Legion of Everpaint – Angelius

I’ve started to get more serious with Legion.  I’ve been coming up with lots of lists and most of them want at least one Angelius.

IMG_4343 (Large) copy

So it was about time I painted mine up.

I’m really happy with the way my Red and Tan scheme worked out on this guy (and the other Legion Heavies.IMG_4344 (Large) copy Close-up of my snow bases.  I know.. very original. I don’t care if everyone does snow bases for Legion.  They look sweet.IMG_4345 (Large) copy

Here is a quick shot of my WIP Legion stuff. Lots going on.  I have almost enough to field a beast heavy Legion army fully-painted.IMG_4342 (Large) copyUntil next time. Stay blightly.


5 thoughts on “Legion of Everpaint – Angelius

  1. Nice work. Very striking paint scheme!

    If you’re getting more serious with Legion, are you officially together yet? Or is your status on Facebook still “It’s Complicated”?

    • Still agonizing over it. I’m leaning towards Underbelly Blue for the Nyss/Ogrun skin. Still not sure it I am painting eThags like an Ogrun or a Beast.

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