Podcast 119 – Cygnar in Mk3, Full Analysis (FOUR HOURS!)

So, let me outline my Sunday for you: Wake up at 7:50, crawl to my computer, call Nick and Skype for four hours to record our podcast…

And then from 2pm until 7:30, I edited that podcast we recorded! And now you awesome people can listen to the fruit of my entire Sunday worth of labour! Do let us know what ya think!

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Podcast 083 – Cygnar (Sturgis) vs Mercs (Thexus) – Who Needs Feats, Anyway?

Wanted to get a game against Exulon Thexus into the Combo Smite repertoire… and in trying to figure out who would give a good game, I decided… hey… why not Sturgis?!

Podcast 082 007

(There are PLENTY of reasons why not to take Sturgis! But hey, it was fun!)

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