Legion of Everpaint – State of the Legion

This summer, I decided to dust off my Legion models which had been collecting dust for 2 years.  I finally got them on the table about a month ago and have been having a great time.IMG_4779 (Large) copy

I’ve been painting up a storm. Here is an update of how it’s been going.

Double Angelius because why would you ever want just one?IMG_4780 (Large) copy

Metal Seraph and the new plastic Seraph/Neraph kit.  Personally I like the metal one much better.  As big and unwieldy as it is, it fits in the foam much easier than the new plastic one. Wings everywhere.IMG_4782 (Large) copy

Thagrosh2.  I love this guy.  This model was one of the reasons I was ever interested in Legion. So awesome. He’s not bad on the table either.IMG_4783 (Large) copy IMG_4785 (Large) copy

The mythical Nephilim Bloodseer.  It finally came out about a year and a half after the Hordes: Gargantuans book in which it was featured.  Was it worth the wait?  I don’t know. But this is the best cast plastic model I have seen from Privateer Press and it seems to be made of a new type of stiffer plastic that appears to hold details much better.  I also really like the model and his rules so we will see.IMG_4787 (Large) copy IMG_4788 (Large) copy

What would a Legion army be with out a separate army of support models for our Beasts. IMG_4789 (Large) copy

pVayl. I am itching to try out the Vayls.  I love their models and they both seem so powerful in such different ways.IMG_4790 (Large) copy

Finally, Thagrosh1.  He has been painted for a while but I finally got around to finishing his base.IMG_4791 (Large) copy IMG_4792 (Large) copyThat’s everything for now. I also have eAbby done but there’s already a post about her.

Next up:  I am painting eVayl and I will be doing a step-by-step tutorial for how I paint her on request of one of our fans on the Facebook page.


0 thoughts on “Legion of Everpaint – State of the Legion

  1. Lovely painting. I like the colour choice as the bold red really off-sets the pale skin. I look forward to seeing your Lylyth3 if you ever get her; she’ll be more like Father Christmas than ever!

    • In not in a rush to pick her up mostly because all the other Legion casters are soooo much more compelling. Not that she’s bad per se. But test assured whenever I do get around to buying her she WILL have a Santa hat.

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