Battle Report – Sevy2 vs Thryon, Ridiculous List Ho!

Hello! My, it’s been awhile since we’ve done a battle report (episode 153, for those of you keeping count), and it’s been far, far longer since I’ve actually WRITTEN a battle report, rather than just talked about it.

But, at some gentle torture from Nick, I decided to give it a whirl. Because, really, I do love writing up batreps, and it’s been a long time… so without further ado…

Actually, one more thing: I miss Aaron. That guy took the absolute best pictures, and it made doing the write-ups an absolute joy. Sure, I miss Aaron for other reasons (I don’t get to see him much, since I’m only ever in London for WarMachine and he doesn’t play much any more), but his pictures were top notch.

Okay, on with the batrep!

So this was one of the few practice games I managed to get in before the WTC-style event, and I wanted to give a potential Sevy2 list a test run. The basic concept is just as a solid anti-Ghost Fleet list (which, basically, means Sevy2 himself), but I figured I could get pretty good mileage out of Awareness to pop warcasters/warlocks that were hiding behind forests, clouds, or friendly models. Hence the double Redeemers.

In retrospect… well, let’s look at the list in full.

Hierarch Severius (Sevy2) in “Creator’s Might” theme
– Hierophant
– Redeemer
– Redeemer (proxied by a Vigilant)
– Blessings of Vengeance
– Reckoner
– Repenter
Choir of Menoth (max)
Covenent of Menoth
Vassals of Menoth x2
Vassal Mechaniks x3
Wracks x3
Vessel of Judgment
Rhoven and Co.

Eyeless Sight on the Vessel (from Rhoven), tag something with the Reckoner for Flare, and BAM! Shoot stuff dead. That’s the plan.

Is it a good plan?

Hmmm. Let’s move on.

Nick was trying out a Thyron list for the same purpose, partially because he got his Elowyr Swordselves painted up real purty… let’s look at the opposition

Thyron, Sword of Truth
– Fane Knight Guardian
– Manticore x2
Arcantrik Force Generator x2
House Elowyr Swordsmen (max)
– CA
Houseguard Halberdiers (max)
– CA
Fane Knight Issyan
Houseguard Thane

A solid list, lots of infantry clearing with some solid ranged threat from the AFGs and some protection from the Covering Fire on the Manticores (with extra range, no less!). The question, of course, is “Does Thyron actually do anything for this list?”
Sure, he adds Pathfinder in a pinch, and Stormrager on Issyan is hilarious/terrifying, and Spell Piercer is situationally amazing… but don’t other warcasters do this better? Who knows.

Anyway! This would also be my first crack at a SR2017 scenario. What could possibly go wrong? We played “Standoff” (2 circular zones on the midline, 2 rectangular zones, and 2 objectives).

We roll for initiative, Nick wins and goes first. Bleh. He takes the Healing objective, I take the Pathfinder one.


Nick places the Swordselves on his right flank, Thyron near the middle, and an AFG on each flank. Issyan goes within 6″ of Thyron, the Manticores go near the AFGs, and the Halberdiers go on his left flank.

I place the Vessel near the middle, with Sevy and Rhoven nearby. The 2 Redeemers, BoV, and the Repenter go near Nick’s infantry (specifically the Swordselves, since they are a 2nd line unit and I expect to pick off most of the Halberdiers on the approach), and then Support is scattered around.

Nick Advance Moves his Halberdiers, I put my free Arcane Ward on the Reckoner, and we’re off!

Retribution, Turn 1

Both AFGs run forward, with the Manticores running nearby.
Thyron puts “Stormrager” on Issyan, “Assail” on the central Manticore, and moves up.
The Houseguard Thane gives the Halbs +2″ movement.
The Halberdiers move up in Shield Wall, and then Reform up even further.
The Ellowyr Swordselves run and spread out.

Menoth, Turn 1

Ladies and gentlemen, a target rich environment. Let’s clear up some of this nonsense, send a few elves off to their heathen gods, yes? Yes.

Free Focus for my warjacks (gods, I love that rule so much), and Sevy fully loads up the Redeemers.
Choir sings “Battle” and spreads out a little.
BoV runs up to get one of the Halberdiers within “Rebuke” range, and just chills. A Vassal moves up and puts another Focus on him, and then Reforms back 3″.
Sevy gets Harmonious Exaltation and then activates, walks forward, and casts “Awareness” to ignore the forest. He then casts “Rebuke” for free through BoV, taking the +2 to hit, and tags the Halberdiers. He camps the rest.
The Reckoner runs toward the closest zone, staying out of aiming range of the AFG.
The Redeemers move up. The first fires on Issyan, managing to hit him once and inflict 8 damage (boo!), and getting a lucky scatter that vapourizes the Arcanist. The other Redeemer hits and kills a couple Halberdiers.
The Repenter moves up and looks threatening.
Covenant says “No Knockdown” (and does so all game without exception, so just assume that I do that each turn with it).
The Vessel moves up with Eyeless Sight from Rhoven and shoots a couple Halberdiers very, very dead. Lastly, the Mechaniks move up and repair the Vessel.

Retribution, Turn 2

Nick is… unhappy… about Rebuke on his Halberdiers (damn, that’s a great spell in the right situations). But he’s got a lot of them left… sooooo…

Free Focus, upkeep Stormrager and Assail, allocate out a few more to the Manticores.
The Manticore on my right cycles up its guns and gets 2 shots. They go into the closest Redeemer: the first shot hits and is Orcaular Visioned, the second shot does a few points of damage.
The AFG on that side runs forward (it was out of walk-and-shoot range) to be in both Nick’s back zone and the right-side zone.
The Swordelves run forward and spread out.
The Houseguard Thane gives the Halberdiers their +2″ movement, and then the Halbs walk up, with one managing to engage Sevy after they Reform.
The AFG on the other side walks forward and shoots the Reckoner. First shot misses (DEF14 against Ranged is pretty solid), second shot hits and is Oracular’d away.
Manticore toes into the zone and shoots the Reckoner, missing once and hitting on its second shot, doing a few points of damage.
Thyron moves over a little.

(Sorry, no pictures… I’m out of practice at this!)

Menoth, Turn 2

Nick has put his Halberdiers in front of or engaging both Redeemers and the Repenter, so I wanna clear them out. Thankfully, I have the perfect tool for that…

Free Focus, and I upkeep Arcane Ward, and drops Rebuke. Full load of Focus on the Redeemers.
The Vessel moves up towards Sevy (and the 2 Halbs near him), and uses “Eruption of Faith”, vapourizing both. It then shoots the closest unengaged Halberdier, killing it and its 2 buddies. Last shot goes into Issyan, but even with boosting, misses. The Mechaniks repair the Vessel to full power and Reform away from it.
Choir sings the song of their people.
The Repenter, now freed, walks towards Issyan and Flamethrowers him. Hits, dismounts, and puts him on fire.
The Redeemers both try to finish off the pesky dragoon, but no luck hitting (I mean, needing 14s isn’t likely, even with boosts), but they do kill a Swordelf or two.
The Reckoner moves up into the zone  behind cover and pumps a shot into the Manticore, but misses. Wah-wah.
BoV moves up towards the Swordelves, and Sevy arcs “Rebuke” through him onto the Swordelves for free.

Score goes to 1 – 1 (for our close zones).

Retribution, Turn 3

Nick is once again unhappy about Rebuke (and his inability to remove it). Oh well!

Free Focus, loads the Manticores up, upkeeps Stormrager and Assail.
Issyan charges the Repenter. I Oracular off the hit.
The right Manticore charges into Blessing, positioned in such a way that Repel will just bump him into my Repenter. Blessing gets his Defensive Strike, which does a bunch of damage on a good roll, and then Oracular’s off the initial charge attack. Nick then spends the rest of his stack obliterating the Repenter.
The Swordselves walk forward into the zone, still spread out.
The AFG on that side fires a couple shots into my Redeemers, inflicting some damage after the Oracular.
The other AFG hits my Reckoner for a few damage, as does the Manticore. It’s taken about 10 boxes so far, with nothing crippled.
The remaining Halbs move into the left zone, one engaging my Reckoner. Another moves up to contest my zone.

Score goes to 3 – 1 for Nick (one for his zone, one for the circular zone with the Swordselves in it).

Again, no pictures. I’ll get better at this!

Menoth, Turn 3

Hmm. Tricky.

Upkeep Rebuke and Arcane Ward, allocate a full load to both Redeemers.
The Vessel charges the Manticore (through my Objective, I love that rule too!). It shoots the Manticore for a bunch of damage, and then “Eruption of Faith” to push it away from Blessing and all my warjacks. I shoot it again, inflict significant damage, and kill a few Swordselves nearby.
Rhoven and Co. charge the Manticore, with all 3 getting on it. I crank the first damage roll, leaving it on one, and Rhoven finishes it off to trigger Battle Wizard, killing a Swordself with his nuke.
Choir sings Battle.
One Redeemer moves up into the zone and tries to kill Issyan unsuccessfully, and a few Swordselves more successfully.
The other Redeemer aims at the AFG, hitting it a few times for light damage.
The Reckoner kills the Halb engaging him.
Blessing moves up.
Sevy arcs “Ashes to Ashes” onto Issyan but rolls really poorly on damage, leaving him on 2, kills a few more Swordselves.

We both score 1 point, bringing the score to 4-2.

Retribution, Turn 4

Focus to the Manticore, drop Stormrager, and we’re off.

Thyron puts “Assail” on the Manticore
Nick Slams the Reckoner with his Manticore, easily getting it out of the zone.
The AFG on the Right shoots the Redeemer, pushing it out of the zone as well (technically, with the 2nd shot, as the first one was Shield Guarded by one of Rhoven’s guards).
The Houseguard Thane runs into my zone.
Nick ends his turn scoring 3, bringing the final score to 7 – 2, and a victory for the filthy pointy-ears!

Victory to the Retribution!

Post-Game Analysis

Phew! That was a lot of fun… even if my list has problems (RAT1 is pretty sad, and Sevy can’t really help that!). Overall the Vessel was a superstar, doing and enormous amount of work every turn, killing swathes of Nick’s stuff.

Good on Nick for keeping his eyes on the prize (seriously, how long has it been since Nick focused on winning, rather than just killing all the things? … I joke, mostly). I like his list, but again I question the value of Thyron over one of the “better” warcasters (Ossyan, in particular would be a monster with this list I suspect).

Anyway! Move batreps will follow, now that I’m getting back into the habit… I can’t say how often, but I have one for next week, at the very least! Hope you guys enjoyed it!


3 thoughts on “Battle Report – Sevy2 vs Thryon, Ridiculous List Ho!

  1. Even garryth would likely run that list better 🙂 can even charge through the afgs to clear them off. Sentry on one of them, and mirage on swordsmen or Halbs would be a boon aswell, as id garryths feat which even more protects the afgs from a trampling heavy/colossal. And he can shoot 2 models aswell if someone steps forward.

    That is, if you insist on running subpar casters 😉

    Thyron is way better in forges, with Helios, 2xgriffon, 2 artificers marshalling 2 hydra, 1 Arcanist unit and 2 regular arcanists, and a unit of mittens with soulless, just my 2 bitcoins.

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