MERCS Battle Report 02 – CCC Vs Keizai Waza – Take 2

This is our second attempt to do a MERCS battle report.  We scaled this down to 3 Vs. 3 this time in the hopes it would let us concentrate on remembering our special rules and the game rules a little better.  (Ya I know. Good luck with that.)

Marc will be adding his thoughts in the report in Italics… just to keep it clear(er) for the readers. But mostly, this is my writing and Marc just tossing in occasional thoughts, comments, and post-game-analysis!

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Terraining Day 11 – Papercraft Prime

Nick has been on a bit of a MERCs kick recently… it’s a neat game, no question, and the models are pretty cool. One of the nicest things about it, though, is that it rewards “gobs-o-terrain” setups, which is brutally punishing to WarMachine, and so I have an excuse to make a bit more terrain!

Now, the real reason I’m making MERCs terrain first is that a good friend of mine (hi Bill!) gave me a stack of Worldworks Games papercraft terrain for WarMachine (specifically sewer stuff, which looks uber-awesome!), but I didn’t want to ruin the good stuff with my clumsy and clueless attempts, so he also gave me some leftover city-scape stuff he had from his Heroclicks terrain collection, which I think will work perfectly with MERCs *and* give me practice so that I when I tackle the sewer-stuff, it’ll look awesome!

That’s the plan, at least…

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MERCS Battle Report 001 – CCC Vs. Keizai Waza – My First Game

This week we’ve got something new.  A battle report for the MERCS tabletop game.  I picked up the CCC starter kit and Marc picked up the Keizai Waza and we both read the rules and such so thought it would be fun to document our first game.  We are probably going to get lots of rules wrong so feel free to correct us.IMG_3011

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Terraining Day 08 – Foam Core Terrain Take 1

Lately I’ve been craving a Skirmish level game.  I looked at Infinity and Malifaux and neither one appealed to me.  I stumbled upon MERCS right around the time their Kickstarter was ending and I ended up backing it because with all the stretch goals I was getting a shit ton of minis for free.


One thing led to another and this weekend I drew up some plans to make foam core buildings for MERCS.  I figure these can be used in Warmachine just as easily (if not with as much density) so I’ll put them up on the site. Continue reading