Corporate Painting 01 – MERCS CCC Starter

I backed the MERCS:Recon kickstarter but there was no way I was going to wait until January to start playing so I went out and bought a CCC starter box because they look like a good beginner faction.


Here is my progress so far.
Assault Leader

I still need to do the bases but I’m probably going to order some resin bases to all my MERCS because the squad sizes are so small and it won’t break the bank.

3 thoughts on “Corporate Painting 01 – MERCS CCC Starter

  1. Lovin’ the colour scheme, yellow & black looks awesome! The assault leader also looks badass!
    Are those the same bases as WarmaHordes btw?

    • Thanks Bennep! I’m digging these models. After about 2 years of painting nothing but Warmachine minis its a nice change.

      The bases used in MERCS are also 30mm round lipped based. .

  2. As always, your work is remarkable, Nick… clean, crisp, colours and shading are very solid. I’m not looking forward to doing my Keizai Waza… they’re going to look like ass compared to yours! But I hope to have them mostly done by the end of this week, regardless…

    As for the bases, Bennep… yeah, I think they’re identical (they may even be the same manufacturer!).

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