Podcast 193 – Two Champions… Lists.

I wrangle Nick and Darrell into making two lists for the new Champions format!

Nick tackles Legion, and Darrell talks Trolls… after we spend a little bit of time in the Salt Mines of the Ret CID. Good times, good times…

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Podcast 130 – Legion Full Faction Episode!

Phew! A whole lot of Everblight on today’s podcast… 5 hours all about the blighted brethren of the blasted dragon!


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Podcast 105 – Legion (pVayl) vs Menoth (Durst) – My Armour versus His Cracking

It sometimes surprises people that Legion doesn’t have a tonne of in-house ARM-cracking. A few pieces that do it really remarkably well, granted, but not a huge swath of options.

Of those options, pVayl may be the best, so let’s find out how she handles the enormous ARM-skew that is Durst!

January 16th Batrep 009

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Video Battle Report #007 – Skorne (Hexeris2) Vs. Legion (Vayl2)

Our podcast is a bit late this week.  How about a new Video batrep to make up for it!

We haven’t done a commentated batrep in a couple weeks since we were posting tournamemt video instead.  So here we present my Legion into Kassem’s Skorne.

Once again it’s Vayl2 vs. Hexy2 but the lists are different and so are the game changing mistakes!

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Podcast 091 – Legion (Vayl1) Vs. Menoth (Durst) Because That’s All Darrell Plays These Days

Hope everyone is having an awesome, enjoyable Labour Day!
IMG_20150902_191809 copy
Here’s this week’s podcast… a little late (because Marc is lazy and would rather BBQ steak than actually do his editing responsibilities… the slacker!), but still excellent!

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Podcast 088 – Tournament 018 – Time Traveling Tournament!

Okay, this is much less of a time-travel than originally expected… see, we were SUPPOSED to record another podcast this week, but SOMEBODY (cough-Todd-cough) had to go and see some band in Toronto.
“Can’t Tie” or “Glideloop” or “Skidhitch” or something like that. So as a result, we’re using our banked Podcast for this week, and we’ll use this week’s podcast for NEXT week and oh dear I’ve gone cross-eyed…

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Podcast 086 – Tournament 017 – Marc and Nick Go To Store Wars

This week’s battle report podcast is about the results of Nick and my trip to the final Store Wars qualifier event…

July 26 Podcast 086 073
I did sorta-okay! Nick did less-okay but learned a lot! And by listening, you guys can learn a lot too!

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Full written battle reports will follow later this week (hopefully Thursday!), but for now, enjoy the podcast! And keep your fingers crossed that I manage to make it into the Top 16!

Video Battle Report 003 – Skorne (Hexeris2) Vs. Legion (Vayl2)

Another video battle report.  This week it’s my Legion vs. Kassem’s Skorne.  I drop Vayl2 who I have been wanting to get some practise with for a while since I’ve only played her a couple times. Kassem drops Hexeris2 since he had a new list with the Mammoth and Croak Raiders he was wanting to try out.

We made a couple mistakes in the game but it wasn’t quite a gong show.

I hope you enjoy!

Video BatRep #001 – Trollbloods (Madrak2) Vs. Legion (Vayl1)

Its about time.

I finally got off my ass and made a proper video battle report with commentary and all the bells and whistles.  My intention before we even began film local tourneys was to do a weekly or bi-weekly full feature video battle report with commentary.

This week you can check out my Legion forces led by Vayl1 taking on Darrell’s Trollbloods army led by Madrak2.

Darrell and I are present to give commentary on the game to tell you not just what we did by also why. Continue reading