Painting Short – Earthbreaker Repose

I know I said last week that I was working on painting eVyros but that was before Marc surprised me with a month-late birthday present of an Earthbreaker that fell off the back of a truck or some such thing.


I love everything about the Earthbreaker except for his monstrously long forearms so I set about searching the forums to see what other people had done about them.  Some have gone more overboard modding the poor guy than others but I wanted something simple just to make him look a little less front heavy.

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Paintribution of Scyrah – MHSF and Dawnguard Destor Thane

This week on the Podcast I declared that if I didn’t finish my Mage Hunter Strike Force by next week then I would not use them again until they were fully painted.

Good News Everyone!  I manged to plow through them this weekend so you need not worry about my poor elves needing line of sight to end the human mage menace.

IMG_1775 copy

The Leader model for the strike force is one of my favourite sculpts.
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Kingdom of Paintnar

Since Nick heroically posted a few of his Works in Progress, I thought I would do the same. Here we can see my final two Storm Lances and my noble Stormwall as they currently exist.


I feel obliged to point out that immediately after putting the little bit of blue you see on the Stormwall… I ran out of Cygnar Blue Base paint. Which, you know… is kinda important when you’re painting Cygnar. Just sayin’.

Update: Put some tan on one of the horses and took a picture in slightly better light so you can see the colours of the horses themselves: