Kingdom of Paintnar – All Hail Haley!

Okay, so she’s not done yet, but she IS coming along nicely…


Here she is (laying down due to the way the lighting in my painting room works) after the silvers and whites, but before the golds. More pictures after a short message from our sponsors!
Okay, still no sponsors for Combo Smite… but it was meant as a joke.

Anyway! Here’s Haley’s back…

I’m pretty happy with how the white on the cloak has turned out… and the silver for her robotic arm and spear work together pretty well.

After this I did the golds on her chest, elbows, shoulders, and head… and then I did some more general touchups of the rest of the models I am working on concurrent with Haley.


I am… uncertain if I’m leaving Aiyana’s hair blue. It looks good, though, but it clashes a little with her dress. And I have no idea what colour Holt’s hair is going to be… Alexia’s horse is done, though (and I have some ideas for its base… nothing too fancy), and pEiryss just needs highlights… actually, they all need highlights at this point.

Edit 1:

Okay, so before this goes live, I’ve managed to get a bit more done… all the models are rapidly approaching completion (except for Alexia, arguably… she’s only about 50% done, but that 50% is the horse!).

Let’s start with the closest to being done… Taryn.

IMG_20141020_230424 IMG_20141020_230432

Highlights are finished, base is finished… just need to do the golds on her pistols and repaint the ticks on her base so she’s using Merc colours, not Menoth (I needed her for a tournament, it was the only paint I had available!).

Still, proud of how she looks…

Next, Aiyana herself:
Hair is done, hands are getting painted… just need to decide on a colour for those shoulder-things on her cloak. Maybe Cygnar Blue? Maybe gold? Dunno. But other than that (and the highlights in her hair), I think she’s done…

Holt’s up next:

IMG_20141020_230500 IMG_20141020_230508

No idea what colour to make HIS hair… but that, his glasses, and a little bit on his pistols (brown in this case), and he’s finished too. Might get the two of them done tonight, if I’m lucky!

Next, the first lady of Cygnar herself: Major Victora Haley!
IMG_20141020_230541 IMG_20141020_230555Blues, whites, and golds are all basically done. Need to paint her still-human hand (Rucksack Tan, I think, like a soft leather glove) and the armour plate right above it (probably blue). But she’s coming along nicely…

Next, pEiryss…

She too is almost done. I have an idea for the base I want to try out (a skeleton with an arrow through its skull), but otherwise I think she’s basically done… maybe some highlights on the arrow fletching, but that’d be it.

And lastly, eAlexia as she currently stands…
IMG_20141020_230648 IMG_20141020_230612
As I mentioned, horse is basically done (aside from the base), and eAlexia herself is barely started.

Once I finish her, I’m going to polish off a few warjacks on my table (while finishing a few others I’ve had at 90% done for months/years), the Stormlances, and Stryker3… but hopefully I can get this batch of models done by the weekend. We shall see!

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