Podcast 051 – Anniversary Podcast! Highlander Format 3-Way Battle, and Giveaway Contest: Our Birthday, We Give You Presents!

So for our Anniversary Podcast report, we tossed around a few ideas: a large 3 way battle, a small round-robin tournament between the hosts, even the possibility of doing a repeat battle from Podcast 001, Ossyan vs Nemo3. But in the end, we decided to go full-jenk and do a Highlander Battle.


Nick invented a modified scenario for us to battle over, and we stumbled into a few hiccups, but it was still a great game… and surprisingly educational! Plus, with all three of us playing, there’s 3 times the usual levels of bickering! Who would want to miss that?

Also! Contest announcement! Details at the beginning of the podcast and the end of the write-up!

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The Journey of a Thousand Leagues Begins with Beginner Journeyman Leagues

Are you awed by that title? I’m so proud of it that I may actually burst.
Today I ran a Demo Day at “Just by Chance Games” in Waterloo. Alicia, who owns/works at the store, helped me get set up, and I showed up with the above models, ready to teach! Simultaneously, we also started a Journeyman League for all the eager players who were ready to dip their toes into WarMachine!
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Battle 021 – 50pt Menoth vs Retribution, pFeora vs Kaelyssa: Sanctify!

Since this week Aaron and Kassem were doing the grindiest grindfest that ever did grind for the podcast, that left me with the freedom to have a nice light game with Todd. Last time Todd stomped pKreoss into the dirt with the drunken kung-fu of Borka, but this time he was playing his beloved Retribution… which I am considerably more familiar with!

Also, I love playing against Retribution. It’s so nerve wracking in a positive way (unlike playing, say, Cryx, which is just repeatedly being kicked in the junk).
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Battle 016 – Retribution V.s Cryx – Kaelyssa Vs. eSkarre

This week I was matched up against Adam and his Cryx army.  We both brought 2 lists we are testing for an upcoming tournament.  We ended up chosing Kaelyssa and Epic Skarre.


Can I find a way to overcome the shambling hordes of Cryx. Will Kaelyssa die by the thousand papercuts of backlashing Satyxis.  Will Skarre get knocked down and drug out by a momentum cannon shot. Stay tuned to find out! Continue reading

Podcast 022 – Retribution vs Khador, Kaelysa vs Karchev – It's easy to be brave behind Man-o-War

The tides of war once again crash against the shore that is this weekly podcast. Tides don’t really crash, do they? They slowly rise and recede. Uh… The filthy toddlers feet pitter-patter along as the family’s dog also runs amok, illegally and annoyingly off-leash, across the beach that is this weekly podcast. I’m going to drop the beach metaphor. Two dudes in their 30’s place small steam-punk miniatures on a table across from one another and roll dice to determine the outcome of mock battles in accordance with the rules of said steam-punk miniatures game.

As the title indicates this weeks game was between Retribution and Khador. We decided to try a different system for match-ups instead of the inconsistent and lethargic text message asking for a game. In an effort to make some generalist lists which would better suited for tournaments where opponents aren’t prearranged we randomly chose our opponents. Local Cryx phenom Adam opted to sit out and Cygnar/Menoth upstart Marc couldn’t make it because he was house hunting or getting a butterfly tramp-stamp or some such nonsense so it was Kassem vs Gaven and Nick vs myself.

(Note from Marc: We also announce the winner of our first contest in this podcast… for spoilers, just scroll down to the end of the battle report!)

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