Podcast 168 – List Dojo, Lylyth3 and Constance Blaize!

List dojo episode! I really enjoy doing these, hopefully you folks enjoy ’em too!

This week I challenge Nick to make a Lylyth3 list (I love Lylyth3, but you don’t see her on the table as much any more!), and he apparently hates me and everything I stand for because he makes me make a Constance Blaize list.

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Podcast 119 – Cygnar in Mk3, Full Analysis (FOUR HOURS!)

So, let me outline my Sunday for you: Wake up at 7:50, crawl to my computer, call Nick and Skype for four hours to record our podcast…

And then from 2pm until 7:30, I edited that podcast we recorded! And now you awesome people can listen to the fruit of my entire Sunday worth of labour! Do let us know what ya think!

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Battle 002 – Winter Festival Battle Report!

NPR002 - turn0_Marc_(1of6)

I thought it might be kinda fun to play a Winter-Festival-Holiday-Themed game of WarMachine as December is in full roar… but since I only had this thought last week, and since making cool terrain takes time and money… I decided to go for the cheesey, tongue-in-cheek look instead! White tissue paper for snow, some holiday-houses (wrong scale, but close!), a few holiday trees, a random piece of fence (also wrong scale!), and a train-track to nowhere…

Plus, of course, a rampaging horde of murderous elves rebelling against the fat human mage in red! I just wish I was playing Khador and had time to glue a small white beard onto the Butcher… 🙂

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