Battle Report Podcast 088: eVyros (Not-Darrell) vs Amon Ad-Raza (Not-Todd) – How much jack would a warjack jack if a warjack could jack jack?

eVyrosVsAmonHello again wonderful readers!  We’ve got something different for you this time around.  We’ve been doing a lot of tournament battle reports, serious list reflection and a lot of competitive play.  For this report then we decided that we needed some serious stress relief, and what better way to relieve stress than with a jack off?  Wait a minute, that didn’t come out right…

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For this battle report we decided to have some fun and pit Vyros, Incissar of the Dawnguard against High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza to see which Synergy caster would come out on top.  No matter what the outcome, Todd and I (Darrell) were sure to have a great time with a board full of stompy robots.  It’s what got most of us into the game and it was sure to be a nice palate cleanser before getting back into the more serious competition.  So, let’s get right to the lists before heading into the battle report proper.

Todd was playing eVyros, otherwise known as Vyros, Incissar of the Dawnguard.  A caster well known for his Griffon-spam list in the Retribution competitive scene.  Todd decided to change things up a bit however and take the new Retribution colossal Helios out for a spin.  Luckily, we managed to get our hands on the model – honest. We don’t proxy. Ever.

Vyros, Incissar of the Dawnguard
-Griffon x6
Arcanist x2
Destor Thane


Not a huge deviation from the standard list, other than the addition of Helios and the Destor Thane.  How useful they’d be during the battle remains to be seen.

Against Todd’s Vyros list, I fielded an Amon Ad-Raza light jack spam list.

High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza
-Devout x2
-Repenter x2
-Dervish x2
-Vigilant x3
Vassal of Menoth
The Covenant of Menoth
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
Choir of Menoth (max)


This was my first time running with the list and only my second time since playing Warmachine that I’ve used Amon.  What could possibly go wrong?

The Scenario we playedsr2015_recon was Recon from the SR2015 scenario packet.  I won the roll and decided to go first in an effort to get the jump on Todd’s Retribution army.

Secondly, the Retribution jacks had a slight threat advantage over my Protectorate forces and as a result I wanted to be able to dictate the deployment terms (aside from Helios of course)



Protectorate Turn 1

-Amon pulls a Focus off of the Wrack nearest the woods, cast Mobility and advanced 7″
-All of the lights advanced 7″
-Templar advanced 6″
-Vassal advanced and put Enliven on the Templar
-Choir advanced and sang Passage on 6 of the jacks (starting at Vigilant moving up to Dervish)
-Gorman ran forward and put a cloud over himself and Amon Ad-Raza


Retribution Turn 1

-Vyros allocates one Focus to the Aspis
-Helios advances and puts up Repulsor Field and Broadcast Power to put Focus on the nearby Griffons
-Griffons near Helios all run
-Aspis runs forward
-Arcanists advance and Power Boost a Griffon each
-Remaining Griffons run forward
-Eiryss advanced on the hill
-Destor Thane runs forward




Protectorate Turn 2

-Amon allocated 1 Focus to each Vigilant (3 total)
-Gorman advanced up behind the Fuel Cache and drops a Smoke Bomb
-Amon casts Mobility, advances into Gorman’s Smoke Bomb
-Vigilants all ran forward
-forest side Dervish advanced
-painted Devout advanced
-black Devout advanced in front of Amon into the cloud and used Spell Barrier on the Protectorate Warcaster
-Templar advanced to slightly behind that same Devout
-Vigilant at bottom of picture ran forward to just out of melee with two of the Griffons across from it
-Repenter advanced and sprayed the Destor Thane, rolling 12 to hit and 11 for damage and setting him on fire
-Dervish on that same side of the board advanced around the ruined terrain
-Covenant advanced and used Power of Faith (no knockdown, no stationary)
-Vassal advanced and used Enliven on the Templar
-Choir advanced and put Passage on the two Vigilants with paint, Templar, primed Devout and the Dervish near the obstructions


Retribution Turn 2

-Vyros upkept Synergy, allocated 3 Focus to Griffon 4, and 1 Focus to both Griffon 1 and Griffon 2
-Arcanist 1 advanced and used Power Boost on Helios
-Arcanist 2 used Power Boost on Griffon 4
-Destor Thane was left on 2 hp after fire rolls, advanced to shoot the Choir and missed his first attack (Happy Todd)
-Helios advanced and used Broadcast Power catching 4 Griffons and the Aspis.  Could not shoot owing to Passage
-Griffon 6 tried to hit the Vigilant in front of him and missed
-Vyros advanced and hit the black Vigilant, failed to damage but started the Synergy chain
-Griffon 3 charged for free owing to Fuel Cache and did minor damage to the black Vigilant
-Griffon 5 charged the Vigilant in the zone and did minor damage
-Griffon 4 (with Concentrated Power) charged the Vigilant in front of him and scrapped him
-Griffon 1 and Griffon 2 advanced into a defensive position
-Eiryss ran into a clump of Menite lights to use Arcane Interference aggressively




Protectorate Turn 3

-Amon allocated 1 Focus to the Repenter near the top of the picture
-Choir advanced and sang Battle on the black Devout, 2 Vigilants on the top of the picture, the white Dervish, Templar and Repenter at the top of the picture
-Repenter advanced into spray range of Eiryss, sprayed her, boosting to hit and managed to hit and kill her
-Amon FEATed, pulled a Focus off of the Wrack nearby which did not explode.  Cast Synergy, Mobility, and a Convection (at a model very much out of range, but to allocate for Amon’s FEAT).  This spent his stack and allowed him to allocate 6 Focus to his jacks (3 to the white Dervish, 2 to the Templar and 1 to the second Repenter)
-Built the Synergy chain with Vigilants attacking Griffons followed by the Devouts and central Dervish, doing decent damage to the Griffons in range.  The second Repenter killed the Destor Thane (just off of the bottom of the picture.  Sorry)
-Last attacker in the Synergy chain was at +7 was the white Dervish which charged the Griffons from the ruins, destroyed 2 of them and side-stepped into melee with Vyros.  Unfortunately the Dervish was an inch out of Synergy range and therefore failed to hit the Retribution caster with his two remaining attacks
-Gorman Advanced and put a Smoke Bomb over himself and Amon
-Covenant advanced and used Power of Faith
-Vassal advanced and used Ancillary Attack on a Vigilant in the zone doing more damage to a Griffon


Retribution Turn 3

-Vyros upkept Synergy and allocated 3 Focus to Helios
-Arcanist Power Boosted the Aspis
-second Arcanist put Concentrated Power on Helios
-Aspis charged the Dervish that was in front of Vyros, beating him back but failing to destroy him. Synergy 1
-Griffon 5 punched a Devout, doing no damage but brought Synergy up to 2
-Griffon 1 took a Defensive Strike from a Devout, that did no damage but did light damage in return. Synergy 3
-Griffon 2 punched the black Devout in the back and crippled it’s shield.  Synergy 4
-Vyros FEATs and does a Ride-By attack, advanced an inch and finished off the Dervish that was softened up by the Aspis before riding 7″ away towards Helios and away from the Templar and a Vigilant. Synergy 5
-Helios advanced, killed a Dervish, left a Vigilant on 1 box and rolled snake eyes for his last attack on the painted Devout




Protectorate Turn 4

-Amon upkept Synergy and upkept 1 Focus to the painted Repenter and 3 Focus to the Templar.
-Choir advanced and sang Battle on every available jack
-All jacks attack where able, missed too often for my liking only managing to get a Synergy of 3 and destroying the Aspis which allowed one Griffon to advance owing to Vyros’ FEAT
-Vassal advances and Ancillary Attacks the Vigilant to no effect
-Amon advanced to toe into the zone
-Gorman advanced and drops his Smoke Bomb on Amon and himself
-Covenant advanced and cast Power of Faith (no knockdown, no stationary)



Retribution Turn 4

-Vyros upkept Synergy and allocated 3 Focus to Helios
-Arcanist put Concentrated Power on Helios
-Griffon 1 destroyed the Vigilant in front of him
-Arcanist Power Boosted the Griffon 2 in front of Helios
-Griffon 2 tried to Attack but took 2 defensive strikes from the Devouts and was destroyed before he could attack
-Vyros ran to the Flag at the top of the picture
-Helios pulled the Templar into melee after two shots and destroyed it with his initial attacks and 2 bought attacks.  His last attack put more damage on another Vigilant



END TURN 4   CP: Retribution: 1    Protectorate: 0

Protectorate Turn 5

-Amon upkept Synergy and allocate 2 Focus to each Repenter
-Choir spread out and sang Battle on each of the remaining Protectorate warjacks
-The Protectorate jacks (both Devouts and a Vigilant) take it in turn to attack Helios for little damage
-Repenter advances and burns both Arcanists off of the board
-Amon attacked the Griffon in the zone and wrecked it.
-Repenter closest to Vyros advanced and took a boosted shot at him but missed.
-Vassal used Ancillary Attack on the Vigilant which allowed it to destroy the Retribution Objective
-9 seconds remain on the Protectorate clock.


CP: Retribution: 1 Protectorate: 1

Retribution Turn 5

-Vyros upkept Synergy and allocated 3 to Helios
-Griffon 1 hits the nearby Repenter with his shield, for no damage but pushes Synergy to 1
-Helios shot at the same Repenter and pulled it towards him.  As well, Helios shot at 2 choir members and pulled one of them in while missing the other.  Helios’ melee attacks easily destroyed the Devout in base with it, damaging the Vigilant as well
-Vyros charges Amon, despite there being a single Choir member in the way.  The choir member was killed via Impact attack and Vyros carried on into melee with Amon Ad-Raza.  After the charge attack, only one additional bought and boosted attack finishes off the Menite caster.



ENDGAME CP: Retribution: 1 Protectorate: 1


Wow, what an amazing game!  I had a blast using Amon Ad-Raza and I was surprised just how effective his light jack spam list can be.  With a little bit better positioning I could have won this game.  Kudos to Todd as well.  Helios really dictated the flow of the game and forced me to think carefully about jack placement in the early game – lest I get a jack pulled out of the wall and destroyed.

I think that Todd will leave the Destor Thane at home the next time he fields this list and with 5 points to play with he’ll have a lot of choices when it comes to replacing him.

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  1. I love the TOTALLYNOTPROXIEDHELIOS-Helios pics ^^
    Nice to have a synergoff – looked like a fun game! You guys planning to do Brodigus vs Syntherion one too?

    Also: those wreck markers look a bit like cookies. No one tried to eat ’em yet?

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