Battle Report 103: eThagrosh vs eMadrak 50 pts. Runes? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Runes.

eThagsVSeMadrakWelcome dear readers to another Combo Smite battle report.  This week we’ve got Nick’s Legion of Everblight up against Darrell’s Trollbloods.  Additionally Darrell and Nick had a talk before the game and Darrell agreed to not drop Runes of War!  Why, do you ask?  Well, Runes has been on the podcast several times, on the video battle reports several times and quite frankly Darrell is sick of playing Runes of War despite it being the proper drop in his current list pairing.  So in the interest of umm, making things interesting we’ve got eThagrosh vs eMadrak in an eBattle of the eTitans!

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Podcast 095 – Devastation Discussion – Going Live at Noon

Hey folks! This week’s podcast is all about the new Devastation models… it’s a doozy (almost 2 hours long… as least before editing!). Adam, Nick, and I take turns discussing all the models coming out in the book, plus stuff we are excited about or less excited about.

Due to Canadian Thanksgiving, it’ll be a teensy bit later than usual… but it has been recorded and just needs to be edited. It’ll be up by noon today (Monday, October 12th).

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian listeners (we are thankful that you guys choose to listen to us!), and hopefully all our international listeners had a great weekend and don’t mind waiting a few more hours for the podcast proper to go live!

Video Battle Report #007 – Skorne (Hexeris2) Vs. Legion (Vayl2)

Our podcast is a bit late this week.  How about a new Video batrep to make up for it!

We haven’t done a commentated batrep in a couple weeks since we were posting tournamemt video instead.  So here we present my Legion into Kassem’s Skorne.

Once again it’s Vayl2 vs. Hexy2 but the lists are different and so are the game changing mistakes!

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Podcast Delayed – Sorry!

Hey folks! Due to a convergence of several factors (including Nick attending his grandfather-in-law’s funeral and the WTC), this week’s podcast has been delayed.

My hope is to get it out by Wednesday, with my heartfelt apologies!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, and congratulations to the WTC Champions for 2015: Finland! Fantastic job by them (and if you haven’t seen the absolutely stunning conclusion to their final series with Team Australia… a hell of an ending!) and all the WTC Teams. We here at Combo Smite are particularly proud of Team Canada (obviously) as Team Goose had an exceptional Day 1, and Team Moose did some phenomenal catch-up on Day 2.

Anyhoo! Sorry again! This week’s game will be between Skorne and Cygnar, so look forward to that!

Tournament Video – World Ender Qualifier #4 The Game Chamber

World ender

This past weekend another tournament was held at The Game Chamber.  This was a qualifier for the World Ender Invitational being organized by Party Foul.  It was a great event and we were there to take some video Footage.


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Tournament Video – Game Chamber 50 pt ADR Steamroller

Store Wars might be done for this year but there are still loads of tournaments around.  This weekend Marc ran a small event in our own local London FLGS, The Game Chamber.  It was a 50 pt Steamroller and players using ADR casters could take advantage of the 20pts of specialists as if this were a Master’s event.

I love the concept of ADR and my only complaint about the format is that nobody uses it since its only in the Master’s packet.


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Labour Day Holiday – Slight Delay in the Podcast

Hey loyal (and awesome!) listeners! Today’s podcast will come out in a few hours… a little later than usual, due to the long weekend.

Also, Combo Smite will be streaming our first official Twitch episode on the Chain Attack Twitch channel! It’ll go live at 8pm! Check it out if you have the time!

Hope everyone is enjoying their vacation (if you’re lucky enough to have one!).