Battle Report – Vindictus vs Madrak3

Two batreps in two weeks?! Say whaaaaa…

People don’t say that any more, do they? Oh well. I am a creature of my time…

It was a fascinating game, and much was learned… although, if you’ve listened to this week’s podcast, you know that not ENOUGH was learned. Still, give it a read if you want!

So I accidentally made a Vindictus list that’s… pretty okay, actually. It has a problem (specifically the warjack loadout is bleh), but it’s not bad.

Vindictus, in Exemplar Interdiction
– Vigilant
– Devout
– Redeemer
Exemplar Errant Seneschal
Knight Exemplar Seneschal
High Exemplar Gravus
Wracks x3
Vassal Mechanik
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard
Knight Exemplar
– Officer
Knight Exemplar
– Officer
Vengers (max)

(Bonuses: Free stuff, +2″ Deployment, Blessed Weapons on the warjacks)

The list is basically a Weaponmaster Delivery System. The Vengers are, to some extent, in the list to pull attacks away from the far more dangerous Knight Exemplars… with Defenders Ward, DEF14 ARM19/21 Vengers can take a surprising amount of firepower, and are still dangerous enough that they can’t just be ignored. The Errants help as well, especially with Penitence, which can be surprisingly effective at putting out a bit of damage or making an opponent hesitate in wiping them out.

In theory.

As for my noble and honourable opponent, Rob, he was toying around with a Madrak3 list:

Madrak3 in Band of Heroes
– Mauler
– Axer
Fell Caller Hero
Stone Scribe Chronicler
Krielstone (max)
– Stonescribe Elder
Champions (min) x2
Warders (min) x2
Fennblades (max)
– Officer and Musician
Whelps x5

(I think I’m missing 4 points in this list… I’ll ask Rob, but until then, sorry!)
I like the theory of the list: Warders to absorb charges, Champs to kill stuff dead, Fenns to engage guns or charge a ridiculous distance. And a Mauler because a Mauler.

The scenario we played is called “Recon II”, and it has two rectangular zones (scored by warjacks/warbeasts), two flags (solos), and two objectives (Rob took Magic Weapons, I took the one that heals).

We rolled for initiative, Rob won, and chose to go first.


Rob deployed both units of Champs on the right flank (all “Left-Right” from my perspective) and both units of Warders on the left. The Mauler went behind the Champs, while the Axer and Madrak went central. The unit of Stones went slightly to the right, and the whelps were lightly sprinkled behind everything else.

I deployed Vindictus in the center with one unit of Knight Exemplar on each flank. The Vengers went to the far right, and the warjacks all went near Vinny, with the Redeemer going slightly left. Gravus goes near Vinny.
Lastly, the Errants were deployed in the middle on the AD line and on a hill.

(No pictures, sorry!).

Trolls, Turn 1

Everything ran.

Well, not everything. But you get the idea. Rob dumped a bunch of Fury into the Stone and moved aggressively forward with everything, putting “Concealment” on one unit of Warders and giving his entire army the +2ARM from the Stone.

Menoth, Turn 1

Free Focus to the Warjacks, and Vinny camps everything else.
The Vengers go first, because as always I’ve forgotten to put one within 6″ of Vinny. They run up and spread out, with one moving forward towards the Troll army as a “Battle Driven” offering. One goes within 6″ of where Vinny will be.
Vinny then activates, moves up and puts “Penitence” on the Errants and “Defender’s Ward” on the Vengers. He pulls from a wrack, which doesn’t explode.
The Errants walk forward to fill the space between the two buildings near the zone. They take a few shots, but the vast majority miss or bounce off Troll ARM. One does cause a Tough check, which Rob passes.
The Knight Exemplar all run forward behind other stuff.
The Redeemer moves up and takes some shots at Fennblades, but doesn’t manage to kill anything with lucky scatters.
Gravus moves up behind the building in the middle, and we’re done!

(Yes, I forget to Feat… not at all prophetically)

Trolls, Turn 2

Rob pulls in Fury.
The Champs on the right charge my Venger, obliterating the one in front.
The Mauler moves up behind the Champs, staying more than 2″ behind them to prevent me charging it.
The Fennblades get something from the Chronicler (Pathfinder? Maybe?) and run forward, both to engage a few Vengers and Gravus on the right and a bunch of Errants on the left. He kills a few Errants, and “Penitence” kills a few Fennblades. Gravus goes full on Souls.
The Warders move up in B2B on the left into the middle of the zone.
Madrak moves up and does the Stone Aura, Feats, and then is surrounded by the 2nd unit of Warders.
The Axer also moves towards the left flank, but holds back.
Rob runs a Whelp up to his flag, but it’s too early to score just yet.

Menoth, Turn 2

I upkeep both “Penitence” and “Defender’s Ward”, and then give out 2 Focus to the Redeemer.
The Knight Exemplar Senny charges a Fennblade and obliterates it. Thankfully, it fails Super Tough.
Gravus charges a Fennblade and kills it: it Toughs and moves away.
The right unit of Knight Exemplar charge in and between all their attacks, manage to kill 2-3 Fennblades.
The Vengers activate and Impact and Charge the Champs, killing 2 of the first unit and 1 from the second. They Reform back to safety.
Emboldened by my successes on the right… things do not go so well on the left. The Errants and Knight Exemplar over their only kill one Warder, and one Fennblade Toughs like… five times, moving around and being a total pain in my butt. I eventually kill it with a lucky shot from the Redeemer. The rest of the shots go into the Whelp, but no luck.
Vinny moves up and remembers to Feat (too late, my friends, but oh well).
Lastly, I run my Mechanik up to my flag, and score the first point. Rob, sadly, is able to score 1 point on his flag anyway.

Score is 1-1.

(No pictures, sorry!)

Trolls, Turn 3

Rob sends his Mauler in on my Vengers, killing one but missing the other several (all the) times. Defender’s Ward is a thing, yo.
The Champs clean up a few Knight Exemplar, and one of them gets within 4″ of my flag (boo!).
The Warders and the Axer on the other flank finish off all my Errants aside from the officer and the useless Standard, and engage a bunch of Knight Exemplar.
The Stone walks up and tries to kill a Knight Exemplar from the right flank, but doesn’t pull it off.

Score goes 2-1 for Rob.

Menoth, Turn 3

I’m starting to get pretty low on clock, but I think I can close this out pretty quick. Vinny drops “Penitence” and camps.
Vinny goes first and casts “True Path”.
The left flank Knight Exemplar pop their miniFeat and just… obliterate everything on that side. A bunch of Warders, the last of the Fennblades… they push deep and just cut a swathe through everything. It’s pretty freakin’ glorious.
The last Errants run up towards Rob’s flag.
On the right flank, the Vengers charge the Mauler and do respectable damage. The remaining Knight Exemplar clear out the Champs, and Gravus, fully loaded on Souls, charges in and finishes off the Mauler. Sadly, there’s still 2 Whelps in the zone.
The Redeemer aims at Rob’s Whelp on his flag, and continues to miss and scatter way, way wide. Oh well, least I didn’t kill any of my own dudes.
Score goes to 2-2.

Trolls, Turn 4

Rob’s counterattack is lead by Madrak, who kills a few Knight Exemplar with a spear or two.
The Axer then moves up and Threshers… a lot. A lot of noble Knight Exemplar die.
The Warders kill a few more Knights, he can’t kill the Errant Officer (who has to Self-Sac once), letting me continue to contest his flag.
The Krielstone continues to be unable to kill anything on the right flank.

The score goes to 3-2 for me, and Rob has only 13 seconds left. Granted, I only have 36…

Menoth, Turn 4

Time for my brilliant plan to spring into action!
I run the Devout into the left zone (brilliant!), and use Gravus to clear out the Whelp contesting the zone.
I end my turn on 1 second… and score 2 points, going 5-2

My brain goes “I’m up 3 points! I win!”, and then my brain goes “Wait… that math sounds wrong.”

Turns out Rob can’t beat me in 13 seconds regardless… so my brilliant plan was to clock him allllll along.
Yes. Brilliant!

Victory to Menoth.

Post Game Analysis

Madrak’s Feat is purty good if you can’t remove Tough, I tell you whut.

Seriously, though, the game was pretty solid, although I made an almost unforgiveable number of mistakes. Still, the Knight Exemplar continue to impress… with their Officer, they do so, so much work. It’s a little staggering, really.

Anyway! Sorry if you read this post when the draft went live instead of the full batrep! Hopefully I can get another one of these done soon… with a little less derp.

That’d be nice.

Thanks for reading!

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  2. I forgot how much I enjoy these batreps, thanks Marx! Looks like a tough grind for the both of you – so many dudes to go through for him, so many tough checks for you to go through!

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