Combo Smite Field Trip

As we’ve mentioned on the podcast a few times, we three noble adventurers are off the distant and magical land of Chicago, Illinois… about 8 hours distant, actually, but still pretty magical!

The purpose of this trip is, of course, Adepticon… which I had never heard of before, but Nick has been salivating at the opportunity to go since the day I first proposed starting a podcast. As for Aaron… well, I’m sure once he regains consciousness (hopefully not while he’s still in the trunk, but whatever) I’m sure he’ll be super excited too!

I’m bringing my laptop and will try to post some pictures, and definitely a few battle reports, while we’re there, so check back frequently for new pictures, information, and so on! And again, if you happen to be at Adepticon yourself, come find us in the Iron Arena all day Saturday… we’ll be the three confused, slightly terrified looking Canadians wearing white Combo Smite uniforms!

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