Podcast 061 – The Adam O Invitational Tournament: Khador, Legion, and Cygnar!

So last week I finally finished my write up for the Adam O Invitational… and we decided to do a podcast on Aaron and Nick’s results!


Come listen to us discuss playing against Bradigus (2 of the 3 hosts had to play Gaven testing out his Bradigus list!), find out how my noble cohosts did, and learn Aaron’s newest ability in real life!

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Podcast 059 – Legion (Thagrosh2) Vs. Menoth (Kreoss3) – Manifest This!

This week Nick was matched up against Darrell and his Menoth.  We are both practicing with our OTC lists.
IMG_5108 copy

Come listen to Nick forget his name (hey, it IS 4 letters long, and he’s only been using it for about 30 years…) and us discuss whether Fire of Salvation or Kreoss himself is a better choice for destroying Scytheans!

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Podcast 058 – Legion (eThagrosh) Vs. Circle (eKrueger) – Get Off My Zone!

Nick wrote a brief outline of the battle report for today, and asked that I (Marc) “flesh it out”. I’m pretty sure he’s not exactly sure what he just asked for…
IMG_5084 copy
Either way, the report this week is between Nick’s Legion and Gaven’s Circle! It was an epic battle for the ages, and one in which Nick learned a little bit about caring…

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(Spoilers: No, he really didn’t)
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Battle 039 – Cygnar vs Legion, Nemo2 vs eThags: Lightning Striking the Same Place 40+ Times…

Statistically, such an event as lightning striking the same place twice isn’t that unusal… the CN Tower in Toronto is struck an average of 75 times per year. But all the same, getting in about 50 Stormcalls in one game… I think this is a first for me.


Hopefully not the last…

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Podcast 032 – Khador vs Legion, Vlad2 vs eThags: Everblight is a Hamster, and Your Motherland Smells of Elderberries!

For this week’s battle report, we have something very special: our newest Mercenary Co-host, Darrell (Menoth Darrell on the PP Forums) has volunteered to do the write up! And us, being the lazy slobs we are, let him!


Also in this week’s podcast, Nick gets very, very drunk (thankfully mostly amusing drunk!), Aaron manages not to leave midway through the podcast to urinate for the first time in a month, and Darrell is a perfect gentleman who records while taking care of his 1-year-old lesser warbeast.

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Battle 013 – Quick 15pt Games for Charsaug: Menoth vs Legion

So last week, before the tournament (which is going live in a few hours now… should be up before I finish this!), Ozzie and I got together for a few quick games. Originally, I was hoping to get some practice in for the tournament, but Ozzie’s back had been injured earlier in the day (something to do with moving air conditioners out of a truck) and he wasn’t up for anything long or complicated. So instead, we played a pair of 15 point games pitting Legion against the Protectorate for our part in the Charsaug League!
10 - GthS0Vx

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Battle 006 – Two 50pt Games with Menoth vs Legion

On Sunday, I met up with Ozzie, a friend and regular opponent of mine… this time our armies clashed at Cambridge’s “Forbes Games” (shameless-plug-in-hopes-of-kickbacks!).

Ozzie previously has played Retribution, has collected a respectable Circle army, and has now jumped ship to the soulless and evil Legion. Since he’s only been playing since September 2013, this is a remarkably chain of armies… especially considering how MANY models he has for each… but he’s great fun to play against, and on top of that he takes awesome pictures. I look forward to getting him on the podcast before too long!

Anyway, until then, you can read about 2 more games I played with Menoth, trying to bring the light of the Creater of Man to the mutant elven-heathens of Everblight. And by “light”, I mean “fires”.

Game 1

We decided on a 50pt game, but since my collection of Menites is still very limited, I told Ozzie that I’d be unable to create 2 unique lists (it would basically be every model I owned, with 2 different warcasters!). He created a single Legion list to play against me, and we were off.

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