First Giveaway Contest Closed…

Just a quick announcement that our first ever Giveaway contest is now officially closed for guesses.

I’d like to take the opportunity to again thank our mercenary co-host, Adam (“AdamtheHutt” on ye ol’ PP Forums) for the prize of a small based model of your choice for whoever the lucky winner ends up being, and to everyone who put in guesses… we got everything from 15 to 87! Hopefully our next contest won’t highlight my ineptitude at editing quite so much, but as long as everyone had fun, I’m happy to have been part of it!

The winner will be announced both in a new thread on Monday here on the website, and on the podcast itself (which is slated to be recorded tonight… an epic battle between Karchev the Terrible, and Kaelyssa the Pretty Awesome)! Thanks again, and good luck!

3 thoughts on “First Giveaway Contest Closed…

    • It was an excellent guess… sadly, it was the 2nd closest, and not our final winner.

      But we’ll do other giveaways, and maybe you’ll get the next one!

      Thanks again for competing, and for listening to Combo Smite!

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