Battle 037 – Gorten Vs. Butcher3 – And Yer’ Little Dog Too!!

This is a battle report from a few weeks ago.  Things have been busy and I haven;t had a chance to finish this guy until now.IMG_4525 copy

At the time I was trying out 2 of the lists I was building for the upcoming Game Summit Masters.

One of them was a Damiano Dude-spam list which was a modified version of the one I played at Meeplemart previously and the following Gorten list:

Aiyanna + Holt
Kayazy Eliminators
Wrong Eye
*Snap Jaw
*Bull Snapper
Max Nyss Hunters

I went with this list because I had modified it a lot to be more different from my MACBAIN list and I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. This was a bit of an all-your-eggs-in-one-basket list Wrong Eye is there primarily to support the Earthbreaker but also to provide a Heavy that Gorten doesn’t have to fuel. This is the same as the list I eventually too to Game Summit Masters.

Aaron brought a pIrusk list with Behemoth and the regular staple of Shocktroopers, Winterguard and Iron Fangs and the following Butcher list:

*War Dog
*War Argus
*War Argus
Andrei Malakov
*Beast 09
Max Iron Fang Pikemen + UA
Max MoW Shocktroopers
WM Marksman
Kayazy Eliminators
Iron Fang Kovnik
Min Battle Mechanics

I thought this was a pretty good Butcher list. Mostly self sufficient tropps with a lot of beef to hold zones while Butcher kills everything else.

The scenario was Outflank and I won the die roll and chose to go first.


IMG_4503 copy IMG_4504 copy

Mercs Turn 1

Earthbreaker runs forward.

Gorten walks up behind it and puts Strength of Granite on the Earthbreaker.

The Tinker, Sylys and Thor run up behind the Earthbreaker.

Holt runs up on to the bridge and Aiyanna runs up behind the Earthbreaker.

Nyss Hunters run and spread out in the left zone.

Wrong Eye (illegally) puts Submerge on Snapjaw (it’s RNG self), walks up and puts Spiny Growth on the Earthbreaker.

Snap Jaw Runs forward towards the right zone.

Bull Snapper walks forward and puts Spiny Growth on Wrong Eye.

Eiryss and the Eliminators all run up the right hand side and stay out of 11″ from the Widowmakers.

IMG_4511 copy

IMG_4513 copy IMG_4514 copy

Khador Turn 1

Kovnik puts Shield March on the MoW and they march forward 6 inches.

The Widowmakers walk up behind the wall and stare menacingly at my Eliminators.

The Marksman walks up and toes in the zone.

The Iron Fangs Advance in Shieldwall towards the zone.

Malakov puts Red Line on Beast09 and stays where he is.

Beast walks forward and takes 2 damage from Red line.

Mechanics move forward and 1 tries to repair Beast and fails.

Butcher and his dogs move up and Butcher camps.

War dog moves up behind

Juggernaut runs across the bridge to get closer to the right zone.

IMG_4515 copy IMG_4516 copy IMG_4517 copy

Mercs Turn 2

I forget to allocate focus because I’m amazing a this game.

Nyss Hunters move forward and everyone in range does a big CRA at one of the MoW.  I hit and do 5 damage.

Aiyana and Holt move up.  Aiyanna goes Stealth and Holt shoots at he Wounded MoW but doesn’t wound him any more.

EarthBreaker walks forward and his entourage follows behind.

Snap Jaw Submerges and walks into the edge of the zone.

Wrong Eye puts Spiny on the Earthbreaker and submerges himself.

The Bull Snapper moves up and puts Spiny on Himself.

The Eliminators run towards the middle away from Aaron’s Eliminators

Eiryss runs towards the middle of the board near the house.

IMG_4519 copy IMG_4520 copy IMG_4521 copy

Khador Turn 2

Widowmakers move up and over to the right edge of the board.

The Kayazy run up the right as well.

Iron Fangs run and flood the right zone with bodies.

The Marksman kills a Nyss and Swift Hunters away.

Juggernaut advances and toes the zone.

Butcher and his dogs advance forward. Butcher takes a shot at a Nyss and boosts to hit and still misses.

Mechanics advance and repair Beast09

Kovnik advances and give Shield March

MoW ignore him and charge anyway. 4 of them get charges off on the Nyss and they all miss needing 8’s to hit.

Beast advances and takes 2 damage from Red Line.


IMG_4523 copy IMG_4525 copy

Mercs Turn 3

Reinholdt reloads Gorten just in case.

Aiyanna and Holt move up and Aiyanna kisses one of the Shocktroopers.  I needed a 7 to hit their DEF15 in melee and succeeded. Holt shots at the wounded one and kills him and takes his second shot at the Kovnik and does 3 damage.

Nyss charge in on the Kissed MoW and they are amazingly able to kill all of them. My damage rolls were admittedly on fire.

Earthbreaker moves up to toe the left zone and fires a knockdown torpedo at a Pikeman which his 2 more with blast and it kills all of them. He shoots a rough terrain torpedo at an Argus and misses and it deviates back towards the Earthbreaker leaving the Rough terrain template in a pretty good place to make charges difficult. The Argus takes 7 points of damage from the blast. I roll 1 shot on each side for the nipple guns and kill the IF Kovnik and miss and IF Pikeman.

Gorten moves towards the Left zone.

Tinker moves up behind the Earthbreaker.

Wrong Eye moves up near the right zone to give Snap Jaw more range and puts Spiny on the Earthbreaker and camps 2 fury.

Eliminators charge in and kill 2 IFPs. They both kill their charge targets but one of them fails to wound the second attack and the other can’t quite side-step far enough to get to another target.

Snap Jaw charges in a kills 1 more IFP going right to the edge of his forcing range.

Bull Snapper moves up and puts Spiny on Wrong Eye.

Eiryss shoots the Juggernaut and disrupts him.

IMG_4528 copy

IMG_4530 copy IMG_4531 copy IMG_4532 copy

Khador Turn 3

Mechanics move up and heal Beast to full

Beast gets 3 focus and tramples forward (for free with Redline).  He tramples over 2 Nyss and misses one and kills the other.  He gets his 3 attacks at PS21, which is dice minus 1 for the Earthbreaker. He does about 20 damage which is just a tiny bit above average and takes 6 damage that doesn’t matter from Spiny Growth. He was 1 box away from crippling my Left side.

Widowmakers all aimed and did single points of damage to Snapjaw’s spirit column.

The Marksman shot at him too and rolled for damage and did nothing.

Iron Fangs shuffled and did a CMA to kill 1 Eliminator.  and the others missed the other Eliminators (Which didnt really matter because the other one failed her CMD check). Another 1 did a few points of damage to Snap Jaw

Eliminators charge Snap Jaw and do decent damage crippling his Mind and Spirit.

Butcher energizers himself, the Juggernaut and his Dogs forward casts Silence of Death on the Juggernaut and gives a Charge Order and feats to get his stack back. His dogs charge Eiryss and Wrong Eye.  He opts for Combo Strikes and misses on Eiryss and hot Wrong Eye and just does 2 damage to him. Butcher charges across the river to toe into the zone.

Juggernaut moved up but he was too far away from him to attack.

IMG_4535 copy

IMG_4536 copy

Mercs Turn 5

I give 3 focus to the Earthbraker and I want to see if I can kill the Butcher this turn.

Step 1 is to free up Eiryss.

Wrong Eye Moves up and kills one of the Argus engaging her with his first initial.  The second one misses so I buy and boost to hit..  and miss.  I buy my last attack and it hits. and I do enough damage to take it out.

Eiryss aims and shoots the Butcher’s focus off.

Nyss hunter advance towards Butcher and I get 4 of them in range to do a CRA. They hit and do NO damage.  Shaky start.

Thor moves up and tunes up damage rolls.

I move the tinker over toward the zone to use as a charge target for Gorten to get Butcher in his feat. but after I move him I realize that Gorten’s base is partially behind the wall of the bridge so I can’t charge anyway meaning I’ll have to do this with out the feat.

The Earthbreaker moves up and I take a free strike from Beast that I really shouldn’t have.  I didn’t need to move that far. To make matters worse it cripples the L system. So now my assassination run is looking a bit sketchy. I boost to hit my first Torpedo on the R side whichs hits and knocks down the Butcher and his War Dog and does 9 damage. OK good Start.  The Second torpedo also hits and does no damage (only 2 dice after Thor boost). I roll 1 shot on the left and 2 shots on my right. So I’m a bit worried now.

I miss with the crippled shot but I hit with both shots on the right and do enough to put Butcher in the dirt.

IMG_4538 copy  IMG_4540 copy IMG_4541 copy  IMG_4543 copy

Victory to Mercs!

Thoughts on the Game:

-The game ball goes to Eiryss. If I hadn’t been able to get her free or if she missed her shot that turn would have been completely different.

-If I hadn’t gotten Butcher’s focus stripped the turn would have been a heavy attrition turn. The Earthbreaker would have taken out Beast09 (He would be at dice +6 with Strength of Granite and Kiss) and with his feat gone the Butcher probably wouldn’t be able to take it out himself after that.

Thanks for reading. Any thoughts on our lists and tactics are most appreciated.





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