Battle 035 – Mercs Vs. Circle – MACBAIN!!! Vs. eKrueger – Ride the Lightning

Last week I was practicing list for the 50pt Steamroller Tourney at the Game chamber. The battle reports for the tournament have already gone up but I thought I would post this battle report anyway.IMG_4151

I was matched up this week against Gaven and his Circle. In a shocking Turn of events Gaven had brought eMorvhanna and eKrueger. He went with the following list:

Max Skinwalkers + UA
Max Bloodtracker + Nuala
Druids + UA
Shifting Stones

I actually don’t mind seeing those caster’s across the table from me anymore. I’ve played against them so many times that I am comfortable with what they can do. It doesn’t mean I can necessarily stop it but I least I know what I’m getting into.

Max Kayazy Assassins + UA
Kayazy Eliminators
Kayazy Eliminators
Max Steelhead Halberdiers
Alexia and the Risen
Kell Bailoch
Rupert Carvolo
Gobber Tinker

I plan to use the Assassins with Countermeasures to nullify his Bloodtrackers and possibly trade the Nomad for 1 or 2 of his Heavies. We will see how it goes.

I win the starting roll and I choose to go first.  Gaven takes the side of the board with the hill.

The Scenario is Supply and Demand (12″ circular zone in the middle with Friendly and Enemy objectives on opposite corners that give free charges when they’re no contested and prevent dominating.)


IMG_4116 IMG_4118 IMG_4119

Mercs Turn 1

-MACBAIN give Galleon and Nomad each a focus and keeps 4

-Steelheads run up in front of Galleon and spread out.

-Rupert walks forward and gives them Tough+Fearless

-Galleon runs up behind the Steelheads

-Tinker runs up behind the Galleon

-MACBAIN puts Countermeasures on the Assassins and Fortune on the left unit of Eliminators and he walks up behind the house.

-Assassins run forward and spread out in front of the zone.IMG_4127

-Nomad runs forward behind the assassins.

-Kell walks forward and takes a shot at a druid and is out of range.

-Right Eliminators runs up the right flank

-Left eliminators run towards the left flank.

-Alexia and her buddies walk forward and she crafts a Thrall

-The Thrall runs forward IMG_4125

Circle Turn 1

-Druids move up and do some forcebolts.  1 kills a Halb. 1 fails to kill a halb and 1 fails to kill the Thrall.  The UA fires a Devouring at an assassin and it deviate straight back and hits nothing. The rest where out of range so some of them pop smoke and the leader puts up counter magic.IMG_4133

-Krueger TK’d himself forward and walked up and cast Stormwall.

-Skinwalkers ran forward

-Megalith cast undergrowth (rough terrain and DEF debuff within 5″) and charged forward at something.

-Ghetorix warps for hyperaggressive and runs forward to toe on the hill.

-Gorax runs up behind Krueger

-Bloodtrackers advance forward and spread out in the forest but can’t take any shots.

IMG_4131 Mercs Turn 2

-MACBAIN drops fortune and upkeeps Countermeasures and keeps 5 focus for himself.

-MACBAIN!!! activates first and puts Failsafe on the Galleon and takes a boosted handcannon shot at the Druid UA and misses.

-Eliminators on the right charge in ont the trackers.  1 misses the charge attack but kills a Tracker with the second attack.  The other misses both attacksIMG_4137

-Steelheads geta charge order.  2 of them charge in a CMA the Druid UA to death.  2 more charge and CMA to kill another Druid. The rest run up to engage Skinwalkers and druids and spread out in the zone to be a nuisance.

-Thrall charges a Shifting stone and rolls crap for damage and just does 2 damage to it.IMG_4139

-Assassins get a charge order.1 runs in to engage a couple trackers 2 more charge in on the trackers the first guy engaged.  One of them hits and kills and the other one still misses. Another charges a Tracker solo and he misses. 1 tries to charge the damaged stone and fails. Another one charges another stone and I run another assassin in behind to get the Gang bonus.  He is able to kill the stone.

-Kell aims and kills 2 Druids in a clould rolling the hard 8’s I needed to hit twice.

-Alexia walks forward and crafts another Thrall .

-The Thrall runs up the left flank.

-Galleon walks forward.and I take a shot at one of his druids.  I forgot about the part of Stormwall where Kruger get to pick your deviations or I wouldn’t hae taken the shot with ARM11 Kayazy all over the board.  Luckily I only roll 1 for distance and it just hits a Druid and kills him.

-Tinker runs up behind the Galleon

-Rupert Walks forward and give Tough + Fearless to the Steelheads.

-Nomad walks towards the Zone.


Circle Turn 2

-Stones shift forward to get close to some of my Stealth troops

-Megalith walks forward and Geomancies a Lightning Storm onto one of the stones.  It kills an Eliminator and 2 assassins. Gaven boosted on the Eliminators just to be sure.

-Skinwalkers shuffle forward to try to clear the Steelheads.  First one misses his first attack and kills a halb with his second. Next one misses twice. Next 2 do a CMA and kill a Halb then another CMA misses one and another CMA kills another 1. No successful tough rolls.IMG_4147

-Krueger shuffles over and Lightning Storms the other Stone but he rolls Snake Eyes to hit! The spell deviates onto a bloodtracker and kills it.

-Druids move up into stealth Range and both hit and vapourize an assassin.IMG_4148

-Bloodtrackers try to shuffle around to kill some Kayazy. 1 misses ans assassin.  I kills the Thrall.  3 more miss attacks on Assassins and 1 kills another and 1 misses the Eliminator.IMG_4149

-Ghetorix and Gorax both walk forward and rile for 2 and Ghetorix warps Hyperaggressive and uses his animus(retaliatory strike).


Mercs Turn 3

-Right eliminator swing at a Bloodtracker twice and misses both time.

-Left eliminators charge in.  1 runs because there is too much rough terrain to get a charge lane and the other charges a Skinwalker and Combo Strikes and does 7 damage then side steps into his back arc.IMG_4154

-Assassin are feeling saucy and pop their mini feat and 3 of them charge over everything and to get to Krueger.  2 of the get distance and 1 fails. The first charge does 5 damage and the second charge does 7 Damage and he takes both of them. Underboss kills a stone and a tracker. 1 more kills a Tracker and I forget to activate 1 of them.IMG_4159

-Steelhead shuffle around a bit.  3 CMA and kill a Tracker.  3 CMA on a skinwalker and MISS.IMG_4158

-Rupert give the Steelheads Tough + Fearless

-Thrall charges in on Skinwalkers but fails charge because there wasn’t room around the steelheads.

-Kell fired at the last stone and tried rolling for damage because it had 3 health and didn’t do anything.

-Alexia and her dudes move up she crafts a Thrall.

-Thrall charges Gorax and does 5 damage.

-Nomad runs up to engage Megalith.IMG_4156

-MACBAIN!!! casts 3 Jackhammers through the Nomad to smack Megalith. He misses one of his attacks and ends up doing about 10 damage total. MACBAIN moves up and shoots at a stone but doesn’t damage it.IMG_4157

-Galleon shuffles toward the center but doesn’t shoot because of Stormwall.

-Tinker runs up behind   IMG_4155

Circle Turn 3

Gaven sees his chance and is going for his assassination run.

-Gorax primals himself and kills the thrall in front of him and 1 of the Kayazy engaging Krueger.

-Druids shift a bit and 1 forcebolts a Halb to death and the other kills a Kayazy assassin engaging Megalith.

-Nuala tried to get in behind the Underboss but got killed by a Nomad freestrike. The Tracker leader tried to walk up to fire on MACBAIN but got killed by a Risen freestrike. Another killed an assassin and 1 missed on an Eliminator.IMG_4163

-Ghetorix charged the Kayazy in front of the Galleon and killed it and a Risen behind it that was blocking LoS to MACBAIN. He bought 2 attacks on the Galleon doing about 10 damage.

-Skinwalkers shuffled around a bit and killed 2 steelheads with CMAs then they missed with CMAs twice in a row on another Steelhead.  2CMAs on eliminators both missed.IMG_4165

-Megalith turned around and killed an Assassin with a boosted swing.  He geomancied a TK onto Krueger to get him father forward.

-Krueger them advanced forward and started shooting at MACBAIN!  He needed a 9 to hit and boosted his first shot and MISSED.  Second shot hit and did 7 damage.  Third shot did 8 more and left me on 2 boxes. He popped his feat to try to salvage his failed assassination run. All my shit get pushed away and is -2SPD next turn.IMG_4167

Mercs Turn 4

-I can’t believe I survived that but I am not one to look a gift Warlock in the mouth.

-MACBAIN give 3 to the Galleon and drops all his spells.

-Alexia aims and boosts needing an 8 to hit and hits.  Her boosted handcannon shot rolled fire. 6,6,5, doing 14 damage, which Krueger transfers to the Gorax with his last fury.IMG_4173

-MACBAIN walks forward and boosts his Hand cannon shot and puts Kruger in the dirt!

IMG_4169   IMG_4172

Victory to Mercs!

Thoughts on the game.

-If Gaven hits that first ranged attack, MACBAIN would have been dead. Even a slightly higher spike on the 2 shots he did hit would have killed him.  I got lucky.  As Marc says continuously “It’s better to be lucky than good”.

-Gaven was really flustered by the Stealth Countermeasured DEF16 in melee Assassins. I have to say I feel for him.  They are super tough to deal with which is why they are in the list.

5 thoughts on “Battle 035 – Mercs Vs. Circle – MACBAIN!!! Vs. eKrueger – Ride the Lightning

  1. Thanks for the write-up.
    I was never a fan of Mercs, but after reading and listening to some of your reports, they’re starting to grow on me.
    Did you ever feat with MACBAIN in this game?

    And to all at Combo Smite: Keep up the good work. I’m really enjoying your site and your podcasts.

    • Thanks Altriste! Glad you’re enjoying the reports!

      Wouldn’t be Nick’s first time forgetting to Feat (nor would it be his last!), but I suspect he remembered this game… but I’ll let him answer that!

    • I’m glad they had that effect. Better than reading my reports and swearing off Mercs forever because of them.

      It took me a little while to warm up to the Human Merc casters as well (I loved Gorten from the start) but now MACBAIN is very close to surpassing him as my favourite.

      I did forget the feat this game. Looking back the best time would have been to feat on my Kayazy before they charged in on Krueger so they would be in his face and unkillable. Super annoying. 🙂

  2. Breaking News: Countermeasure’d Stealth models with high SPD or innate evasive abilities CAN rustle your jimmies.

    Film at eleven.

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