Legion of Everpaint – Naga, Raek, Scythean

So I’ve mentioned a few times on the podcast how I am a closet Legion player (i.e. I have a bunch of Legion models collecting dust in my closet.)  I thought it was about time that I dusted them off and tried my hand at some painting.IMG_3239

After pouring over the painting forum for a while looking at all the awesome schemes out there I decided I wanted to try something red. So this is what I came up with.

Here is a closer look.

Raek (Not Sealed yet)


Naga Nightlurker (Such an essential support beast)IMG_3241

Scythean.  (He is actually magnetized so I can also use him as a Ravagore or Carnivean as well.)


Not sure when I am going to try Legion out on the table yet.  I don’t have any of the casters done and still have to figure out how I want to do the Blighted Nyss skin.

Look out for some Boomhowlers coming up soon!

10 thoughts on “Legion of Everpaint – Naga, Raek, Scythean

      • Oh come now, it couldn’t be that bad… lemme see here. I get to roll 25d6, and any roll of 6 or greater means that I get to make you roll Armour Saves which will save you on a 6+, but then you spawn two Nightgoblin Fanatics which scatter 3d6 inches in a direction determined by the scatter dice.

        Unless you roll a 4, in which case the Khorne Daemon eats your general and I win the game.

  1. I like the paint scheme. They look really good.

    Welcome to one of the cheating factions! You’ll be challenging Adam for top spot in no time 🙂

    • Ya, I’m used to playing Pseudo-factions like Retribution and Mercs.
      It’s gonna be weird playing a big-boy faction.

  2. Yeah, wow. Those look fantastic. I think Legion will serve you well. The have a lot of nastiness to dish out, and a lot of scary ‘casters. I’m looking forward to hearing the reports.

    • Thanks! Not sure when I will actually play them. I have to figure out my paint scheme for the infantry and casters first.

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