Kingdom of Paintnar

I continue to plug away at my mighty Stormwall. These pictures were taken after 3 coats of white paint, and with only 1-2 more coats of white needed (by Morrow, I hate working with white!).

IMAG0996 IMAG0997

And with all the pieces together…


And here with me starting to do the blue highlights (with the whites mostly done… a few more touch ups, but that’s about it, I think… 4 coats total).

IMAG1004 IMAG1002

And, lastly for now, my finished-painted-but-still-unbased Stormwall!
IMAG1010 IMAG1006
And here it is with the lights on…

I’m pretty dang happy with how it turned out. Next, finishing up the Lightning Pods and then basing this monstrosity (as well as about 20 other models that need basing), and then on to finish my Storm Lances (you can see the two of them off to the side on those last pictures).

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