Battle 029 – Mercenaries Vs. Skorne – Ashlynn Vs. Makeda2

This week I was matched up against Kassem and his Skorne Army. I am still getting my feet wet with Mercs and Kassem is usually trying weird stuff so this should be a good battle.IMG_3594

Can the Mercenary Freedom fighters of Aslynn D’lyse be victorious against the sadistic hordes of Skorne? Stay tuned!

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Battle 027 – Menoth vs Mercenary, Amon vs eMagnus: Open Fire!

This week Nick was happily smashing MACBAIN!!! into Kassem’s Skorne, leaving me to once again have a more leisurely game.

Aaron got home a little late and asked if it was okay that we only put 35 points on the table. Fine by me… I had been looking for an excuse to try out a few of my new warcasters, and this provided me with a fantastic opportunity!


To my surprise, Aaron hauled out a Mercenary list instead of his usual Khador! Still, the list I crafted was designed to handle just about anything (aside from Assault Kommandoes), so I was confident we’d at least get a good game out of it! And the fates did not disappoint…
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Podcast 033 – Mercenaries Vs. Skorne – MACBAIN!!! Vs. pHexeris – Needs more Exclamation Points…

This week the unpainted masses of Kassem’s Skorne meet the partially painted mis-mash of my Mercenaries. (Remember when I said I was going to strictly play only painted Mercs when I started them. Yeah… about that…)

Also in this week’s podcast, Aaron invents a new drinking game, Kassem makes the most tangential joke in the history of the world, Marc talks about the Future of Combo Smite(tm), and I am basically awesome and fantastic in every way imaginable.

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Battle 025 – Mercs Vs. Circle – Damiano Vs. eBaldur – Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones.

This week I was matched up against Todd, our local Pressganger (Gingerstein on the PP Forums), and his Circle army.  Todd mainly plays Retribution these days but tonight he was dusting off his Circle for a change.IMG_3482

Todd brought eMorvahna and eBaldur.  I had a feeling he was going to go with Baldur because that”s his favourite Cirlce caster. There was a also a pretty strong list chicken component since I had Durgen as one of my lists and it would probably have made short work of Goatvahna. Continue reading

Battle 022 – Mercs Vs. Menoth – Ossrum Vs. pSeverius

I had the chance to play a game against somebody new today.  Jay is a Menoth player who was just in town to accompany his friend Mike who came to London to trade his Galleon for an extra Earthbreaker which I had acquired recently.IMG_3450

So, Jay and I set out to play a 50pt game.  Jay had said he had a pSevy list he was itching to try out so I played my Ossrum list which in a tournament would be my most likely Menoth drop.

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Podcast 030 – Mercs Vs. Circle – Gorten Vs. eMorvahna – Assassination Walk

This week on the podcast we have my forces of Mercenaries going up against Gaven’s forces of Circle. Can the deceptively tall forces of Gorten Grundback take on the annoying tree hunger activists of Morvahna the Dawnshadow? IMG_3406

Find out on this Episode of Combo Smite!

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Battle 020 – Mercs Vs. Menoth – Durgen Vs. Testament – Souls and Bombs

This week I was matched up against a newer player to our meta, Darrell.  We both just brought 1 list because we both had some stuff we wanted to try out.IMG_3342

I wanted to test out a Durgen list (discussion here) that centered around flooding the table with cheap bodies in the form of Pressgangers. Continue reading

Podcast 028 – Mercs V. Menoth – Ossrum Vs. pFeora – If It Burns We Can Kill It

This week on the podcast we present a battle between my forces of Mercenaries and Marc’s Menoth. We are back to 50pt games now that we are no longer practicing for the Southern Ontario open 35pt Tournament. It’s nice to be able to take ALL THE THINGS again.

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Battle 015 – Menoth vs Mercenaries, pFeora vs Ashlynn on VASSAL

One of the best things about writing battle reports, both here and on the Privateer Press Forums, has been that it draws people to inviting me to play them. I’ve met several great people this way, and last week a gentleman by the name of Tom (“motyak” on the forums) asked if I wouldn’t mind having a quick VASSAL game. Since Tom lives in the land Down Under (where women roar and men thunder, I’m told), I was totally down for a game over the interwebs, since the odds of us every playing in person was remarkably low! We set up the game on Friday, and I’m writing it up now!

Tom wanted to get some experience/practice in with Ashlynn, and I can see why. She’s an absolutely first-rate warcaster… great spell list, great Feat, really hard to kill and some awesome defensive tech. Since this was his first game on VASSAL, I suggested a lower point game, and so we were both rockin’ 25 point lists.
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