Kingdom of Paintnar: Just Because He’s D-List, Doesn’t Mean He Can’t Be Pretty!

Further work on my Stryker3! Hoping to get him finished for the game tomorrow…
Here he was Sunday night…
Base coat is about… 75% done at this point. Happy with how he’s coming along, but a LOT of work still to go. But what would Stryker be without his noble horse?

Infantry, I suppose… but anyway! More pictures after the cut!
Here is Stryker’s mount, as it was on Sunday:
Again, mostly basecoated, still a lot of work to be done.

And then this morning I started doing the golds (after finishing another coat of Rucksack Tan) as well as finishing up the base coat of white on Stryker’s cloak and the horse.
IMG_20141104_080620 IMG_20141104_080638

Next is to finish off the golds (on him and the 2 Stormlances waiting patiently in the background), then shading, then highlights. Might get’er done tonight!

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