Battle 040 – Exigence Release, Cygnar vs Trolls, Siege vs Madrak: PacMan THIS, Fothermucker!

On Saturday I ran an Exigence Release Event… my first game with Siege versus Skorne didn’t go so well… turns out that a charging Kovaas on Zaal’s Feat Turn is apparently quite capable of killing Siege. Who knew?


But with that game out of the way, I was able to also squeeze in a full game (and the following report!) between Siege and Madrak… I’ve heard whispers of the power of the PacMan Feat, but this would be my first time seeing it in anything other than a Battlebox game!

What could possibly go wrong?

I’ve been trying to find a good compliment to my pHaley list, and I know Siege happens to shore many of Haley’s weak pairings… so I’ve been trying to get better with him. Towards that end, I crafted the following list:

Major Marcus “Siege” Brisbane (“Siege”)
– Squire
– Stormwall
Lieutenant Allison Jakes
– Hunter
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
– Officer
Alexia Ciannor and the Risen (“pAlexia, Alexia1”)
Trencher Cannon Crew

Okay, let’s start with the basics: this is not an ideal (or arguably “good”) list for pAlexia. She’s almost always worth her points, but there aren’t that many bodies on my side of the table, AND the entire list is skewed towards killing things at extreme range (read: out of Alexia’s 9″ corpse-collecting range). Originally I had eAlexia in that slot (and a Stormcaller), but figured that pAlexia would be a better match… no. She’s not. Time to find another 5 points to fit in there…
Additionally, Jakes… *sigh*. I’ve never been pleased with running a single Hunter under any circumstance, and sadly in this case that continues to be the case. Now, granted, against Trolls it is WAY more effective than it would be otherwise (all their important support solos are Medium bases!), but 2 Hunters are exponentially more effective than just 1 (for you mathies: 4 times more effect for only 1 additional model = a very good idea!). Sadly, that’s another 6 points… which is more than this list really wants, AND Hunters have a little bit of skornergy with Siege (in that Armour Piercing does not stack with his Feat, which is actually balanced and fair but still sad). I think I may swap it out for a Charger… 2 fully boosted POW12s every turn is solid, and “Sidekick” will help keep it safe. Also that’ll give me another 2 points to work with… the problem is that without “Extended CTRL” on the Charger, Jakes will be at a much higher risk. But you can’t have everything, I suppose!

My opponent for this round was Brendan, who is a staple of the London Game Chamber scene. He’s a Troll player, and a solid one at that, and decided for this event he would be trying out his pMadrak:

Chieftan Madrak Iron-something (“pMadrak, Madrak1”)
– Runebearer (“Troll Moses”)
– Mulg
– Earthborn Dire Troll
– Axer
Jannissa Stonecaller
Krielstone and Stonescribes (min)
– Stonescribe Elder
Horgle Ironstrike (Journeyman Warlock)
– Pyre Troll
Celena and the Nyss Hunters (max)

An interesting list, with the addition of the Nyss Hunters… not something I see in many Troll lists (although, admittedly, I don’t play against many Trolls!). Lanyssa seems like a brilliant addition, though… Trolls can be freakishly fast with their Infantry (Fennblades have a 15″ charge range already with the right warlocks!), and Free Charges for their warbeasts is always a good thing!

That stated, I was feeling pretty confident going into this matchup… I didn’t have a lot of Infantry for Madrak to PacMan through, I could probably take a warbeast or two off the table with Siege’s Feat, and Alexia had some nice bodies to both tie-up and obliterate safely in the Nyss (much easier to kill those than it is to get Trolls!).

Our Scenario was “Close Quarters” which I was happy to see (my Hunter could easily dominate one flag with Jakes 16″ back while Siege and the rest of the list worked on the other flag!)… we were also using the Exigence Release Event rules (including a “Deception” and a “Manipulation”, but we both forgot about them completely and they had no impact on the game whatsoever as a result!). We rolled for initiative, which Brendan won and elected to go first. I picked the side of the table that I was closest to, and we were off!


Brendan deployed his warbeasts and their warlocks in the middle of the table. His Nyss were deployed on the left side of the table. The Stone went behind the beasts, and bam, done!

(Those are MoFaux’s stylish Batman pjs in the background… yes, he showed up to an event in pjs. Nick is pure class!)

As for my side of the table… my Stormwall went dead center (suprise!), Jakes and the Hunter went to the left, the ATGM and Rangers went to the right, and Siege went beside his Stormwall. The Trencher Cannon went near the middle of the table, ready to rain fire down on whatever happened to wander too close!


With that, we were ready to rock!


Trolls, Turn 1

As you can tell from the above pictures, Brendan started his turn by running the Nyss into the forest. Lanyssa ran forward with them.
Madrak dumps a pile of Fury into the Krielstone and moves forward. Horgle casts “Hot Shot” on his Pyre Troll and moves forward.
The Pyre Troll moves up and takes a shot at some Rangers… sadly for Brendan, it scatters straight onto a Nyss and vapourizes it (woo!).
Janissa moves up and drops a wall, which Mulg runs up behind. The Axer moves protectively in front of the Pyre, and the Earthborn heads into the forest.
Lastly, the Krielstone moves forward, pops its Aura, and adds immunity to continuous effects just because.
IMG_20141101_134806 IMG_20141101_134808

Cygnar, Turn 1

Well. That went okay… I’ve killed 1 Nyss already and I haven’t activated yet! I’m okay with this.
Jakes allocates 1 to the Hunter, Siege puts 1 into the Stormwall, and we’re off.
Jakes goes first, casting “Sidekick” on her Hunter and moving up. She spends her last Focus for “Energizer”, moving herself and the Hunter forward an inch.
The Hunter then moves forward towards Brendan’s flag and pops off a shot at Mulg that I was pretty convinced I was out of range for… turns out I was right. The shot falls short.
The Trencher Cannon aims and fires at the Nyss, but the shot scatters away harmlessly. Boo.
The Rangers go next. I spread them out and move them into the forest. They open fire on the Nyss they can see, pinging a few off the table.
Alexia runs forward, sending her Risen to either flank of the forest while planting herself behind it (but within 9″ of all my Rangers to start collecting corpses as they buy the farm).
The ATGM go next, moving forward and opening fire. I send a couple “Snipe” shots into the Krielstone, killing 2 of the Bearers with Self-Sacs.
The Journeywoman activates and casts “Arcane Shield” on the Stormwall.
Siege goes next, moving forward towards the left flank (hoping to dominate Brendan’s Flag in a few turns, once I’ve thinned his ranks) and pops a Foxhole around himself. His Squire obediently follows along behind, while Reinholdt stays further away (Immunity to Blast Damage does not make one immune to fire!).
The Stormwall goes last, trampling forward and lobbing a Pod past my flag towards Brendan’s lines.
With that, my turn is done!

IMG_20141101_135614 IMG_20141101_135618

Trolls, Turn 2

Brendan could sense the winds shifting against him… but he’s a Troll player, so that’s not particularly unusual. He prepares to lose some stuff as best he can, hoping I can’t kill everything! He pulls in all his Fury. and Horgle drops Hot Shot.
Janissa goes first, moving up and dropping a wall between her and the Hunter. Would it be enough to save her? Probably not… but Brendan was going to make me work for it!
Madrak then moves up in front of Janissa and next to the wall. He casts the Earthborn’s animus on himself and tops up the Krielstone again.
Mulg goes next, moving forward towards my lines (albeit cautiously).
The Axer moves up slightly, as does the Pyre. The Pyre Troll takes a shot at my ATGM, catching one and vapourizing it (and giving Alexia a corpse).
The Nyss go next. They walk forward, moving between the too-large gaps I left in my lines, and manage to kill 3 Rangers. Lanyssa moves up and drops another, leaving me with 2 (who, thankfully, pass their CMD check!). Alexia is now sitting on 5 corpses, so there is some upside, I suppose.
Lastly, the Krielstone moves forward and pops its Aura again.


Cygnar, Turn 2

Time to see if I could kill everything! The trouble was that with Siege located where he was (out on one flank), I could already tell I would be unable to catch the majority of Brendan’s toys in his Feat. On the flip side, if I could just destroy or cripple his Heavies, my life would be infinitely easier… and I could probably catch both Mulg and the Earthborne with my Feat.
With that in mind, 2 Focus to the Stormwall, pull one from the Squire, drop Foxhole, upkeep Sidekick with Jakes, and give 2 Focus to the Hunter. Lastly, Alexia pops out her fresh Risen behind Brendan’s Nyss and Lanyssa… I’m hoping some CMAs will reduce his infantry on that side of the table shortly!
Reinholdt reloads Siege’s rocket cannon.
Siege goes next, moving more-or-less directly towards Madrak. Sadly, the Earthborn is *just* out of range, but I Feat anyway, catching Mulg, the Axer, and the Pyre Trolls. I pump my first POW14 into the Axer, hitting and inflicting moderate damage (stupid Aura), and then a second shot goes into the Pyre, which also hits and inflicts moderate damage (crappy rolls). Siege camps his last few Focus.
Realizing that I may be in trouble, I run the Squire in front of Siege protectively, hopefully far enough ahead that Mulg can’t “Reach” past it to Siege.
The Trencher Cannon takes a shot at the Axer, hitting, but without the Feat, inflicts only a scratch.
Jakes goes next, casting “Energizer” with her last Focus to move the Hunter forward.
The Hunter then walks into B2B with the flag. It takes a shot at Janissa, boosting to hit… and hits! Nice. I boost damage, and Janissa fails her Tough check. Woo! That went well!
The ATGM activate and move forward to crowd the path between Mulg and Siege. They open fire on the Krielstone, and after all the shots are finished, Brendan is down to 1 Stonebearer and the Elder… the rest have gone to visit their ancestors.
Alexia activates and moves forward. The CMAs from the Risen, sadly, only kill 1 Nyss, and Alexia can’t get close enough to see anything. I craft 1 into a Thrall, which swings at Lanyssa… and misses! Curses.
My Rangers activate, swinging their steely knives at the Nyss… both hit, but then fail to break ARM (boo!). Oh well.
Stormwall activates, moving up slightly and dropping a Storm Pod between Mulg and Siege, and opens fire on Mulg. First shot hits! I boost the damage (aided by the Feat), and then roll 1,1,1 for damage.


Second shot hits and inflicts slightly more, but at Full ARM again, Mulg barely feels it. I then open fire with the Metal Storms, all the shots going into the Earthborn, hitting, but pinging off its thick hide.

Lastly, my Journeywoman activates and moves towards Alexia. Because why-not.
IMG_20141101_143014 IMG_20141101_143017

Trolls, Turn 3

Sadly for me, Brendan has survived more-or-less intact… nothing crippled on his warbeasts (and even if they were… trolls can regenerate pretty dang well!). However, he is a bit on the ropes when it comes to Scenario… unless he commits Mulg to taking out my DEF16 Hunter, which I’m really pretty okay with (Tying up Mulg for a turn or two? That is a fine use of a Hunter, my friends!). So he decides to see if he can end this game abruptly. Pulls back in for full Fury, and we’re off!
The Pyre Troll goes first, shooting at my ATGM: it misses but scatters onto 3 of them and kills 2 outright (boom, corpses for Alexia!).
The Axer activates, moves up a little, and gives Mulg “Rush”. It then swings and kills another ATGM.
The Stone moves up as far as it can, using the ARM buff and the Strength Buff… it’s too small a zone to catch much, though.
Madrak moves forward and pops his Feat. Uh oh.
Mulg activates and tramples over my Pod and the remaining ATGM in his way. He kills 1 outright, getting to make a Feat Attack on the Trencher cannon at the end of his Trample. This hits and kills, allowing him to move an inch closer to Siege… which engages Siege… and make another free attack, which hits and inflicts 8 points of damage.
At this point Mulg finally has to spend his first Fury… which hits and inflicts another 8 points of damage on Siege. He buys 1 more attack, hitting, and drops Siege to the ground.

Victory for Trolls!
IMG_20141101_144840 IMG_20141101_144850

Post Game Analysis:

So, I’m not sure if anyone is aware of this, but Mulg? He’s pretty good at killing warcasters…

Joking aside, it was silly of me to have Siege that close to Mulg without being DANG SURE I could put him down… and really, I should’ve known that 1 round of shooting with the Stormwall was 95% likely to not be enough. Live and learn, I suppose… next time I’ll keep Siege behind the Stormwall, at least!

Other than that, not a lot to say… I continue to struggle with one of the best Cygnar warcasters and get him killed far more often than he deserves, but that’s how you learn, I suppose!

Thanks for reading, and questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome!

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  1. Check the wording for sidekick, don’t think you can energize the Hunter forward once that spell is up. Also, ya Mulg to the face kills just about everything.

    • Sidekick: “Target warjack… and cannot be knocked down, pushed, placed, or moved by a slam.” Nothing about not being able to advance… but I can see why you might think that!

      And yes, Mulg rocks. Ha! Rocks… see what I did there?

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