Kingdom of Paintnar – All the Blues, All the Time

So with the painting competition I held on Saturday over, I realized that I’ve finally gotten some of my enthusiasm for painting back. To be honest, I think the whites of Menoth were really getting me down… they’re just so much work to make look acceptable. Since I’m playing Cygnar again, though, I figured I had better finish up some of them instead!

Here we see what I was painting while the competition was going on… specifically, my eHaley, pEiryss, Taryn di Rovissi, and Aiyana and Holt. So… basically all the best-loved women that play for Cygnar (and by “Best Loved”, I mean “Most Loathed by whoever is unlucky enough to be on the other side of the table”).

More pictures after the cut…

So they’re coming along okay. Here are a couple more pictures of my progress from that Saturday…

And then… disaster! Rather than describe it, I’m just going to show you what happened…

Yeah. That’s ALL of my Cygnar Blue Base, sitting on my dusty, dirty desk surface. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get most of it back into the bottle (nor would I really try), and I had a limited window until the paint all dried solid… so I pulled down everything (I mean EVERYTHING) I had assembled and primed for Cygnar that needed blue.

And here they are:

So… progress! Lots and lots of progress!
That’s a Hunter, Minuteman, Centurion-chasis, 2 Stormlances (the painted one is just there as a reminder of what the rest of the unit looks like, so that the new ones will fit in!), Stryker3, Runewood, Jonas, and a Stormblade Captain (you can’t see the model, just his sword over the head of the Centurion-chasis). I also ended up painting my 2nd unit of Ranger’s cloaks blue, although they’re not pictured here.

You may also note the blue notes on all my mercenaries are done as well… my mercs are all “Olive Green” as primary colour, and then the secondary colour is the army that they get the most use in (A&H are in Cygnar-blue, Kell is in Menoth-maroon, and so on). That way they look like mercenaries (due to the green), but also “fit” into the army overall in a subtle way at least.

Anyway, my goal for this week (aside from buying a new pot of Cygnar Blue Base) is to get the mercenaries finished, and get eHaley to a stage where I feel comfortable putting her on the table (she’s about half way there now). After that, Stryker3 and his Stormlances will get finished, and then gradually everything else on the table. After I finish this batch I have to assemble and prime more models, and I’m thinking that Strider-number-2 might be next…

Edit 1: Did the first coat of white on eHaley, Aiyana, and Holt this morning. They’re all coming along nicely… although the next colours on Aiyana are causing me headaches (I have no idea what to do… I think I’m going to do her dress in green, but maybe just her shirt in green and her dress in a different colour? Gah, I dunno!).

Anyways, here they are, front and back.

Also finished today (but not pictured): the first coat of Arcane Blue on eAlexia’s horse, and the blue shading on Aiyana, Holt, and Haley. Progress!

6 thoughts on “Kingdom of Paintnar – All the Blues, All the Time

    • Yes, yes it is. I’ve enjoyed my time in Menoth’s warm embrace, but I gotta tell you… coming back to Cygnar feels a lot like coming home.

      And Stormcallers. Man I’ve missed Stormcallers!

  1. Got to chime in in joy over seeing you back in Cygnar! I have myself gone on the same path and strayed into Menoth for some time. The beckoning of Morrow is however stronger! Your detailed and well-written battle reports are a great school so it will be a pleasure to start reading of Cygnar venture again.

    • Thanks for the support! Yeah, I love my Cygnar… Menoth was fun (and I will miss the Harbinger, eFeora, and the Choir… all things that Cygnar should have!), but Cygnar feels “right”, if that makes any sense.

      I’m going to bring out my Menoth from time to time, just to avoid getting rusty (and because I have another 500 points of models that I have yet to assemble and/or paint!), but for now I’m going to focus on getting my Cygnar game back up to full strength. Improve on some of my lesser used warcasters, use some of the new toys (both the Reliant and Dynamo look awesome!)… maybe give Stryker3 a whirl for awhile (I love cavalry models, and he looks like he’ll be solid, if not A-Class).

      Anyway, thanks for the comment! I have a battle report coming out in a few days, and then hopefully another on the weekend, so definitely there will be much to learn (mostly about how NOT to play pHaley, I’m sure, but hey, we all gotta learn somehow!).

  2. I am loving your batreps, and your painting is awesome. Thanks for all the pictures and details.

    I am also a Cygnar player but fairly new to the game (less than a year). What colours are you using to paint your whites? Of all the Cygnar colours, that is the one I struggle with the most (to try and make it look decent). Any suggestions on technique are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, and keep those battle reports coming!

    • Why thank ya, Chris! You are far too kind… my painting is the weakest of the bunch, but I am proud of my work. Looks good on the table, and that’s all I ask!

      Welcome to the Electric Swans! For the whites, I use 2-3 base coats of “Menoth White Base” (sort of a cream-white), then shade with Sepia Wash (Citadel Paints), and then highlight with “Morrow White” (pure white).

      I used to wash the entire surface of the white area: now I just do the shadows with Sepia. Makes it stand out a bit more! You just have to be patient with the whites… 2-3 coats of base colour, followed by 2-3 coats of highlight colour take awhile. Make sure to be VERY careful and water down your whites (otherwise it looks chalky and splotchy).

      More reports coming soon! I have a good one between Nick’s Legion and me coming out next week, and the next podcast game is actually between my Cygnar and Todd’s Circle! Thanks for reading/listening!

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