Painting Competition 001 – Combo Smite FTW!

Saturday saw me hosting my first ever Painting Competition… I’ve competed in one before (coming in a respectable 5th, which is about what I deserved in my humble opinion), but I’ve never run one before.
I wanted to host an event that would be welcoming to beginners, and challenging and fun for experienced painters… actually, mostly I just wanted to get a bunch of really good painters into a room where I could pester them for hours for advice! Success!

We’ve recorded a podcast about our (mostly Aaron’s and Nick’s, since I am the scrub out of the three of us when it comes to painting!) suggestions on how to be a better painter… it’s really geared towards “Tabletop Quality” work (as opposed to much more demanding “Display Quality” work), but for those of you who are beginner-to-welterweight painters, it may be entertaining and useful! Some great tips from the guys!

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The Big Move! AKA: My Work In Progress Box…

So everything has been packed up, but I wanted to take a quick moment to show you all a moment of pride and shame… my packed box of models I own but have not yet even unboxed:


That is a “Frogbox”, for those of you curious, and it measures a mere 24x20x12″ (about 70L, or 2.4 cubic feet)… and it’s packed exclusively with WarMachine models (oh, and 2 MERCs models and 2 Malifaux models for mods I’m going to make for the B13). Two Stormwalls, a Vessel of Judgement, a Stormstrider, Stryker3, blister after blister of troops, warjacks, and bits from Khador, Cygnar, and Menoth (I haven’t collected any Khador since 2012, but I haven’t painted almost any of the stuff I have either!).

I’m going to do my damnedest to get more of this stuff painted before I buy NEW stuff… but we’ll see how that goes!

Butch3r – He’s just really enthusiastic.

I picked up Butcher 3 the other day in an attempt to quell the notion that I don’t play good casters. I would have got him sooner or later because, my lanterns does he sound fun! He’d better be at $65 retail and a weight of pewter so great it required a pallet-jack to transport. I was going to wait until he was finished and also playing Marc before I debuted him – Marc doesn’t take shocks very well – but then I got too impatient.

Butch3r 2


I deviated a little from the original by attaching his left arm palm down. Palm up, the sculpt looked really awkward; it was a pose that didn’t look natural or comfortable. With the arm palm down, not only does it look better but it afforded me space to mold a disembodied spinal column using one of the heads that was suppose to be attached to Butch’s belt, a paper clip, drywall compound and little bit of airplane glue for the gore at the base of it. Ya know: for good measure. I feel like ripping out peoples spines is something he’d be into.

Painting is ruining my body.

So I was coerced into helping build a shed a few weeks ago with the promise of Warmachine as payment. I had asked if I could be paid in money as I was deep in debt to the local branch of the Hell’s Angels and any amount would help me keep the organs that they had threatened to relieve me of should I not pay them. He said I was working for Warmachine or for free, it was my choice, so I took the Warmachine.

I tried explaining that to Ulrich whom I owed the money to and asked if he could be paid in pewter. He responded by spitting in my face and throwing me down a flight of concrete stairs. As I lay at the bottom of the stairs groaning and wiping the spit – more nicotine than saliva, really – from my face, I began to laugh. “You fool!” I gurgled, “You’ve damaged my organs beyond repair! What worth are they to you now? No one will buy them!” He proceeded to spend the next few minutes explaining that they weren’t literally going to harvest my organs but rather it was an extreme example of physical punishment that could be exacted upon me should I not fulfill my half of the contract. He added a lengthy list of other punishment I could endure in place of the removal of my internal organs, most of which involved smashing my testicles and penis with a roofing hammer.

As I was bleeding so profusely from the ears he started to feel bad and declared being thrown down a stairwell was payment enough for the ten bus tickets he had bought me the week before. Later at the hospital the doctor would proclaim that I was the first person ever to by on every single organ donation waiting list. As such I had plenty of down time to paint the in progress and new pieces that I had which were holding up my non-Warmachine related art.


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"There is no racial bigotry here!"

My army is officially completely painted. Sure I have to re-paint my Shocktroopers like I started to do months ago but they remain painted so my first sentence is not a lie. This afternoon I finished the last half of my Pikemen and also my Battle Mechanics.


I painted them mostly with colours not appearing on any of my other units to make them look less like Khadoran army regulars and more like a hired civilian company. Not quite mercenaries; closer to if you called up AAA (CAA in Canada) and asked them to send a uniformed company of men to fix stuff and possibly crack skulls if the need arose.

Behemoth… EXTREME!!! To the max

As I had mentioned in podcast 002 (I think, it was such a long time ago) I was going to purchase Behemoth and an Extreme Juggernaut to combine them into the legendary Extremeth. Extremoth? I’ll bounce back and forth. Anyway, that time has come and already passed as I stare up at my nearly full shelves of Warmachine miniatures newly weighed down by the girth of a completed and fully operational Extremeth. Did you read that in the Emperors voice? I did.

As I also mentioned in the podcast someone on the PP forums had brought up me doing a demo of how I did the rust effects on my ‘jacks and true to my word, I will do that. I actually think he/she(?) was referring to the rust effect I use for my non-character ‘Jacks but this will be my character ‘Jack effect which is no less fun. I was going to do a blow-by-blow of how I modded the two ‘Jacks together and even started taking photos of the preproduction but then at some point along the way forgot which threw the whole thing out the window. I got the necessary process shots for the painting but I’ll still do a short summary of the trials and tribulations of the modding process.

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