A Quick Sampling of the Prizes Available…

I thought that people might appreciate having a look at the prizes we’re offering for our current Contest! Mine is the easiest, and therefore gets first billing. Whoever wins my prize will be shipped a “Combo Smite” baseball cap very similar to the one I’ve been wearing for a month now. They’re comfy, they keep the sun out of your eyes, and they show your support of the best WarMachine podcast on the internet! (1) IMG_20141120_231056 Here we see a brand-new hat in its native environment.. the hat comes in 2 sizes, “Small-Medium” and “Medium-Large”, and they have some stretch. My enormous, sputnik-like head fits into a “Medium-Large” very comfortably (or did after about a day of wearing it to get the stretch right). Continue reading

Kingdom of Paintnar: Stryker3 Complete!

I think I’ve finally “finished” my Stryker3! The only thing left to do was his shield and his base, which as I’m typing this isn’t finished, but as soon as I *finish* typing this I am going to go downstairs and finish!

Here he was two days ago…
As you can see, I cut off his flag (I hated that flag), and assembled and painted everything else…. aside from the base, and needing to do some final touches on his horse.

And after the cut…
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Legion of Everpaint – How to paint Vayl2

There were some requests for a tutorial on how I was painting my Legion.  As is the Combo Smite way, the guide will be excessively long with way too many pretty pictures.

IMG_4843 copy

If you think I’m a shitty painter and don’t think I should be writing how-to guides that you are not alone. But some guy on the internet asked for it so that’s what I’m doing.

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Legion of Everpaint – Plastic Seraph/Neraph Kit

I picked up a Seraph/Neraph kit recently.  I like the sculpt of the metal Seraph much better but I wanted to have the option to run our new 7 point heavy beast.IMG_4782 (Large) copy

The model comes with one of those transparent flight stands.  I happen to hate that kind of stand so I opted to find my own solution. Continue reading

Legion of Everpaint – State of the Legion

This summer, I decided to dust off my Legion models which had been collecting dust for 2 years.  I finally got them on the table about a month ago and have been having a great time.IMG_4779 (Large) copy

I’ve been painting up a storm. Here is an update of how it’s been going. Continue reading

Kingdom of Paintnar: Just Because He’s D-List, Doesn’t Mean He Can’t Be Pretty!

Further work on my Stryker3! Hoping to get him finished for the game tomorrow…
Here he was Sunday night…
Base coat is about… 75% done at this point. Happy with how he’s coming along, but a LOT of work still to go. But what would Stryker be without his noble horse?

Infantry, I suppose… but anyway! More pictures after the cut!
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On the Subject of Pain(t)

So since – I don’t know… the spring? – I’ve been working on the Skorne colossal, the Mammoth. If any of you out there are considering playing or already play Skorne and have thoughts of picking up the Mammoth, may I suggest these very simple steps for painting it: 1) immediately regret it. 2) cry. 3) more regret. It’s not that the model is bad or poorly sculpted, in this particular instance I offered to paint the model; one which I could not actually play as it’s a different faction. The owner of said Mammoth, the infamous Kassem, even offered to pay for the paint which I would use but I refused; a decision I would later realise was the only thing that would have kept me in the green.

I liken painting the Mammoth to offering to take a cursed monkey’s hand off a friend: they would obviously agree but when they try to explain the curse, you dismiss them waving your hand saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah I know what a cursed monkey’s hand is.” But oh no. No you don’t. Not yet.


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