Painting for Hire – Boomhowler and Co.

So I’ve been working on Boomhowler and Co this week and just kind of powered through them..  I was kind of surprised when I looked down and saw they were all done.IMG_3325

Here is Boomhowler himself in all his glory.  See the full post for a couple shots of some Grunts and one of my upcoming projects. Continue reading

Paintribution of Scyrah – Aiyanna & Holt

Got some more stuff done this week.  Lady Aiyanna and Master Holt.  I love these guys.  Probably the most important Mercenary pieces for Retribution players to own besides Sylys. IMG_3231

I actually finished Holt a couple weeks ago but I was waiting until I finished his better half to post this. Continue reading

Paintribution of Scyrah – Phoenix and Basher

As I’ve been saying for the past few weeks on the podcast, my phoenix has been in a state of near completion for a while now. This weekend I put enough finishing touches on it that I was ready to call it done.IMG_2394 copyIn addition to finishing off my Phoenix I also had a chance to paint my Basher to completion. Not bad.

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Steelheads Prevail

I drank a bunch of Coke really late tonight. I don’t usually drink Coke period because my stomach hates it but drinking it late at night is even worse because I start feeling like my chest is trying to leave my body. “You can’t leave,” I say, “Everything is attached to you!” Begrudgingly my chest storms into its bedroom, slamming the door behind it and then blares Skrillex with the bass turned way up. Not literally, of course; it just feels that way. As such I couldn’t sleep so I ended up painting the rest of my Steelhead Riflemen and doing a little photo shoot with the entirety of my 35 pt merc list.

To date I’ve only played the list once and discovered that it’s not great for some scenarios or nearly as effective in general as I’d hoped it would be. Plus that one game was against Cryx so maybe I should take the loss with a grain of salt. I’ve since used the Halberdiers with Heavy Cavalry twice against Circle and they were effective so, if anything, it’s an indication that buying units simply because they had ‘Steelhead’ in their name wasn’t a complete waste of money.


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Paintribution of Scyrah – Sylys Nailer of Wishes

I recently gave away my fully painted Sylys model.

I know what you’re thinking. “Nick with your already glacial painting speed how can you afford to be giving away painted models.  I’m gonna slap you!”

There were some extenuating circumstances here because I wanted to do an epic mod which I spotted somewhere online. I’d give credit if I had any idea where I’d seen it.

Marc had an unpainted Sylys so I swapped my painted one for his because mine had been glued and painted and sealed in such a way that modding it would be nearly impossible.

Here is the Mod Continue reading

Paintectorate of Menoth

Over the holidays I had 3 different opportunities to play VASSAL games using the Protectorate of Menoth. I decided to use the Harbinger for all three games, and despite 2 losses, she’s still one of my favourite warcasters. Auto-hitting spells, a 20″ CTRL range (which is the 3rd largest in the game after my dear Nemo1 and Nemo3, but the largest native CTRL-range), and enough Focus to run 3 melee warjacks or a slew of ranged ones without breaking a sweat… plus the ability to make super-powered solos stay alive ad infinatum! What’s not to love!

So I decided it was time to get her on the table… which means assembling and painting her!

I’ve frequently said it, but it bears repeating: in my humble opinion, the Harbinger of Menoth is the most beautiful model I have ever seen, full stop. It’s so awesome that I was actually intimidated to start assembling it for fear of completely messing it up. Which I’m sure I have, but there ya go…

Despite the beauty and awesomeness of the model, I did want to try to make a few minor modifications: specifically, removing the flag from her back (the flag-pole being too flimsy and top-heavy for somebody as clumsy as I am), and replacing it with a shield. I decided to use one of her shoulder pads (which are a little over-sized) as a shield… it looks pretty good, actually, although I won’t mount it until after it’s painted. I then decided that I still wanted the flag, but I’d make one of the chain-bearers carrying it instead of a 3rd chain (which, honestly, is a little silly… the guy in the back has no purpose in moving the Harbinger, since you can’t push on a chain!). As a result this is now, by FAR, the most modified model in my collection.

I assembled, clipped, filed, sanded, and primed her a few days ago, and yesterday managed to get her and her entourage to start receiving paint… please excuse the humility of the pictures!
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Painting ADD – Round 1

I’ve mention before my tendency toward crippling painting ADD Where I will have multiple units and solos and jacks and Casters in a semi-finished state for long periods of time.

I hate doing it.  I’ve been really good lately.  Finishing my Mage Hunter Strike Force and Destor Thane.  Then Completing my Earthbreaker in a little over a week.

Unfortunately its back.

There I was minding my own business when I look down at my desk and realize I’m not painting my 80% complete Vyros2 like I said I was going to do. Instead I see this:

IMG_1932 Continue reading

Kingdom of Paintnar – Boomhowler & Co

It occurs to me that Nick and I post enough painting stuff that we should probably change the name of the website to “Combo Smite Painting Stuff… and Very Occasionally Battle Reports”! Oh well.

As I mentioned before, my Stormwall is rapidly approaching completion (I still need to finish the Lightning Pods, but other than that, it’s done). My plan was that after I finish that particular monstrosity, I would take the time to finish all 20-30 models I have that aren’t QUITE done yet (85-95% done), including their bases and front arcs, and then seal everything I have once and for all.

That was the PLAN… then Nick mentioned that he wanted his purple paint back, and suddenly I had to finish painting my Boomhowlers (who I wanted to have bright-ish purple skin to contrast with all the blue I’ve already got in my army)… and since I was priming THOSE guys, well, I had probably better assemble a few others so I’m not wasting space and primer… and suddenly… well…

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