Kingdom of Paintnar – Stormwall

So I continue to plug away at my mighty Stormwall… I’ve finished the base-colours on the legs…


And I have begun to work on the metallics on the main body.
IMAG0981 IMAG0980

And then some of the whites… before and after shading. And a little of the main-body blue (also on the arms and shoulders, harder to see due to the dim lighting)
IMAG0985IMAG0986 IMAG0987
I just picked up a couple bottles of PP Paints for gold (Brass Balls, Rhulic Gold, and Brilliant Gold), and so far I’ve only tried the first two… but they’ve both been incredible! The Stormwall is all Rhulic gold so far, and I’ll be using the Brilliant Gold afterwards for highlights… but so far, so happy with how it’s turning out!

Edit: Further work, and the first of the “true” white (which will take about another 3 coats to look good… but for now, you at least get an idea of how it will end up looking!). I forgot a region (around the head) needed to be white as well, so it hasn’t been shaded yet… you’re seeing the “Menoth White Base” (cream-colour) now, which will then get a Sepia-wash, and then a white highlight, and look more like the gauntlet below:
IMAG0990 IMAG0989

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