoated to him. Seeing that his speeches were having little effect, Kovnik Joe switched to changing “We Will Rock You” (or maybe “For the Motherland”, I forget which) to urge on the Winter Guard. Thus inspired, the Winter Guard advanced toward the wall the Scythean just jumped over to take a few pot shots at the Naga on their left. Unfortunately for Aaron however, the Winter Guard were too busy humming the song by Queen to remember the bonus granted to them and failed to achieve anything spectacular.


Legion of Everblight, Turn 4

Thagrosh decided he’d had enough Khadoran insolence and flew over the flag to eviscerate the Man-O-War in front of him. The resulting Eruption of Ash killed the remaining Man-O-War. Thagrosh then cast Scourge at the Winter Guard Infantryman standing next to Vlad. The Winter Guardsman was torn apart by the blighted magic and Vlad was knocked down by the blast.
As Holt was the only remaining model preventing Thagrosh from dominating the Khadoran flag, the Scythean advanced and tore him apart, allowing Legion to dominate the enemy flag. The Shredder then advanced and put Tenacity on Thagrosh.
Seeing an opportunity for revenge, the Naga Nightlurker advanced, shot and killed the WInter Guard Bannerman wile sitting on the Legion friendly flag.
Lastly, the Seraph flew toward Vlad to rain death from the sky. A boosted hit and boosted damage roll later and the Khadoran warcaster was fodder for Everblight’s army.




This was a hard fought game and really could have gone either way. Aaron’s only weakness was unfamiliarity with the Legion of Everblight. The Khador forces were much more resilient than I anticipated and with the help of eVlad’s FEAT, really stymied my offensive.
I would like to point out that if I hadn’t been able to choose the table side, Aaron’s forces would have been able to advance in formation and nearly unmolested by comparison to what occurred. I think that by choosing the side I did, I was able to bottle-neck Aaron’s advance to his left flank, effectively keeping the Winter Guard out of most of the battle.

I did make a couple of errors during the course of the game. Most notably when I advanced the Raeks with Bounding Leap on first turn of the game I caused them to move out of Thagrosh’s Control area. I subsequently had to take unnecessary threshold checks. While the checks didn’t have a major impact on the game I could have had more effective turns had I managed my Fury better. To further this idea, I may consider dropp the Shredder from the list in exchange for a Forsaken.

As I stated previously, this was only my second game using eThagrosh and I feel that while I didn’t play in any spectacular fashion, I didn’t make a fool of myself either. If any readers or listeners have ideas for improving my play with eThagrosh, I’d like to hear them.
Additionally I’m not sure that pLylyth is the best pair for eThagrosh. I may consider another caster. I have quite a lot of experience with eVayl, though I’m not sure she’s the best pairing for eThags and more of a replacement for him.

Please feel free to post comments and suggestions below

– Menoth Darrell

(Marc: And again the gratitude of Combo Smite to Darrell for being on the podcast and doing the writeup!)

4 thoughts on “Podcast 032 – Khador vs Legion, Vlad2 vs eThags: Everblight is a Hamster, and Your Motherland Smells of Elderberries!

  1. I am by no means a legion expert but you might look at Kallus as a 2nd list for pairing with a Beast-heavy caster like eThags or eVayl. Kallus runs lots of infantry which can help in list chicken and is usually not teched against by the normal anti-legion lists..

  2. So turn 3, when Drago had 3 focus, but couldn’t get to the second Scythean… was he by chance within 1.” inches of it? Because Run Riot is a thing. An awesome, glorious, great thing.

    • I’m going to go ahead and assume that Aaron has forgotten that Dragon even has that imprint… because yes, that would’ve been a *great* use of it!

      Thanks for the suggestion!

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