Battle 005 – 2 Battle Reports, Retribution Vs. Menoth

This week I met up with Marc to play a couple of 25pt games in lieu of 1 bigger game.  He wanted to try out his shiney new Menoth stuff and I’m always down for a game.

For our first game he brought his Harbinger heavy spam tier list and I brought eVyros and as many griffons as I could fit in a 25 point list. So many in fact that I didn’t have enough griffons to represent them all.

His list was:

Min Choir
Avatar of Menoth

My list was:

*Griffon x 7
Arcanist x 2

Marc won the die roll and chose 1st turn. The scenario ,since we were just playing 25 pt games, was just a 12″ circle in the middle of the board. 1pt to control 2 to dominate.  In retrospect we could have just played Supply and Demand but we played this so whatever.


Marc deployed Harbinger and her battlegroup and support staff in a neat little row in the middle of the table.DSCF1780Vyros and his murder of Griffons spread across my side with arcanist interspersed where needed.DSCF1778 DSCF1779Menoth Turn 1

All of his stuff moves up. Choir puts no spells on his jacks.DSCF1781  Ret Turn 1

Vyros hands out 4 focus arcanists do 2 more, so all but 1 of my griffins can run up the board. Vyros puts up synergy.DSCF1783 Menoth Turn 2

His jacks lumber slowly forward.  His paladin moves up and goes impervious. Harbinger purifies and pops her feat. DSCF1785 Ret Turn 2

Vyros gives 3 to the Griffon to his right and 1 to the one on the right flank. He goes first and puts up Synergy again. The one on the right flank charges a crusader and does light damage.  Synergy at 1.  The arcanist on the left is just able to advance perpendicular to Harby close enough to pop a focus to one of the griffons on the left. The one with focus moves up and smacks the Avatar. Then so do the other 2 nearby Griffons. Synergy at 4.  The last Griffon charged in on Harby.  He boosted to hit at MAT 12 and hit. Damage roll was average. The farthest back Griffon couldn’t do much so he just ran up in front of Vyros.DSCF1787 Menoth Turn 3

After my somewhat lackluster alpha-strike I expect the counterstroke is going to hurt. Harbinger give 3 focus to 2 of her jacks and they each scrap a Griffon.  The avatar and Vilmon together scrap 1 more. DSCF1788 Ret Turn 3

That was bad but it could have been worse.  No. Not really.  The odds of it being worse were no that good. So now I’ve lost almost half my jacks and things are looking a bit bleak. Vyros keeps all his focus and upkeeps Synergy.  The arcanists each give out some focus to ensure the synergy train get rolling.  My first 2 griffons both hit the 3rd rolls snakeeyes to hit on the Avatar and my last hits. My giffons shuffled around to make some space for Vyros around the Avatar. Vyros charges in at synergy 3 giving hit P+S17 which is not bad, but not great.  He does manage to get the job done though wrecking the Avatar on his last attack.DSCF1790 Menoth Turn 4

Harbinger gives some focus to her jacks. The leftmost heavy charges in an kills the one engaging the middle jack.  The Palandin goes impervious and walks over to engage Vyros. The middle jack advances and scraps another Griffon. The furthest back jack trys to walk up to another griffon but with the rough terrain is way out of range. Oh ya and a choir boy charges Vyros and misses.DSCF1791 Ret Turn 4

On this turn the only shot I can see is a long shot assassination run at Harbinger with Vyros’ ROF2 gun.  If I can get unengaged and get a line on Harby that avoids cover then I just need to roll 11’s on 3 dice 4 times in a row to win.  I know that doesn’t sound too good but I thought it was my best bet at the time. The tough part was getting around the Paladin.  I was eyeballing the gap between his Heavy jack and the Paladin and it looked like I could sneak through the gap, take 2 free strikes and hopefully still be alive to take my shots. Unfortunately I misjudged and when I went to move Vyros through the gap it was clear he was no going to fit. So instead He attacked the Paladin whom Harbinger martyred, then I camped on the rest of Vyros’ focus. At ARM23 he would be pretty hard to take out.DSCF1794 Menoth Turn 5

This turn Marc’s 2 heavies take turns pounding on Vyros until they are out of focus and somehow he was still standing.  That is thanks to a couple mistakes he made.  First he forgot to activate the choir before his first jack charged in. As a result he had to boost to hit and still missed some of his attacks. He also forgot about the existence of headbutts so was swinging at DEF 15 the whole turn.DSCF1795Ret Turn 5

My turn I don’t see any way to finish it off so Vyros just swings away at his jacks for a turn, doing some decent damage to 1 of them.DSCF1796Next turn Marc remembers heads butts.  First jack successfully knocks Vyros down then pulverizes him.

Victory to Menoth! Boo!!!

Thought on the game: It was a bit of a weird point level. I didn’t see it at first but it was stacked against Vyros pretty badly from the
start.  At 25 point Harbinger can fully fuel all her jacks every turn but probably would have been more strapped for resources at higher point levels.  Meanwhile my Vyros list had just enough griffons that Vyros couldn’t run them all but not enough to build up a big enough synergy chain to wreck heavies with ease and no points to be able to take a heavy to anchor. It was certainly an interesting experience I’m sure the game could have gone differently if I had not been so aggressive with my Griffons on turn 2.Even with crusaders call I still out-threated his jacks by 1.5″ so I might have had better success to bide my time a little bit.

Added Comments from Marc: Just to add fuel to the “stacked against eVyros” camp… this list I was using? Yeah, according to WarRoom it was 10 points UNDER… ie: in a 25 point game I’m allowed to bring 30 points worth of models and only brought 20. I could’ve/should’ve had 2 more Crusaders in this list! Ridiculous. Didn’t realize it at the time (obviously), but yeah. Vyro’s 7 lights against the Harbinger’s 5 Crusaders and 1 Avatar!? Must be a glitch with WarRoom… that’s just bonkers! (From Nick:  I’m trying to decide if you are actually serious about being entitled to 10 additional points of warjacks due to a painfully obvious Warroom glitch…)
Anyway, fun game, and Nick managed to make a fight of it… helped slightly by some remarkably sub-par damage rolls (my Feat turn was particularly lackluster… Dice-4 damage on the Griffons and I think I managed to damage a grand total of ONE of them), but he really did do a good job with the tools he had available!

Game 2 Issyria Vs. eFeora

The first game went by reasonably fast since we were playing at low point level and using timed turns, so we decided to go at it again.  This time I brought a 25 point Issyria list and Marc brought eFeora.


Min Choir


I win the die roll and go first. Hyperion goes in the middle with Issyria and the arcanist. MHSF takes the right flank and MHA takes the left.

Feora lines up int the middle with the reckoner on the left and the Vanquisher on the right and the Revenger to the far right with support in behind.

Ret Turn 1

Strike Force run up and spread out as much as their CMD9 will allow. Hyperion runs with arcanist focus.  Issyria puts IR on Hyperion and admonition on herself. MHA runs up and toes into the forest.IMG_2370 copyIMG_2367 copy

Menoth Turn 1 and Ret Turn 2

Forgot to take pics of Marc’s turn 1.  Basically his stuff just moved up the board He kills 3 MHSF with AoEs and the choir sings Passage.

On my turn my Assassin charges in and kills the Wrack. My strikeforce moves up and takes shots at his Vassals.  I manage to kill 1 of them. Hyperion moves up but is not in range of anything.IMG_2372 copy IMG_2373 copy Menoth Turn 2

Feora give 3 to the reconker. She moves on to the hill on the left and sprays at my Assassin but misses.  The Reckoner charges Hyperion and does a decent amount of damage to his left side, crippling the L arm. The vanquisher kills a bunch more Strikeforce with AoEs. The Revenger moves up and kills 1 MHSF.IMG_2374 copyRet Turn 3

Issyria gives 3 focus to the Hype train.  The arcanist moves up and repairs for 6 (Yay! That never happens) and he moves up and crushes the Reckoner handily. The Strikeforce charges 2 on the vanquisher and 3 on the Revenger.  They do light damage. Against my better judgement the MHA charges Feora and predictably missed her.IMG_2377 copy IMG_2379 copy

Menoth Turn 3

The choir charges and actually kills a MHSF.  The Vanquisher whiffs on the one engaging him including the ancillary attack.  The Revenger kills 2 more. Feora manages to kill my assassin with her spray this time.IMG_2380 copy IMG_2381 copy

Ret Turn 4 

Hyperion charges in and kills the Vanquisher.  Issyria ancillary attacks with the sparkleburst cannon and kills 2 choir and the last vassal. Issyria tries her best to hid behind Hyperion and toe into a wreck marker for some protection.IMG_2383 copy

Menoth Turn 4  

Feora moves and fire walks forward and sprays Issyria with her gun.  Oh No! Continuous fire.  I don’t think there is a caster in the game that hates being on fire as much as Issyria does. She tries to hit Issyria with a couple spells that I cancel with vortex. and leaves Issyria on I think 4 boxes.IMG_2386 copyRet Turn 5

Continuous fire comes around and Marc needs a 6 to kill Issyria and roooooollllllllsssss……  a 7.  IMG_2387 copyVictory to Menoth! Boo!!

Thoughts on the game:

I mentioned to Marc earlier that I had read a bunch of battle reports with Issyria but despite her supposed over-the-top power level she is almost always on the losing end.  Sorry to disappoint everyone but I guess my attempt is no better.  I can still see tons of potential with her but I’m very uneasy with how easy she is to kill. I think Ravyn and Ossyan bring a similar ranged
attrition game but actually have the ability to do work themselves.

In particular I think Issyria loses a lot of game at low point levels since there isn’t enough army to do work for her.  I can’t wait to give her a try at higher point levels.

As usual any comments on our tactics, list building or the strange noises it makes when we sit down are more than welcome.

2 thoughts on “Battle 005 – 2 Battle Reports, Retribution Vs. Menoth

  1. It’s an interesting thing with eVyros, the amount of Griffons you have is ideal it just seems like there were not enough enemies on the board to effectively build the synergy chain. (And still have favourable trades happening.) I only say this because, at 50 points I run seven Griffons an Aspis and a Manticore. The Griffon that does the work gets concentrated power and the rest build up.

    I feel for you with Issyria, she really needs higher points to shine. With no choir to take out half of your armies effectiveness.

  2. Well… you forgot that eFeora Feated, got back 3 Focus, and boost to hit Issyria with a 3rd spell (Convection, I think), which you were out of Focus to “Arcane Vortex” away… but I missed (needed 14 on 3d6?), so no real harm there. It also let me transfer the Fire-token from Hyperion to your last MHSF, which was a nice Menoth-farewell to that unit.

    Also, every time you say “Redeemer”, you mean “Revenger”. I edited it once, but I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to correct the rest. 🙂

    I made a bunch of rookie mistakes… not keeping the Vassals B2B with warjacks before Hyperion was in range was silly of me (DEF15, ARM15 is a lot harder for MHSF to kill than DEF13, ARM13!), counting on eFeora to hit that MHA with a single Spray was basically suicidal (I could’ve at least try to Fire-Step into range and use melee attacks… much more likely to hit!)… I’m sure there are others. But a lot of fun, regardless!

    Lastly… Issyria is neat. You never used her Feat (you didn’t really need it), but she is super-fragile. I think she would benefit a lot from both a Hyperion and AFG in her list… 2 huge bases to hide behind, and the AFG on Feat Turn can probably do some pretty heavy lifting.

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