Butch3r – He’s just really enthusiastic.

I picked up Butcher 3 the other day in an attempt to quell the notion that I don’t play good casters. I would have got him sooner or later because, my lanterns does he sound fun! He’d better be at $65 retail and a weight of pewter so great it required a pallet-jack to transport. I was going to wait until he was finished and also playing Marc before I debuted him – Marc doesn’t take shocks very well – but then I got too impatient.

Butch3r 2


I deviated a little from the original by attaching his left arm palm down. Palm up, the sculpt looked really awkward; it was a pose that didn’t look natural or comfortable. With the arm palm down, not only does it look better but it afforded me space to mold a disembodied spinal column using one of the heads that was suppose to be attached to Butch’s belt, a paper clip, drywall compound and little bit of airplane glue for the gore at the base of it. Ya know: for good measure. I feel like ripping out peoples spines is something he’d be into.

4 thoughts on “Butch3r – He’s just really enthusiastic.

  1. My god, that is the most horrifyingly beautiful (or beautifully horrifying) Butcher I’ve seen! Great bloodspatters on dark armour, blood and skulls on an ice underground and the look of a proper madman. Well done Aaron!

  2. Thank you for not “announcing” his existence by dropping him against me.

    You would mulch both of my current lists with this guy. Like… he would be a Menoth-woodchipper. Insert army one end, gore and fragments out the other.

    But more than that, he looks stunning! But I think you missed a spot on Lola… there’s a piece that isn’t completely covered in gore!

    Can’t wait to see how he works on the table! Apparently he takes a little getting used to, but after that, he’s a great warcaster!

  3. **Rocking back and forth in the fetal position in the back of my closet**
    Please don’t let the Butcher get.me…. Please don’t let the Butcher get me…

  4. When I finish the Argus’s I’m going to take another photo using a different camera because my cybershot just doesn’t do very good close ups.

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