MERCS Battle Report 02 – CCC Vs Keizai Waza – Take 2

This is our second attempt to do a MERCS battle report.  We scaled this down to 3 Vs. 3 this time in the hopes it would let us concentrate on remembering our special rules and the game rules a little better.  (Ya I know. Good luck with that.)

Marc will be adding his thoughts in the report in Italics… just to keep it clear(er) for the readers. But mostly, this is my writing and Marc just tossing in occasional thoughts, comments, and post-game-analysis!

For my CCC I took: Assault Leader, Medic, Demo.

Marc’s KeizaiWaza squad is: Daimyo, Heavy Hybrid, Forward Observer.
It was a tough call between the Forward Observer (FO) and the Demo Trooper… the final decision was made when I realized that the Demo’s riftle (POW1) couldn’t actually HURT any of the CCC troops, and if it did manage to break the Armour… it would just repair itself in 2 turns anyway! So I took the FO with his little Machine Pistol and hoped for the best…


This time we deployed according to the rules for a change.  I got the low roll so I deployed all my CCC stuff then Marc deployed his Waza.

I deployed my CCC with the intention of rushing the large Garage building in front of me.  It has good elevation and cover


Marc deployed his Forward Observer across from my guys to take advantage of the cover denial of the FO and his Daimyo and Heavy Hybrid behind the diner to use it as a firing position.
My hope was to get the FO up against that wall and deny cover to any of Nick’s guys nearby, but still keep him safe. That gun of his only having a Short range is really a kick in the guts!

Round 1

I roll fire for my initiative and in the perfect order.  So my Leader and Demo both bound to the Medic and they all run up 3 Cards to get to the base of the garage.  IMG_3062

Marc rolls crap for initiative and not only goes after all my models have gone but his Heavy is last so he can’t bound.

The Leader gets up onto the diner under cover and the Forward Observer get on the small building in front of him. The heavy moves up to the base of the diner.IMG_3063  IMG_3065

Round 2

Daimyo fires on CCC Medic and hits for 1 and I pass my armour check.

Heavy Hybrid bounds to Forward Observer

CCC Demo climbed up on to the roof using skylight to snap to cover.

CCC Assault Leader bound to the Medic because he was in the way on the stairs.

Medic moved up onto the building behind the cover of the skylight and fired at the Forward Observer. He hits for 1 and broke his armour.

Assault leader moved up behind cover on the building.IMG_3066

Forward Observer moved forward and stared menacingly at my troops.

Heavy Hybrid climbed up onto the diner and behind the cover of the sign.


Round 3

This turn Keizai Waza rolled fire for initiative.

Forward Observer bound to the Heavy.

Daimyo went on suppression.

Heavy Hybrid set.
Which, in retrospect… may be cheating. I don’t think you can “Bound” to a model that’s Setting… whoopsies! In my defence, I am an idiot…

Forward Observer moved off the buliding and up to the base of the garage to get within a card of my Assault leader.
Remember, even though his armour is Broken, because of “Nuculur Power” (sic) he’s only got a -1MP penalty… that plus his (potentially illegal) Bound gives him 2MPs, which is all he needed.IMG_3069

CCC Leader snapped over a base length and fired on the Heavy (No LoS to Daimyo). He his him for 1 (WS2 so no blood) but he passed his armour check.

Medic fired on the Daimyo.  Passed his courage check and misses his shots.

The Demo moved forward to the cover of the sign and shot at the Daimyo hit him for 1 and broke his armour.IMG_3068

Round 4

Keizai Waza Heavy goes first.  His template shot covers all my dudes but he only manages to hit the Medic for 1 blood. (He passes armour)
Of note: I incorrectly added the bonus for my FO: I thought that it removed the +1FN from being under partial cover, but in reality it seems to drop you from Partial Cover (+1FN) to Out in the Open (-1FN). BIG difference!

Forward observer snaps over to get the Demo closer to his bubble and goes on Overwatch.
Just in case Nick tries to move up to the edge of the building for some reason…

CCC Demo tosses a grenade that hits the Heavy and Daimyo. Heavy passes armour but both take 1 wound.

CCC Leader goes and fires at Daimyo and kills him.

Medic heals himself for 1 blood.IMG_3070

Round 5

CCC Leader goes first.  I try to throw an EMP grenade at the Heavy Hybrid but it is just out of range and does nothing.

CCC Demo goes and tosses a normal grenade which wounds the Heavy again but he passes his armour check because he’s a bastard.
A glorious bastard, yes.

Medic fired at the Heavy hoping to break his armour but missed both shots.IMG_3072

Forward Observer moved up onto the building and snapped to the side to avoid the upcoming barrage.

Heavy opened up on my whole team again and only hit the Medic.  but he hit him twice which meant dead Medic.  Probably should have just healed him.
Incorrectly used the FO again… man, those +2 (equivalent) to hit could’ve made a HUGE difference…


Round 6

Demo goes first and tosses his last grenade and kills the Heavy.
Grenades? OP! Also, it makes me wonder why they bother with “teh Segue”, since the only model is the game that isn’t hurt by the default Demo grenade is the Behemoth…IMG_3074

Leader snaps over and fires at FO and hits for 1.

Forward observer fires his Machine pistol at my Leader and hits him for 1. IMG_3075

Round 7

Forward Observer kills my Leader with his Machine Pistol.
Have at you!

Demo fires at FO but misses.

IMG_3076 IMG_3077

Round 8 (End game)

Forward Observer moves close into the Demo so he can’t use his assault rifle.
A brilliant plan! Keep him from shooting me by moving closer! What could possibly…

Demo kills the FO with a melee attack.
Ah. That. Whoops!
IMG_3078   IMG_3081

Thoughts on the game:

-We still had the same issue in this game that it turned into a bit of a dice-off once we each had elevated positions with cover. Just goes to show that this game is going to get old fast without some good scenarios to force engagement. Also more types of terrain would probably help (i.e. not just more buildings)

-We forgot a bunch of our rules in this game still.  Marc forgot to apply the Forward Observer bonus to my Leader for his shots from the Heavy a couple times.  Thats kind of a big deal.  I forgot about the Heroic bonus on my Demo until the end of the game.  There is probably more.  Marc was on the ball with his Budo bonuses as far as I know, but that’s about it.

– I agree with Nick overall… an enjoyable game, but it does seem to be very much:
Step 1: Run to highest point you can reach on Turn 1
Step 2: Stand still and fire at enemy’s elevated models
Step 3: Repeat Step 2 until 1 side has won.

(Nick: Even without adding scenarios I think a lot of this can be mitigated with better terrain setups)
Hopefully scenarios will fix this problem… I’m also working on more “little” terrain like the bus shelter, bus, and newspaper boxes, which hopefully will help. The buildings are nice, but I think we need 1 or 2, max, and then a bunch of LoS blocking stuff that you can’t climb on top of as well… forests, billboards, watertowers, etc…

– Didn’t realize it at the time, but it’s possible (albeit improbable) that my Daimyo and Heavy were actually completely safe from the Demo’s lobbed grenades. The grenade has a 2 card range, and then hits everything within 1 Card-length of that point… but I think that point was on the ground, not on the building roof. Which means my elevated guys were way, WAY out of range (and potentially even out of LoS) of the tossed grenade on the ground a story below them. (Nick-I think my Grenades were on the roof but it’s still another topic we should look into)

– Also, there was no damn reason for me not to have my Daimyo “Snap to Cover” further away from the Heavy to make it harder/impossible for the grenades to hit both, even if they were in range (which, as above, they may not have been! Probably were). That was just silly of me.

– Still, a fun game, and I definitely had it if I remembered to use my rules properly! (Nick: Highly subjective and even more highly unlikely) And should’ve just moved the FO to get the Demo in range of his little gun and hope that he’d miss me (needing 8s to hit) on his turn.

-To add more fuel to the fire we also did not add any modifiers for short range which is also a pretty big deal on both sides.



3 thoughts on “MERCS Battle Report 02 – CCC Vs Keizai Waza – Take 2

  1. I don’t know how I feel about you counter-commenting to my comments on this report! ^_^

    It was a lot of fun, though… I look forward to the day we don’t play over my already-too-short lunch break! I can definitely see the potential… I hope the scenarios are good!

    • I did look into infinity before I picked up MERCS. Never played an actual game though. I wasn’t a big fan of the ARO system and didn’t like the models as much as MERCS either. To each their own.

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