Is this… the internet?

It’s been so long since I’ve emerged from under the cozy rock of reality that I’ve been living under for the better part of this year. Periodically, I would peer out into the light to catch Marc’s sympathetic gaze nearly enticing me back to the fold before Nick’s violent, harsh, scathing chastising would send me hurling back down towards the dark. But can I lay some truth on y’all? Y’all’s been winning too much and you need a loser in your midst to bring the median down to acceptable levels or whatever.

Before you go pooping your collective pants with thoughts of telling me how wrong I am with opinions of Khadoran tactics or list production or what game we’re suppose to be playing let me say that my return to WM is a veritable toe to frigid waters at best. BUT…

… to encourage said return thus facilitating a raging hard-on in Marc’s camp, let me drop a gift for a lucky, amazing person who’s been devoted enough to grace us with their presence during our Twitch streams: a one-of-a-kind portrait of their favourite caster/solo. Sure we’ll have to figure out a raffle system but isn’t this the age of technology and integration? I’m confident that in the next few days wires will drape out of my skull to some sort of battery pack feeding information to the NSA about Pokemon thus allowing the Clintons to capture them all and welcome a new age of slavery and sorcery. In addition to that stay tuned in the next few weeks for a meticulously crafted winter board complete with custom control zones, objectives and terrain!

0 thoughts on “Is this… the internet?

  1. “Raging hard-on”?

    Aaron, welcome back. Now to figure out how to do Twitch raffles! And excellent news for our listeners!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to do something very mature and adult-like.
    (Dances gleefully away)

  2. Welcome back Aaron, I for one welcome our Clinton overlords and winter scenery-table! Regale us of stories in the dreaded ‘Real – Life’!

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