Battle 036 – pThagrosh Vs. pButcher – The Journey of Men Begins

I was matched up against Aaron for our podcast game this week but I hadn’t played a game in our group’s Journeyman league yet so I asked Aaron if he’d be down for 2 games.DSC_9986 copy

I wasn’t a big fan of the regular Legion battlebox.  Lylyth with a Carnivean and 4 Shredders is kinda cool but seemed pretty boring.  On the other hand I thought pThags made a much better battlebox caster and had a more interesting mix of beasts. My list was:

*Nephilim Soldier

Aaron was playing the pButcher alternate battlebox:


Deployment DSC_9974 copy DSC_9976 copy

Legion Turn 1

My beasts all run  forward and Thagrosh walks forward and put Draconic Blessing on the Soldier and Fog of War up on himself.

DSC_9979 copy

Khador Turn 1

Aaron’s jacks run forward with the Butcher slightly behind. Butcher puts Fury on the Kodiak.

DSC_9981 copy DSC_9983 copy

Legion Turn 2

The Ravagore shuffles forward a touch uses its animus and fires a shot into the Decimator.  I boost to hit and damage just to be sure and roll decent doing about 5 points of damage.

The Soldier run up into the zone far away from the Aaron’s jacks and the Harrier runs up the other side trying to stay at least 7.5″ away from the Kodiak.

DSC_9985 copy DSC_9986 copy

Khador Turn 2

Kodiak shuffles forward to toe the zone.

Decimator fires 2 shots at my Soldier and misses both.  *Sad Trombone*

Thank you Fog of War.

Butcher moves up behind the Kodiak. DSC_9989 copy

Legion Turn 3

I think I can finish off his Decmiator this turn so I’m going to try.

The Ravagore goes first and shoots at it doing some more light damage.

Thagrosh goes and puts the Soldier’s animus on itself then fires an Obliteration at the Decimator which does a bit of damage.

The Soldier charges for free from his animus at the Decimator and he is P+S 16 from Draconic Blessing. He does a good amount of damage and is able to cripple both of his arms but not finish him off.

The Harrier runs across the zone to stay safe.

DSC_9991 copy DSC_9992 copy

Khador Turn 3

The Butcher kills off my Soldier by himself then his jacks just move forward a bit.

DSC_9995 copy

Legion Turn 4

The Ravagore does some more damage to the Decimator and leaves it on about 2 boxes.

Thagrosh moves up and feats backs the Soldier and fires an Obliteration at the Decmiator which still doesn’t kill it.  So he also puts the Soldier’s animus on the Harrier.

The Harrier charges in on the Decimator for free and kills with the charge attack so the Harrier can move an inch and makes an attack against the Kodiak and does light damage.

DSC_9996 copy DSC_9998 copy

Khador Turn 4

Butcher uses Full Throttle and takes 1 swing at the Harrier, mostly killing it.  Kodiak finishes it off.

DSC_0001 copy

Legion Turn 5

Ravagore puts a shot into Kodiak doing a bit of damage.

Thagrosh hits him with an Obliteration doing a bit more. He also puts the Soldiers animus on it.

The soldier charges in but doesn’t do a whole lot since I forgot the put Draconic blessing back up.

DSC_0004 copy

Khador Turn 5

Same plan. Butcher puts up Full Throttle and takes his initial swing at my Soldier doing a lot of damage.

Kodiak finishes him off using his initials plus the chain attack.

DSC_0007 copy

Legion Turn 6

A Ravagore shot and an Obliteration are enough to finish off the Kodiak.

Thagrosh is in the zone so Legion scores 2 CPs.

It’s looking bad for the Butcher now.

DSC_0008 copy

Khador Turn 6

Butcher moves forward and camps hoping the ARM will save him.

But Thagrosh is still dominating though so I go up to 4 CPs on Aaron’s turn then end my turn for the win.

DSC_0010 copy

Victory to Legion!!!

Thoughts on the game:

-The Thagrosh battlebox seems way better than the Lylyth battlebox.  Not just stronger (although I think it  probably is) but more interesting and fun. Shredders are cool and all but 4 of them?  Who designed that crap anyway?

-Aaron was probably a bit too tentative since his force were more melee focused he probably would have been better off rushing me. With his slow moving approach it allowed me to focus fire his Jacks 1 at a time.

-I don’t really like battlebox games because I don’t think they are very balanced but it is a good way to get back into Horded since I am very rusty with the fury mechanic.

Any thoughts on the game or our tactics are welcome!!


One thought on “Battle 036 – pThagrosh Vs. pButcher – The Journey of Men Begins

  1. I think you made the right call about Aaron’s army: it kinda needs to be pushing up the table (and down your throat) to be effective. Although I respect Aaron’s desire to keep the Butcher away from Thagrosh.

    I kinda like Battle Box games for their swift brutality (a game rarely goes past 30 minutes), but they are unbalanced. I played 2 Battle Box games last night to teach a new player: my Cygnar vs his Retribution (Kaelyssa). My Lancer was basically an unstoppable vortex of destruction… Shock Shield is super-broken in small warjack-only games!

    And that’s not saying anything about the Cryx Battle Box… I still have no bloody idea what they were thinking giving pDenny 3 extra points. Ridiculous.

    Anyway, nice write up, and a neat battle!

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