Podcast 063 – Cygnar vs Circle, Kraye vs eKrueger – Just Because He's Good Doesn't Make Him Easy!

This week for the podcast, Todd decided to get some practice in with the original Circle Power Warlock himself… eKrueger! And because I now no longer need to worry about Bradigus, but I’m still locked into fielding my anti-Bradigus Kraye list… I figured it was a good chance to see if he has any game whatsoever in this matchup!


Having played the game now, I can say, with authority; Maybe!

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Podcast 058 – Legion (eThagrosh) Vs. Circle (eKrueger) – Get Off My Zone!

Nick wrote a brief outline of the battle report for today, and asked that I (Marc) “flesh it out”. I’m pretty sure he’s not exactly sure what he just asked for…
IMG_5084 copy
Either way, the report this week is between Nick’s Legion and Gaven’s Circle! It was an epic battle for the ages, and one in which Nick learned a little bit about caring…

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(Spoilers: No, he really didn’t)
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Tournament 007 – Marc's Results with Cygnar at the Hobby Kingdom 50pt Steamroller

I said this would go up Wednesday… it goes up Friday… which is a little like Wednesday in that they both involve the word “day”! So… better late than never?

So on Saturday, the Combo Smite crew made the field trip down to Hobby Kingdom in Burlington, Ontario. This was my second time in the venue (the last time for my foray into “Hardcore” with Menoth, which was completely enjoyable if somewhat unsuccessful!), but the first time for Nick, Aaron, Darrell, and Kassem. Great venue, tonnes of fun… and a solid 27 players that showed up!

Nick is writing up his own reports from the event, but I do so love writing battle reports, and hopefully my (mis)adventures can help other Cygnar players!

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Tournament 005 – Meeplemart 50pt. SR – Nick’s Mercs Results

On Saturday Marc and I made the trek into Toronto to attend a 50pt Steamroller event at Meeplemart. Meeple has to be the nicest gaming store I have ever seen. Tons of stock, large play area with comfortable leather chairs and lots of very passable terrain.IMG_4424 copy

I was bringing my Mercs with a couple lists that I am practicing with for the Game Summit Masters tournament that we are attending next week.  The lists I brought were: Continue reading

Battle 035 – Mercs Vs. Circle – MACBAIN!!! Vs. eKrueger – Ride the Lightning

Last week I was practicing list for the 50pt Steamroller Tourney at the Game chamber. The battle reports for the tournament have already gone up but I thought I would post this battle report anyway.IMG_4151

I was matched up this week against Gaven and his Circle. Continue reading

Podcast 036 – Mercs Vs. Circle – Bartolo Vs. pKrueger

This week on the podcast we present a game between my forces of Mercenaries and Todd’s Circle.

Marc: Aaron’s connection gets dropped pretty early into the podcast, but through the magic of editing, I doubt you guys will even notice! This is a super-fun episode, and a huge thank you to Todd for being our guest host this week!

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Now, back to Nick’s commentary:
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Podcast 034 – Khador vs Circle, Butcher3 vs pKrueger: Sit, Argus, Sit! Good boy!

This week Aaron went axe-to-claw with Todd’s Circle Orboros army… and the results were… dare I say it… shocking
Butch3r vs pKrueger glamour shot

See… ’cause Todd was playing Krueger… who’s all about lightning… and… look, it’s very funny! Shut up.
Also this week, Todd is under the mistaken impression that we’re a family-friendly podcast (spoiler: no), Aaron falls in love with the new Butcher, and I question if Krueger is having problems getting the “spark” back in his love life.

Come on people… comedy gold here! Everyone’s a critic.

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Southern Ontario Open Youngbloods Tournament Podcast: Menoth Represent!

Nick, Adam, Kassem, and I went to the Southern Ontario Open tournament on Saturday, May 24th… great times had by all, and a solid podcast resulting from it!

Nick will be posting his results in his own thread, but the podcast is being attached to mine because… well, no good reason, so just because! Also, I’m going to apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures… we were on the clock, so I only had enough time to snap a single shot of each turn (and sometimes not even that!), and only using my crappy little camera phone. Thankfully, Nick took much better pictures for his report, so check those out for your pretty-picture fix!

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Background and Preamble

If you’ve been following Combo Smite for the last few weeks, you’ll have heard us all talking about the 35 point 2-list tournament coming up… that was this one, the “Youngbloods” portion of the Southern Ontario Open tournament. The ‘main’ event of the tournament was a massive (EIGHTY-EIGHT MAN!) qualifier for the WarMachne Weekend Invitational… but I didn’t feel mentally prepared for such an event. And after seeing the field… I think I made the right decision. They had plenty of space, but I gotta tell ya, 90 tournament players all trying to talk over each other in a relatively small room? Yeah, I was much happier on my side of the tournament.

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Podcast 023 – Menoth vs Circle, Harbinger vs eKrueger: Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires!

This week we played some preparation games for an upcoming tournament being held in Southern Ontario (named, perhaps not coincidentally, the “Southern Ontario Open”).

The tournament itself is a qualifier for the Canadian World WarMachine Tournament team… but we’re not competing in that portion of the tournament. No, we humble Combo Smite hosts will be competing in the “Youngbloods” portion of the tournament… a 32-man, 35 point two list event.


In the random draw we played, I ended up facing off against Gaven and his forces of the Circle Oroboros (did I add too many “o”s to that name? Whatev’…). Gaven was rocking an eKrueger and an eMorvahna list… while I was hoping to get some practice with my eFeora list (which I am still less comfortable with than I am the Harbinger…) the clutch-piece of that list is the fire-spawning-missiles of the Redeemer… which is enormously less effective against eKrueger.

Give the podcast a listen, and/or read on to see how the battle worked out!

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