Kingdom of Paintnar: Stryker3 Complete!

I think I’ve finally “finished” my Stryker3! The only thing left to do was his shield and his base, which as I’m typing this isn’t finished, but as soon as I *finish* typing this I am going to go downstairs and finish!

Here he was two days ago…
As you can see, I cut off his flag (I hated that flag), and assembled and painted everything else…. aside from the base, and needing to do some final touches on his horse.

And after the cut…

Here’s his horse, almost completely finished…
I’ve done the highlights on the blues at this point, and just need to finish the silvers… which I did yesterday!

IMG_20141115_150140 IMG_20141115_150152

I decided I wanted him to have a shield on that arm of his, and after buying 1 of every shield in Cygnar, I settled on a heavily modified Thorn shield… it was just too big in its default state, so I hacked it down. Now it looks a little silly, but at least it’s the right scale!

IMG_20141114_224513 IMG_20141114_224509

So, going to go downstairs, mount that onto Stryker’s arm, paint it, and finish his base!

Of course, by the time you read this, it will be done…

Edit 1: Indeed, I did go down and start Stryker’s base… it’s not done yet, but hopefully tonight!

Here’s how it looks as of Monday morning…
IMG_20141117_080017 IMG_20141117_080009

You can also see the shield I’ve crafted for him… not ideal, but it works. Mostly. Hopefully it will get done tonight!

As you can (sorta) see, I’m also finishing off the final two Stormlances at the same time. With any luck everything will be ready for Wednesdays gaming!

More pictures to come before this goes live… hopefully of Stryker right before he gets his protective clear coat!

Edit 2: Okay, so it’s Wednesday, and I started this post on Sunday… but he’s done!

Here’s his base, all ready for highlights…
IMG_20141118_080703 IMG_20141118_080710
I threw in a couple bits from an assorted box of old (OLD) WarHammer bits… just for a bit of additional flair.

Next, I highlight the browns and greys for the dirt and rocks with a quick drybrush, and then toss on a handful of static grass…

Base thus finished, I went ahead and started the last bit on Stryker3… his shield. The areas that will be gold got a quick paint of “Bootstrap Brown”, and the silver was done in “Cold Steel” followed by a black wash.

IMG_20141118_225519 IMG_20141118_225535

Lastly, this morning Stryker’s shield got the final golds, and the base got its ticks.


IMG_20141119_080330 IMG_20141119_080322


I still need to put the gold lines inside the blue ticks he has, give the golds on his shield a quick brown wash, and then send him off to be protectively coated in 2 coats of High Gloss Triple Thick varnish-in-a-can, followed by 2 or 3 coats of “Matte UV protector” in-a-can.

But done enough for now! Hope you enjoyed reading about how freakishly long it takes me to finish a model… in this time Nick probably finished pThags, 15 Shredders, and a Juggernaut…

0 thoughts on “Kingdom of Paintnar: Stryker3 Complete!

    • Damn straight I’m turning it into a flag marker! Along with my extra Harbinger flag, and I think I have an Irusk flag kicking around… ooh, and an Ashlynn! Gotta use them for something!

      Thanks for the comment!

  1. Is that a metal model btw? It looks like it can break any second, all the weight onthat wall/those legs.
    Also a funny thing to note: the horse is jumping over a wall, but he doesn’t have pathfinder or relentless charge 😛

    Well done man! I prefer flags/banners myself, but the conversion is well done and fits well on the model/with the character!

    • I had *exactly* the same thought about the wall! And it’s not trivial to give him Pathfinder either… Rhupert can’t, the Stormblade Captain can’t, and it’s almost a waste to give him Runewood just for that!

      I appreciate that some people might like the flags, but they’ve always bent/broken/warped instantly on me. I’m much happier without them (although my Harbinger conversion kept the flag, I replaced the flag pole with a brass rod and gave it to one of her handlers to carry, which made far more sense to me!).

      Thanks for the comment!

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