Legion of Everpaint – Plastic Seraph/Neraph Kit

I picked up a Seraph/Neraph kit recently.  I like the sculpt of the metal Seraph much better but I wanted to have the option to run our new 7 point heavy beast.IMG_4782 (Large) copy

The model comes with one of those transparent flight stands.  I happen to hate that kind of stand so I opted to find my own solution.

I made a custom base using multiple layers of cork from the dollar store.  I used sand and kitty litter to give it a rocky texture, then spray painted it black and then dry-brushed a combination if Ironhull Grey, Bootstrap Leather, Hammerfall Khaki and washed it with Agrax Earthshade. Then is another light dry-brush with Khaki an touched up the base with Thalmar Black.

IMG_4666 (Large) copy

The model itself had to be modified just a tiny bit.  I ran the right rear leg under hot tap water for a few seconds and the plastic became extremely malleable. You definitely want to be careful with this step because you can easily wreck your model. I bent the foot up about 10 to 20 degrees so that it could perch on top of the rock formation I made on the base.IMG_4669 (Large) copy

I primed the model with red spray primer (From Home Depot “Colonial Red”) that is close in colour to Skorne Red before it was glued to the base. I washed the whole model with Agrax Earthshade then dry-brushed it with Khador Red Base.IMG_4667 (Large) copy IMG_4668 (Large) copy

I paint all the chitin and blightly bits with Hammerfall Khaki.  Except for the teeth all of these bits get a coat of Brown Wash and then Sepia Wash.IMG_4706 (Large) copy IMG_4707 (Large) copy

I hit the model with a light coat of Krylon UV-resistant Matte clear coat after painting.  The clear coat is supossed to be matte and transparent but I find it always comes out a bit glossy which I don’t like.  It also tends to darken the dark areas on the model just a touch which I do like becasue it brings out the contrast between layers of drybrushing.

I also give the base another light coat after adding the static grass, then another light coat after adding the snow.  For the grass I used GW Dead Grass and for the snow Baking Soda.  IMG_4782 (Large) copy

I still like the metal Seraph better now I have a Neraph that I can play around with as well,


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