(Half of) Podcast 096 – Cygnar (Haley3) vs Mercs (Cyphon) – MAT11 Seems Pretty Okay!

I am still loving the hell out of Haley3… she’s just so much fun to put on the table! Meanwhile, Nick has decided to dip his toes into the Mercenary pool again…

2015-10-14 20.04.35

So, it turns out that the audio for this week’s podcast is exactly 50% of what it should be… for whatever reason, my recording software decided it didn’t want to record Nick or Darrell at all. Thankfully, Darrell had an extra 30 minutes to re-record the turns, but as a result I’ve had to cut vast swathes of our banter (which simply didn’t record!).

My apologies to our listeners… technology is a fickle mistress!

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Marc’s List:

Major Prime Victoria Haley (“Haley3)
– Squire
– Thorn
Lieutenant Alison Jakes
– Charger
Journeywoman Warcaster
Stormblade Captain x2
Storm Lances (max)
Stormblade Infantry
– Officer and Standard
– Stormgunner x2
Black 13th
Rhupert Carvolo
Objective: Effigy of Valour

Nick’s List

Cognifex Cyphon
– Warden
– Wrecker x2
Cephalyx Agitator x3
Mind Bender and Drudges x3
Mind Slaver and Drudges x2
Objective: Ammo Dump

Scenario: Destruction (central 12×6″ zone with objectives on left corner)
We rolled for initiative, which I eventually won, and elected to go first. Nick took the side of the table with less stuff in the way of his troops.


Marc deployed thusly:
2015-10-14 19.41.26

Nick counter deployed as such…

2015-10-14 19.41.18 2015-10-14 19.41.22

Ready to bend some minds!
2015-10-14 19.41.09 2015-10-14 19.41.12

Cygnar, Turn 1

– First, Nick gets his Advanced Move on his Monstrosities.
– Marc then allocates 1 Focus to the Charger and camps the rest.
– Jakes goes first: she casts “Sidekick” on the Charger and moves forward. The Charger then runs up the table.
– Journeywoman casts “Arcane Shield” on the Stormblades.
– Rhupert gives them “Tough and Fearless”.
– Stormblades run forward, spreading out. One of the Captains runs up behind them.
– Haley activates and casts “Tactical Supremacy” on the Storm Lances. She moves forward and pops out both Echoes. Lastly, she casts “Temporal Flux”.
– Storm Lances activate and run forward, but Marc keeps them short of the midline. The second Captain and Ragman both run up behind them.
– Black 13th activate and run up the right flank, near a small building.
– Everyone done, the Storm Lances take their 3″ move to the left to threaten the middle of the table more.

2015-10-14 19.47.00  2015-10-14 19.47.13 2015-10-14 19.47.10 2015-10-14 19.47.07

Cephalyx, Turn 1

– 3 Focus to the far right Wrecker, camps the rest.
– Cyphon goes first, moves up and casts “Onslaught”. He pops his Feat and selects all 3 Monstrosities. Lastly, he consumes a Slaver drudge to cast “Perseverance” on the fully loaded Wrecker.
– Wrecker goes next and Charges a Storm Lance, getting the distance by about an inch. Splatters him on the first attack, and Beat Backs into another Lance. Misses him and finishes his activation.
– All 3 units of Mind Benders run or Charge forward (to get Pathfinder), followed by both units of Slavers
– Nick moves the 2nd Wrecker close to Cyphon, and the Warden moves up towards Marc’s Objective
– Lastly, the Agitators spread out in the back lines.

2015-10-14 20.03.59 2015-10-14 20.04.35 2015-10-14 20.04.18 2015-10-14 20.04.06

Cygnar, Turn 2

– 3 Focus to the Charger, upkeep Arcane Shield, Sidekick, and Tactical Supremacy. Haley pulls from the Squire, and we’re off.
– Haley goes first. She pops her Feat. Future Echo moves towards the Wrecker, casts “Revive” on a Storm Lance and “Ghost Walk” on the unit, but takes no attacks. Past Echo moves through the building forward and casts “Chain Blast” twice on the clumped Drudges: she manages to kill 3 Drudges, knock 2 more down, and kill the Cephalyx Mind Bender for the central unit. Major Prime Haley moves up behind the wall near the middle of the table and casts Temporal Flux followed by “Repudiate” on the Wrecker, boosting to hit (needing a 4): hits, removes “Perserverance”, and does 1 point of damage to Cyphon. She then takes a Hand Cannon shot and kills another Drudge.
– B13 activate and walk forward. Ryan fires a Magestorm that kills 2 Drudges and puts itself between Nick’s left flank and Marc’s Storm Lances. Watts and Lynch take shots and nearby Mind Bender Drudges, but both Tough.
– Ragman activates, moves up and uses “Death Field”.
– Stormblade Captain charges the Wrecker but (even at dice -5 on 4d6) only inflicts 3 points of damage.
– Storm Lances activate and get charge orders. 1 hangs back near Haley, 3 Charge the Wrecker, and another charges some Drudges. Wrecker is left on 1 box, a few Drudges die.
– Journeywoman Warcaster moves up and boosts a shot into the Wrecker, hitting and killing it.
– Stormblades activate and Assault forward. Between all their shots, they kill 4 more Drudges and knock others down through Tough checks, including all 3 around a Mind Bender.
– Stormblade Captain on that side moves up and shoots one more Drudge dead.
– Rhupert puts “Dirge of Mists” on the Haleys
– The Charger moves up (within 5″ of Past Haley) and takes 2 shots on a Mind Bender Cephalyx: both shots go into an already knocked down Drudge, who Toughs two more times.
– Jakes runs to get within 5″ of Past Haley and further back from the front lines.
– Lastly, the Storm Lances get their 3″ Tactical Supremacy moves, moving into “safer” position behind the Magestorm cloud.

2015-10-14 20.34.29 2015-10-14 20.34.54 2015-10-14 20.34.44 2015-10-14 20.34.42

Cephalyx, Turn 2

– Nick allocates 1 to the Warden, upkeeps Onslaught.
– Cyphon goes first. He consumes another Drudge to cast Affliction on Marc’s Stormblades. He then moves up and sprays over the Warden, a Drudge, and 2 Stormblades: the Drudge is hit and Toughs, and he hits 1 Stormblade and kills it.
– The Mind Bender unit on the left moves up towards the Stormblades, walking into optimal spray positions. The Cephalyx arcs his combat sprays 3 times, killing 7 Stormblades and wounding the Officer. The Drudges used to Arc are removed from play.
– Nick moves his Agitators forward, and they use “Incite”.
– The Mind Benders on the right move forward, and Nick casts “Adrenal Flood” on 3 Drudges (using 3 other Drudges, which are RFP’d). Those Drudges get their immediate 4″ move to get on 3 of Marc’s Storm Lances, and utterly splatter them (MAT11, POW19 models will do that).
– Warden charges Marc’s objective and easily scraps it.
– Wrecker moves to stay within Sac-Pawn range of Cyphon.
– Unit of Mind Benders in the middle (without a Cephalyx any more) move up, but even with Incite can’t hit anything.

At this point, Nick runs out of time, and Marc takes the game.
Victory to Cygnar!

2015-10-14 21.24.38  2015-10-14 21.23.57 2015-10-14 21.23.52 2015-10-14 21.23.47

Post Game Analysis

Fascinating game… so glad I got a chance to play against it! Cephalyx have some fascinating synergies! I can’t get over the MAT11, POW19 troops… and, theoretically, Cyphon could have 16 of those in one turn! That’s nuts. Two of those on an average warcaster is a very, very dead warcaster!

So, apologies again for the audio hiccup for this week, and thanks for listening! Always happy to have feedback!

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